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By Nitro On 23 May, 2013 At 07:51 AM | Categorized As Featured, Star Wars | With 2 Comments

Well Battlefrontians, it looks like after many years of disappointing E3 events, this years E3 is looking a little bit more exiting! According to Frank Gibeau (President, EA Labels), EA will unveil some of the plans it has in store for the future of Star Wars gaming. I’m not sure what to expect from this […]

By Nitro On 25 May, 2012 At 11:13 AM | Categorized As Featured | With 2 Comments

Hello my fellow Battlefrontians! My apologies for the lack of updates, but their just hasn’t been much going on in terms of any kind of Battlefront 3 news. Ever since we were let down by Spark, things have really died off. But, alas! I must rekindle this fire and remind everyone that this years E3 […]

By Nitro On 23 May, 2011 At 05:16 PM | Categorized As News | With 2 Comments

Hey fellow BF3’ers, I apologize for the lack of updates lately but there really hasn’t been anything to report. Even the rumor roundup contains old rumors that everyone has already heard, so I figured I would postpone until something else came up. With E3 quickly creeping up on us, our pal Rainz has sent in […]

By Nitro On 15 Mar, 2011 At 03:51 PM | Categorized As Featured | With 2 Comments

I know, I know.. finally a post right? Sorry folks, but there hasn’t been a drop of anything to really post about lately. I was thinking about adding in some general Star Wars news or general Star Wars gaming news, what would everyone think about that? Thanks to ‘persiana’ (from the LucasArts forums) for the […]

By Nitro On 7 Jun, 2010 At 06:07 PM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 2 Comments

Well, it’s been too long since my last post, so I thought I would do a “Pre-E3” post. There is a lot of hype about this years E3 as LucasArts has some pretty big games coming out. We still haven’t heard any hints on whether or not there will be a Battlefront announcement, but in […]

By admin On 8 May, 2010 At 08:18 AM | Categorized As Featured | With 2 Comments

So, our site got hacked again last night. Fortunately, I learned from the last time it happened and was very easily able to correct the situation with virtually minimal losses. Anyway, one of our commenters has posted an interesting link to some E3 lists which show some of the games that will be appearing at […]