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By Nitro On 12 Feb, 2015 At 06:41 PM | Categorized As Featured, News, Rumours, Star Wars Battlefront | With 2 Comments

Finally! Some rumours are starting to leak out of the tightly sealed vault that is Star Wars: Battlefront! According to, has released quite a lengthy list of what they claim are “rumor” only. First up on the list are these nice gems: I am really liking the idea that this game may tie […]

By Nitro On 11 Feb, 2015 At 05:32 AM | Categorized As Featured, News, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Well, this isn’t exactly “new” news per say, but I wanted to do an article on it anyway. The official Uprise website (the company that develops the Battlelog system) has posted some evidence that Battlelog will be coming to Battlefield: Hardline and Star Wars: Battlefront. For those who don’t know, the Battlelog system is: According […]

By Nitro On 29 Nov, 2013 At 08:00 AM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Hello fellow Battlefrontians! Some interesting news has circulated courtesy of Accourding to them, some recent job listing that were posted by EA may indicate that an open-world Star Wars game is in development. I am so praying that it is Knights of the Old Republic 3! Imagine and open world or open galaxy Knights […]

By Nitro On 13 Jun, 2013 At 07:50 AM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Good day my fellow Battlefrontians! As the excitement of the newly announced Star Wars: Battlefront starts to settle down a bit, we can expect the news and rumours to start to trickle out quite frequently. Our forum members are building the ultimate “Wish list” that we hope that EA DICE may take some ideas from, […]

By Nitro On 22 May, 2013 At 04:38 AM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Good morning Battlefrontians and some more good news. According to, which had a chance to speake to EA’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Blake Jorgensen at the Stifel 2013 Technology Conference, dropped a nice big juicy hint that doing a new Battlefront game is “very exciting” because it’s one of the most popular Star Wars […]

By Nitro On 15 May, 2013 At 11:00 AM | Categorized As Featured, News, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Good afternoon my fellow Battlefrontians! Some interesting and great news on the Battlefront.. it looks like EA is expanding and opening up a brand new office in Los Angelas for the Battlefield developers of DICE! According to Kotaku (via WallStreetJournal): Also, according to I really do love the sound of piggybacking on an older […]

By Nitro On 11 Apr, 2013 At 02:25 PM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

So here we are, LucasArts has been officially put to rest by Disney. Very interesting. I must admit, I really didn’t see that coming but some people are saying it’s for the best, while others are simply pissed off at Disney for shutting them down and cancelling everything that they had in development. I guess […]

By Scott On 3 Apr, 2013 At 04:59 PM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

After 31 years LucasArts has come to a close. Disney released official word earlier today that they would be shutting the game publishing segment down. It seems that as of now we can assume that all LucasArts projects are on hold, possibly indefinitely. Disney will likely retain all the assets but would have to license […]

By Nitro On 13 Mar, 2013 At 11:38 AM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Well Battlefrontians, it looks like has come through for us again! Over the last few days they have reported that Star Wars: First Assault is “the troubled multiplayer shooter that could be LucasArts’s downloadable take on Battlefield and Call of Duty” and also the “predecessor” for Battlefront 3. Today they have posted 2 video […]

By Nitro On 12 Mar, 2013 At 10:57 AM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Yesterday, I also wanted to touch base on a new partnership between and Gloom Walkers! Gloom Walkers was initially run by our old partner in crime Tuggie. When Tuggie retired, Gloom Walkers was resurrected under new administration. We are happy to resume our partnership which will bring some fantastic video reviews! I will […]

By Nitro On 11 Mar, 2013 At 11:29 AM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Well my fellow Battlefrontians, some very interesting news to report today. has just revealed that Star Wars: First Assault (which was first sighted last September) was originally a downloadable multiplayer shooter that was supposed to be released sometime this spring. Now according to’s sources, Star Wars: First Assault is a “step zero” or […]

By Nitro On 3 Mar, 2013 At 07:43 PM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Hi Battlefrontians, last year I stared work on a complete Infographic timeline including all Star Wars: Battlefront 3 news, rumors and tidbits since 2006 and have finally got around to finishing it up. If I have forgotten anything or if anyone has anything else to add, just let me know. Enjoy!

By Nitro On 2 Apr, 2012 At 03:53 PM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

So, a few things to have a look at in this post my fellow, but patient Battlefrontians. Yesterday, as we all know was April fools day.. yay! wherein, a couple of pranks trickled in, including a posting by Wookiepedia that “Battlefront 3 to be released in winter 2012”, which wasn’t that humorous in my opinion. […]

By Nitro On 8 Mar, 2012 At 03:28 PM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Hey Battlefrontians, some interesting tidbits for you and a great find by one of our forum members RogueStarkiller. From RogueStarkiller: This week Spark is in San Francisco for the GDC(Game Developer’s Conference). Last night Spark went out to dinner with their publisher and tweeted this: For those that may not know, Twitter geotags you to […]

By Nitro On 1 Jan, 2012 At 07:00 AM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

*UPDATE* As you all probably know by now, this is not Battlefront 3. Turns out to be XCOM: Enemy Unknown.. not too sure why they were saying everyone was going to be so excited for this one… Happy New Year my fellow Battlefrontians!! I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday and a Happy […]

By Nitro On 30 Oct, 2011 At 03:49 PM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Soooo.. my Battlefrontians, as I’m sure that you have all been reading, it seems that Spark Unlimited may have been tweeting some very interesting references.. Spark still hasn’t, and probably will not leak any information about this super secret game that they are currently working on… But instead, could they be giving some subtle hints […]

By admin On 13 Dec, 2009 At 05:17 PM | Categorized As Rumours | With 2 Comments

Leave to us Canadians to bring in some good news. On my last post I presented a link to the Canadian Gamestop, which shows us Battlefront 3 for pre-order on multiple platforms, including PS3, XBOX 360, PC and PS2. I guess, from Gamestop’s perspective, it’s legit. According to a lot of people, who have been […]

By admin On 9 Jan, 2009 At 05:51 PM | Categorized As Rumours | With 1 Comment

Here’s another entry I dug up from last month. Again this is just a rumor and by no means should you get your hopes up, just in case šŸ˜‰ From “Listings for the rumored third entry in the battlefield-focused Star Wars Battlefront briefly appeared at retailer yesterday, and were promptly removed after garnering […]

By admin On 5 Jan, 2009 At 10:13 AM | Categorized As Rumours | With 2 Comments

Welcome to the first post for our new site covering all news and rumors Star Wars: Battlefront 3. A few people had asked me to start a Battlefront 3 site & forums (coming soon) when I first started covering The Force Unleashed. I have recently sold that site and have moved on to new projects, […]