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By admin On 23 Mar, 2010 At 05:02 AM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 2 Comments

Thanks to our good friend Wenis, we now know that has listed Battlefront 3 yet again for pre-order, this time though, it seems it’s only available for the Playstation 2. The pre-order is set to be shipped out on June 1st of 2010. Interesting! What is going on? Are they teasing us? Or do […]

By admin On 13 Sep, 2009 At 07:16 AM | Categorized As Elite Squadron, Featured | With 2 Comments

Soooo…. After the big announcement for Lucidity, there has been a lot of complaining that it wasn’t Battlefront 3. I know it kind of stinks that they are keeping this secret, but what can we do? I mean in my opinion, they would be silly not to develop the game, there is too much demand […]

By admin On 20 Mar, 2009 At 01:02 PM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 1 Comment

Some more interesting news or maybe even a rumor.. who knows! But according to CVG, Rebellion is a good position to take the deal on the rumored upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 3. After hearing a little while ago that Pandemic does not have the Battlefront 3 deal, it looks like we’ve gotten a whiff of […]

By admin On 1 Mar, 2009 At 07:28 PM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 1 Comment

This isn’t really anything new but it is in the March edition of Game Informer. The forums are now up, so be sure to join up and catch the latest discussions on Battlefront 3! You can access the forums —-> here. Here is the excerpt that is in the March edition of Game Informer: Wondering […]

By admin On 13 Jan, 2009 At 08:41 AM | Categorized As Featured | With 1 Comment

Yet, another rumor, this one is attempting to confirm that Battlefront 3 is indeed, in production and will most definitely be available for the Nintendo DS. These sites are certain that there will be a Battlefront 3, yet we still have no announcment or confirmation that their even attempting to make the game. Hopefull we […]