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By Nitro On 10 Apr, 2012 At 12:29 PM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 2 Comments

Wow.. now this is a big kick below the belt.. Spark Unlimited officially announced today that they are not making Star Wars: Battlefront 3, which comes to a huge surprise to a lot of Battlefront 3 fans as well as myself.. everything we have learned and speculated on was just coincidence. It turns out that […]

By Nitro On 8 Mar, 2012 At 03:28 PM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Hey Battlefrontians, some interesting tidbits for you and a great find by one of our forum members RogueStarkiller. From RogueStarkiller: This week Spark is in San Francisco for the GDC(Game Developer’s Conference). Last night Spark went out to dinner with their publisher and tweeted this: For those that may not know, Twitter geotags you to […]

By Nitro On 12 Sep, 2011 At 05:34 PM | Categorized As Featured | With 2 Comments

News has been pretty dry around here lately, so there’s not a whole lot to report on. A great spot by LucasArts board member RED LEADER 3000, shows that one of this jobs (Multi-player Front-End Engineer) requirements is to have experience with “Gamespy Servers”… “Experience with online game service APIs, particularly Xbox Live, Sony NP, […]

By Nitro On 24 Aug, 2011 At 03:52 PM | Categorized As Featured | With 2 Comments

LucasArts has posted a new job advertisment for a Gameplay Engineer (For an Open-World RPG)! Game Informer has a sneaky suspicion that it may Knights of the Old Republic 3! This is kind of exciting.. even though it is probably not Battlefront 3, a Knights of the Old Republic 3 would kick some serious ass. […]

By Nitro On 15 Aug, 2011 At 03:01 PM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 2 Comments

So, not much has been happening in the last few weeks.. in fact.. it’s been extremely quiet. Spark Unlimited have set up a question and answer section on the bottom of their website, but unfortunately, they are still not providing any insight into their super “secret” game. Their latest question answer being: QUESTION: Hi, I […]

By Nitro On 13 Dec, 2010 At 04:27 PM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 2 Comments

Well folks, there’s not much I can really say about the outcome of the VGA’s this year. A lot of people seemed pretty confident that they would finally be announcing Battlefront 3, and naturally we were all disappointed yet again (although I was happy to hear about the new Elder Scrolls game). Spark Unlimited has […]

By Nitro On 10 Dec, 2010 At 05:54 PM | Categorized As Featured | With 2 Comments

Well now, there has been some pretty interesting rumors flying around the last few days. According to a lot of people, they are pretty convinced that Spark Unlimited will be the ones that are developing Star Wars: Battlefront 3. What do I think? Doubtful.. I am highly skeptical that Spark Unlimited is the developer (although […]