Battlefront (DICE Reboot)

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EA Trailer from E3 2014

This is the teaser trailer for the new EA: DICE Star Wars: Battlefront reboot.

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  1. Terry H. says:

    I think that they could do more with a story, like have starkiller from forced unleashed, or go into a choose your side kind of story. don’t make multiplayer an online only thing, I want no BullShit maps, has to feel like star wars . Have a limited time us when using a hero/villian. If you get most of this, I Will buy it.

  2. James says:

    Yeh you guys can be all like ‘make it like battlefield!’, but no, we don’t want another shoot ’em up to end up like battlefield or CoD. This is Battlefront man! Make it like Battlefront 1 and 2! The maps were perfectly sized in those, maybe yes they can be bigger with this one, having more maps being land and air combat but I don’t want this to feel like a Star Wars mod for Battlefront! It has to feel like those great games that are the front to this title! I can’t wait to find out what you have in stall for us, I’m just hoping you haven’t deviated too far from the first to games that we all loved and cherished. ;D

    • James says:

      *I meant Battlefield – don’t make it feel like a mod for Battlefield *facepalm*. ;D

    • derp_turtle says:

      i think that ceirtan things in battlefeild should be in bettlefront such as gun and class customization as well as some destructable buildings. also the ablitiy to customize your trooper/droid would be an awsome addition such as coloring and over all designs of the helmets and body armour. also the more “realistic” laser rifles would be cool also. if they do this i will be more than pleased with them.

  3. dillon says:

    Okay dice and EA things you need to consider are the maps should be just as large as battlefield maps but i would like to see battles that can take place from the ground of the planet and you can fly up in to space and fight there as well. there should be customization of weapons and armor. i would also like to see jedi and sith in the game but make it available once someone makes it to a general rank. i also want to see a bunch of things you can do in the maps such as things like being able to shut down shield generators on space ships, and just an overall interactivity would be nice. there should also be 64 players per team. i want this game to be fucking epic so please EA dont up. and if you make a storyline for the game make sure that jj abrams doesn’t up the movie first.

    • dillon says:

      oh and dont forget to make things destructable

    • Jim says:

      Good ideas, but there would have to be major restrictions to the sith and jedi. We wouldnt want a bunch of guys who have no life getting the class in the day of launch and flat out massacring us for the rest of the game.

  4. Commando says:

    I can’t wait ’til it comes out. But I’m confused is Dice making it or EA. I hope they won’t mess it up by making it M.

  5. Kyle F. says:

    I was scared when Disney bought it, Relieved when DICE was developing it, and scared again when I heard that EA was publishing it.

  6. julian pina says:

    Battlefront 3 Nuff said…

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