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More Battlefront 3 & 4 Cancelled Concepts + More Rumors

Well, today marks a little over 100,000 unique visitors to and unfortunately I still don’t have any really good news for the Battlefront franchise fans, which really sucks. All that I have to offer is some more Star Wars: Battlefront 3 cancelled concepts and renders, courtesy of our friend rgleiber from the LucasArts forums. You can check them out ...

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Prepare to Drool – Star Wars Battlefront 4 Concepts?

That’s right folks.. have a look at the screenshots below and prepare to drool at what have would been if LucasArts hadn’t have cancelled their contract with Free Radical Design (Crytek UK). While I can’t confirm that these are real or that they even came from Free Radical Design, they do look mega spectacular. Apparently, not only was Free Radical ...

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