Would the Rebel Alliance really have won?

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Re: Would the Rebel Alliance really have won?

Post by Daner » Sun Feb 09, 2014 6:09 pm

Honestly, the Emperor pretty much let the rebels win, he just wasn't paranoid/cautious enough. It was his mistake, rebels win fair and square, but it shouldn't have happened. Makes for a good movie. You could go way more in depth and then on to what happened after but I wanted to stay concise.

Mikepurdy1234 As far as a real world comparison I think the 1932 Soviet famine is what would happen. Blockade and starve those who disagree. I think I would prefer to be instantly vaporized by the death star. Luckily for the rebels the Empire wasn't unlimited. In the long term nothing lasts forever but Palps sure was trying with those clones of himself.
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Re: Would the Rebel Alliance really have won?

Post by Inquisitor » Mon Feb 10, 2014 11:55 am

Just look at the Vietnam War: the Viet Cong were vastly outnumbered and outclassed in equipment by the American military. Still, this fight lasted 19 years, particularly due to guerrilla warfare (which the Rebels were carrying out, too).

And to Terrabyte20xx's "force pool" theory:
The Jedi Order was slowly reestablished by Luke after Episode VI.
If what you were saying was right, Luke would have gotten less and less powerful over the ages, but instead he just grew stronger ( as seen in the new Jedi Order or Swarm War books).
And I don't think the number of Jedi using the force triggered their downfall; this is more likely a result of the Sith intrigues 'concocted' over multiple milleniums.
The Sith ultimately fell from their own in-fightings, which was also the main cause for Bane to forge his Rule of Two - and never let something similar happen to the order ever again.

It has never been fully explained what the Force is, so you could technically still be right about Bane and his idea of a finite force.
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Re: Would the Rebel Alliance really have won?

Post by Raz Taz » Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:12 pm

Also Palps underestimated them and played games on endor instead of just squashing them. Also (by the books) they didnt win the whole war right there, lots of underlings to continue the fight. Empire was never completely destroyed and (by the grphic novels), eventually like 100+ yrs later sith used it to just about destroy the galactic alliance :lol: . Who knows what will stay canon with ep7 coming
Plot armour is very thick, wether imps would actually win or not would depend on how much of the story is dependent on the heroes being indestructable. Aparently theres a non canon series called infinities where stuff happens like the ep4 torpedo doesnt explode so the death star 1 survives, and luke freezes to death on hoth.
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