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Star Wars: 1313 put on hold? Uh oh..

Well Battlefrontians, it looks like Battlefront 3 isn’t the only game that’s getting the shaft. is reporting that their “sources” have stated that Star Wars: 1313 has been put on hold. When they contacted LucasArts, their response was less then satisfying. This came as a huge surprise to me because it was announced as a pretty major game, and ...

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New Star Wars: 1313 Information and Tidbits

There hasn’t been too much info released on the new upcoming Star Wars game, entitled Star Wars: 1313. The official Star Wars: 1313 (located here) only contains a couple of videos and only a handful of screenshots.. but some great detective work by has revealed some new information that allows us to peek a little more into Star Wars: ...

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Star Wars: 1313 Gameplay Footage

Today’s topic.. Star Wars: 1313, which will probably be the big buzz for the next few months. has posted up some new exclusive gameplay footage which shows off Star Wars: 1313’s pretty graphics and gameplay engine. So far I’ve heard some pretty good feedback coming from this game, especially from the fact that this franchise is gunning for a ...

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LucasArts announces Star Wars: 1313

Well, here we have it Battlefrontians. LucasArts has announced their new franchise last night on GTTV (via Spike TV) as Star Wars: 1313. Although not much information has been released about Star Wars: 1313, the synopsis definitely shows some promise. Named for Level 1313, a ruthless criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet of Coruscant, the game puts ...

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