Just Cause 2 Review

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Just Cause 2 Review

Post by Scott » Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:38 pm

Click here for the updated version of this review.

The sequel do a game almost nobody played is here (yet BF3 is nowhere to be found) and here is the review!

Just Cause 2


So the story of Just Cause 2… There’s not much to say really. You’re a Hispanic fellow (I think) who works for the United States government. He is sent to a cluster of islands that are suspiciously diverse to find a man. That’s all I can remember but it’s an open world game so you can guess how important the story is. I don’t really know what else to say because I can’t think of anything although I’m sure you won’t miss it when and if you play it.



The graphics in Just Cause 2 are actually very nice. The character models are terrible but the environment is very well detailed, the vehicles look good, and the explosions are magnificent. One thing I liked about the water is for one, just how good it looks, but also the coral you see when you get close to shore. The mountains are also very well sculpted with snow covering all the tops. If you get to the top of a mountain it’s amazing to see the diversity of the world. You can see deserts, snow, water, beaches, and tress, all in one place. The character models are definitely a little shabby but the environments are very well down.



The sound in Just Cause 2 is nothing too great. The guns are good but not CoD good and the VO is atrocious. It really hurts the feel of the game and is probably a big reason for the terrible story (among other things) because it’s just awkward to listen to them talk. It’s so bad and generic; it’s like listening to Microsoft Sam. Although it is disappointing it doesn’t get in the way too much because your too bust blowing stuff up.



The gameplay in Just Cause 2 is clearly why you would buy this game. You have a parachute and a grappling hook which may seem like an odd match up, but man is it cool. There’s so many possibilities for fun gameplay opportunities it’s very shocking. Basically, the parachute is used for flying and moving around, and the grappling hook is used for combat and movement. The parachute can be used in a plethora of areas such as flying from a mountain, jumping off of a car, or simply to move around. The reason you can just fly around is because of the pairing of the grappling hook. With the hook you can grab a tree and pop out the chute. Then use the hook to tether the ground a bit just to keep you going. You can also tether to things together. Such as: an enemy and a plane, you and a car, two cars, two boats, a car to a boat, and many more. This is really the most fun thing to do which is not an insult because of how fun it is. Another neat thing that I’m just assuming was intentional is the random physics. Sometimes a truck will act very heavy and other times it’s as light as a feather. This creates a lot of hilarious and action packed moments causing you to think of what to do next. Case in point; you’re on a truck when it rolls into a gas pump, you must get off ASAP. This scenario actually does happen but doesn’t usually end very well.

The main “story” has you doing missions to kill guys and grapple stuff, which is a ton of fun. You’ll be climbing huge sky scrapers, get in car chases, take down helicopters/planes, and hook missiles. The story may suck but the missions are great. One thing against the missions is that they are difficult to unlock. Every time you complete an agent mission you must inflict a certain amount of chaos, by destroying things and killing people, to unlock the next agent mission. This really slows down gameplay and is very tedious and boring.

The final gameplay note I must mention if the large amount of Easter Eggs. I’ve only found a few but a quick Google search brings up load. There is Pie Island, the bubble blower gun, the mechanical shark, the infamous Lost (TV) Island, and more. It really shows the love that the development team put in the game.



Just Cause 2 may not have the best graphics or the greatest VO, but it’s the best game that includes both a parachute and a grappling hook at the same time.

STORY 4.5/10
SOUND 6.5/10

I have also not forgotten about my promise of a ModNationRacers review but I have yet to try online out because of my dial-up connection. When I get a chance to play it on high speed I will write the review.

Thanks for reading :)
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Re: Just Cause 2 Review

Post by sukispartan » Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:27 pm

I played the demo. Didn't see the point of the game
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Re: Just Cause 2 Review

Post by Arosenivai » Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:11 pm

personally when I played through the demo, I didn't find the game anywhere near as cool as some of my friends did, and when I saw the actual game, it didn't look any different, besides the area you could cover. There were no new gameplay elements or anything of complete significance. In my opinion, the only reason to get the game was the scenery.
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Re: Just Cause 2 Review

Post by Wevans199 » Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:05 pm

I enjoyed Just Cause 2. I thought the ending of the story was ridiculous though. Still, it's always fun to stand on the top of a Boeing 747 as it plummets to the ground and then jump off at the last minute right?
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