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Wish List: 5 Features Battlefront Needs

We’re just about past the point of hoping for features and elements of the upcoming Battlefront game, because by now we more or less know what to expect. Between trailers, various written reports of game features, and the beta that’s been making the rounds, most questions have been answered and the bulk of the game has been revealed. In all ...

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Star Wars: Battlefront – November 17, 2015

Hello Battlefrontians! Again, I must apologize for the lack of updates. My “real world” job has been keeping me extremely busy as we are doing a major overhaul on our company website and I have been heading up a lot of the technical aspects of it. So I see a lot has happened since my last post and I am ...

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EA Shows off Battlefront Footage.. but not to us!!

What’s this now? EA is busy showing off real Star Wars Battlefront footage to retailers “behind closed doors”! What I wouldn’t give to be behind that door. According to, EA executive Peter Moore has been busy showing off footage during a recent visit to Gamestop. Just arrived here in Fort Worth for the @GameStop FMM. I wonder what I ...

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Battlefront Campaign information and Multiplayer “Hero” System

Finally! Some rumours are starting to leak out of the tightly sealed vault that is Star Wars: Battlefront! According to, has released quite a lengthy list of what they claim are “rumor” only. First up on the list are these nice gems: I am really liking the idea that this game may tie into the new Star Wars ...

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Star Wars Battlefront Considered part of Extended Universe Canon

Hello my fellow Battlefrontians! I know what you’re thinking! “Where the hell have you been!”. Well to tell the truth, I’ve been pretty busy this summer and there really hasn’t been that much news to report. That being said, I am back now and will be dedicating some time to getting some updates to the site. I have been working ...

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Star Wars Battlefront E3 Gameplay Footage!

This years E3 expo was a bit let down for me. After years of being thoroughly disappointed by “no Battlefront 3” news at E3, I figured this year (especially after announcing the game at last years E3) they would at least give us a little more then just a two minute video. While it’s still nice that we did get ...

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