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Game Informer on Star Wars: Battlefront 3

This isn’t really anything new but it is in the March edition of Game Informer. The forums are now up, so be sure to join up and catch the latest discussions on Battlefront 3! You can access the forums —-> here. Here is the excerpt that is in the March edition of Game Informer: Wondering what might have been is ...

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Battlefront 3 May Return to Pandemic Studios

Ooh boy… and yet another smoking hot rumor has surfaced about the infamous, untitled and as of yet, untitled Star Wars: Battlefront 3. This time we have some interesting news concerning who may be doing the development of Star Wars: Battlefront 3. According to who originally got their information from A very reliable “insider source” has told videogaming247 ...

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 – Evil Obi Wan Kenobi

This would have been one hell of an idea if it had gone through. Apparently they were supposed to introduce an “Evil Obi Wan Kenobi” into the rumored Battlefront 3. These images were leaked by the former employee ofFree Radical, the same person that leaked the concept art. This has got to be the coolest looking Obi Wan Kenobi ever! ...

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 footage leaked online?

Wow, this is some pretty awesome news, whether or not this is legit or not is still unknown. It looks pretty cool and at least it gives us a little hope for the future. I’d say the chances of them making Battlefront are pretty good, although a lot of people would disagree. Hopefully, we will soon find out! Thanks to: ...

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 for the Nintendo DS?

Yet, another rumor, this one is attempting to confirm that Battlefront 3 is indeed, in production and will most definitely be available for the Nintendo DS. These sites are certain that there will be a Battlefront 3, yet we still have no announcment or confirmation that their even attempting to make the game. Hopefull we will hear something soon as ...

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Free Radical Brings Star Wars: Battlefront 3 to Wii.

Here’s another rumor I dug up. Apparently Battlefront 3 is supposed to hit all the major platforms including the Nintendo Wii, thus again, excluding the PC. I hope they don’t pull another Force Unleashed and leave the PC out of the Star Wars loop. That would very disappointing, although I can see it happen, when they are developing The Old ...

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