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Spark Unlimited Tweets Star Wars / Battlefront References?

Soooo.. my Battlefrontians, as I’m sure that you have all been reading, it seems that Spark Unlimited may have been tweeting some very interesting references.. Spark still hasn’t, and probably will not leak any information about this super secret game that they are currently working on… But instead, could they be giving some subtle hints on what they are actually ...

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All Quiet on the Battlefront… 3.. Some Hopeful Insight!

So, not much has been happening in the last few weeks.. in fact.. it’s been extremely quiet. Spark Unlimited have set up a question and answer section on the bottom of their website, but unfortunately, they are still not providing any insight into their super “secret” game. Their latest question answer being: QUESTION: Hi, I would like to ask if ...

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My Response From Spark Unlimited + VGA’s Outcome

Well folks, there’s not much I can really say about the outcome of the VGA’s this year. A lot of people seemed pretty confident that they would finally be announcing Battlefront 3, and naturally we were all disappointed yet again (although I was happy to hear about the new Elder Scrolls game). Spark Unlimited has been the big focus the ...

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Spark Unlimited & Battlefront 3? VGA’s Tomorrow!

Well now, there has been some pretty interesting rumors flying around the last few days. According to a lot of people, they are pretty convinced that Spark Unlimited will be the ones that are developing Star Wars: Battlefront 3. What do I think? Doubtful.. I am highly skeptical that Spark Unlimited is the developer (although I sincerely hope that I ...

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