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Star Wars

Star Wars Rogue Squadron Rogue Leader

Cancelled Rogue Squadron Gameplay Footage

Among the list of LucasArts games that got the axe prior to and after the ...

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Disney Announces Star Wars: Attack Squadron

Happy Holidays my fellow Battlefroniants! On behalf of, I want to wish everyone a ...

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Disney/EA Gaming Deal to Last 10 Years

Good morning Battlefrontians! It seems like an eternity since my last post and there is ...

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Never tell me the odds! Poker in the Star Wars universe 

From sabacc to real life poker sets, Star Wars fans really do love their card ...

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Disney Registers ‘Attack Squadron’ Domains

Good afternoon Battlefrontians. While waiting for some new Battlefront news to surface, I thought I ...

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EA Will ‘Reveal’ Star Wars Plans at E3 2013

Well Battlefrontians, it looks like after many years of disappointing E3 events, this years E3 ...

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Electronic Arts Selected for future of Star Wars Gaming

Well Battlefrontians, here you have it. It looks like Electronic Arts have been selected as ...

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LucasFilm Announce Additional Star Wars Spin-Offs

Well since the announcement of Disney buying the rights to Star Wars, the Star Wars ...

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