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Battlefront 3 Rumor Roundup + E3 2011

First of all, happy new year! I know there hasn’t been a post in awhile and lot of people have been emailing asking me to make a post, but when there’s nothing to post about, there’s nothing to post about. All in all there hasn’t been any recent news or rumors worth posting about. The latest rumors in the rumor-mill ...

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Possible Battlefront 3 Developer?

Well, it’s been almost a month and there hasn’t been any news of any sorts on the where-a-bouts of Battlefront 3… not even a single, lousy whiff! So far PAX, E3 & Star Wars Celebration V have been a big let down for us Battlefront 3 fans and so far it’s looking extremely grim. Am I losing hope? Nope! Not ...

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LucasArts Developing Unannounced Project… Battlefront 3?

Some rumors have surfaced over the last few days as well as the fact that Ubisoft’s creative director Clint Hocking teamed up with LucasArts to start developing an un-named project! Another glimmer of hope for us Battlefront 3 fans as this could be the big moment that we are all waiting for! There isn’t a whole lot of information available ...

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Something Big Brewing at Lucas Arts? New Game?

Hmmm, this is some exciting and very interesting news! Apparently will be announcing some kind of big news tomorrow (Monday). According to Kotaku they will be announcing a new game! for old school fans!!! This smells like it could the moment we are waiting for!!! possibly Battlefront 3!! That would be so awesome!!! Stay tuned for the big news ...

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