First Assault

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  1. RC1148 says:

    this better be worth the time of developing, if DICE skrew this up im going to be pissed off at them

  2. I hope they come out with Battlefront 3 soon. I have been waiting for so long. Battlefront one and two are my favorite star wars games of all time.

  3. Ryan says:

    Its only for Xbox?

  4. Your Name... says:

    If battlefront III looks this good then I am excited!! Hopefully ea and dice don’t screw it up! I have been wait for 5 years for this to come out plz be a good game!

  5. DarthAbtin says:


  6. Hades Cowboy says:

    Looks like its gonna be like a starwars “Battlefield” game and i think thats a good thing lol

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