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My Response From Spark Unlimited + VGA’s Outcome

Well folks, there’s not much I can really say about the outcome of the VGA’s this year. A lot of people seemed pretty confident that they would finally be announcing Battlefront 3, and naturally we were all disappointed yet again (although I was happy to hear about the new Elder Scrolls game). Spark Unlimited has been the big focus the ...

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Pandemic Studios Closes + LucasArts Hiring for Multiplayer Position

Well, this came to me as a surprise, Pandemic Studios has officially been shut down by their owners, Electronic Arts. Apparently all of Pandemics current works will be passed on to another EA studio. I guess this rules out the possibility of Pandemic releasing Battlefront 3.. doh! Here some info on the Pandemic Studios closing, courtesy of Pandemic Studios ...

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Something Big Brewing at Lucas Arts? New Game?

Hmmm, this is some exciting and very interesting news! Apparently will be announcing some kind of big news tomorrow (Monday). According to Kotaku they will be announcing a new game! for old school fans!!! This smells like it could the moment we are waiting for!!! possibly Battlefront 3!! That would be so awesome!!! Stay tuned for the big news ...

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