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Star Wars: Battlefront – November 17, 2015

Hello Battlefrontians! Again, I must apologize for the lack of updates. My “real world” job has been keeping me extremely busy as we are doing a major overhaul on our company website and I have been heading up a lot of the technical aspects of it. So I see a lot has happened since my last post and I am ...

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EA Shows off Battlefront Footage.. but not to us!!

What’s this now? EA is busy showing off real Star Wars Battlefront footage to retailers “behind closed doors”! What I wouldn’t give to be behind that door. According to, EA executive Peter Moore has been busy showing off footage during a recent visit to Gamestop. Just arrived here in Fort Worth for the @GameStop FMM. I wonder what I ...

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Star Wars Battlefront E3 Gameplay Footage!

This years E3 expo was a bit let down for me. After years of being thoroughly disappointed by “no Battlefront 3” news at E3, I figured this year (especially after announcing the game at last years E3) they would at least give us a little more then just a two minute video. While it’s still nice that we did get ...

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