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Star Wars: Battlefront Slated for Summer of 2015

Good evening fellow Battlefrontians. It looks like we are getting a hint of when Star Wars: Battlefront will be getting released. According to an EA stockholders call todat, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has stated the following: (Source It looks like Battlefront will be the first game to released which is awesome! Most of the speculation did seem to suggest ...

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Star Wars: Battlefront Confirmed as ‘Reboot’

Hello Battlefrontians! It looks like Star Wars: Battlefront has been confirmed by DICE as an official reboot of the Battlefront series and will not be a sequel in anyway. That is a little disappointing for us and we have waiting for the sequel “Battlefront 3” for a long time. Members and users have also been inquiring what that means for ...

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Star Wars: Battlefront – What We Know So Far

Well my Battlefrontians, I am still in shock that after so long, we finally got our day. It is definitely a day to celebrate!!! Mind you, there are still a lot of mixed feelings out there about what direction EA will lean towards when developing our new Battlefront. I think that people are generally very excited and happy that we ...

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