Battlefront (DICE Reboot)

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Star Wars Battlefront

In 2004, the original Star Wars Battlefront came onto the scene and took gamers – and Star Wars fans – by surprise. It was an ambitious action shooter that gave players the opportunity to step into the shoes of their favorite Star Wars characters, pilot quintessential Star Wars vehicles, and relive classic Star Wars battles.

Fast forward nearly 10 years and gamers still have many of those same Star Wars gaming fantasies – but now they wish to experience those larger-than-life battles in magnificent high definition, with all of the amazing special effects, vehicle physics and gameplay intensity that the next-generation has to offer.

That’s where we come in. Star Wars Battlefront is being developed by DICE on Frostbite 3. Our vision for the franchise will surprise and delight fans yet again. We are inventing a new experience inside this beloved universe made with our signature DICE craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. The video gives you a small hint at the direction that we are taking.

The teams at DICE in Sweden and Los Angeles are huge Star Wars fans. We are humbled by the opportunity to create a new Star Wars Battlefront for gamers and Star Wars fans around the world. We can’t wait for this adventure to begin…

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  1. Fevx says:

    None of u know what Dice is capable of. They made BF2 with bots and it was good im not talkin about Battlefield bad company 2. I think they r capable of doin it and no it won’t be for PS3 or Xbox360.There will also be Galactic Conquest wouldnt be Star Wars without it.

  2. Fevx says:

    Everyone I advise you to read death troopers its a really good book with original characters.

  3. Fevx says:

    Battlefront is goin to be an awesome game.I don’t know the guy ahead of the site but for references got

  4. ck says:

    It would be nice if each team had a hero ( jedi bounty hunter and people like han solo ) assigned to 1 player of each team. When that player dies another person on the squad is assigned the hero. And also if they allowed u to create ur own character ( jedi bounty hunter even crime lords

  5. James says:

    So since DICE is making it the game will play nothing like the original Battlefront games. It will probably have a shallow single player experience with like 7 levels filled with cheap “wow” moments but no real difficulty, and you most likely will not be able to play conquest offline because that will require them to actually code an AI which no Shooter developer is actually capable of anymore. There will probably no Galactic Conquest mode, and maybe 7 maps with a bunch of DLC Maps for “premium” members (i.e. suckers willing to pay for the game twice for what was included in a $50 game not 7 years ago, and characters will probably have to be unlocked in some stupid rank up fashion.

    Five to ten years ago, I’d have loved to see Dice take over from Pandemic, but after Battlefield (of Duty) 4, I just see a cheap shooter with a Star Wars paint job.

    Oh and the game will be objectively broken on release.

    • Ryan says:

      ah-men to that. whats worse is that dice’s bf4 is actually better that CoD now, if Dice would actually focus on making a great game and giving their customers what they want and giving us as gamers the best experience rather than making money bf4 (and possibly this reboot) would be amazing.

      • Ryan says:

        because Dice as a game developer is actually capable of some pretty amazing things. I feel that EA holds them back though

        • Inazuma says:

          Nothing wrong with Battlefield 4, IMO. It was the game I expected when I payed for it. A shooter on a massive war scale. Sure there have been bugs and the campaign sucks, but no one is forcing y’all to play or buy it. You should’ve played the beta or a demo at Gamestop before buying it. If y’all don’t like it, that’s y’alls problem, not DICE or EA’s (except the bugs, that’s their fault :P)

          As far as Battlefront 3 is concerned, I think it’ll be great. Battlefront campaigns were never engaging. Hell, Battlefront 2’s Campaign was literally just the movies story line played from a Clone’s eyes on linear, medium-sized maps. It was still fun nonetheless. Y’all should stop hating for what games aren’t and enjoy them for what they are. Expecting too much will just get y’alls hopes down. If y’all think you can do better, then go apply for a job at DICE or any other game developer, and do it yourselves. If not, then stfu and play the games.

          • ?!?!?! says:

            Thank you! No-one buys battlefield for the campaign. Its awful. The multiplayer is exquisite with massive battles and beautiful graphics. Battlefront is the same already. So surely they cant ruin it as its a great game made by a great company with a great engine. So, STFU, get your heads out of your asses and cheer up!

  6. Dean_da_Bean says:

    The first mission for the zombies multiplayer would be the star destroyer. Your squad is dropped off of a shuttle and has to travel to the ship’s command bridge and extract the ship’s manifest. You can choose to go through matinence tunnels which are harder to survive inside of but faster to get to the manifest or you could take the ship’s normal corriders that are wider and encounter larger rooms then the maintenece tunnels. The good thing is more roming space but it takes a longer time to get to the manifest. Once you retrieve the manifest you are forced to take a new route to a new hangar and try to escape on a new shuttle or wait until the shuttle that dropped you off comes to pick you up. The only reason your squad was dropped off on the ship is because it was orbiting over tattoine for weeks and was not responding to any messages sent to the bridge. I did think of this by myself and the whole idea that I have thought of is orbiting around tattoine and the death star and that is the basis of the setting. The way the infection spread is up to EA email ideas to These are just my ideas for the new battlefront game just in case EA and Dice make a zombie mode witch is highly preferred by me.

  7. Jake Thunder says:

    I’ve played every SW game on every system SW games were available. Games you may have never heard of on systems you would think non-existing. (for you new generation kids of course. The Battlefront series is may favorite by far. I have not upgraded systems since the PS2 or XBOX(original). No doubt I will have to upgrade for this one, but I’ll be glad to. Of course, it will be ALOT different than the first two:graphics, storyline, gameplay, and even controls probably. But why not give it a shot? I’m not a huge fan of EA, DICE, or new systems for that matter, but atleast they’ve got something. If it’s rated M oh well, it’s just a rating. I’ll play it and my son will play it. If we don’t like it we’ll just hope for someone else to try in ten more years. My point is for those with negative thoughts on the game: TRY IT! It may not be that bad. I’ve got hope for these guys, Obi-Wan and Obama had their shot at hope, Let’s give this a shot.

  8. id say I would love to have zombies but the blasters would not have to kill them right away @delta15038 like in instant action when killing a troop.but im not asking 4 call of duty zombies.and dice don’t screw this up with the first person action style cause iwant it the “classic way”

    • Dean_Da_Bean says:

      I’m serious when I say it, here me out. How awesome would it be to be on an abandoned star destroyer with zombies. You could make it like cod ghost extinction. Take a boarding shuttle to the hangar and figure out the mystery of the crew’s disapperance. EA and Dice can make a large profit from expanding the world. It could even be a nice small story. I can see at least three four maps. A star destroyer, a rebel ship(don’t know what its called), tatooine city, and to top it off the death star. It could be an online multiplayer campain. Not the main story. Just a side game. By the way I mean this for the new Battlefront. As far as I’m concerned you don’t plan to follow the story. By the way this was inspired by the book death troopers. Email me about your thoughts P.S. love the zombie idea but blasters shouldn’t kill instantly because of the zombies might have some stormtrooper armor on.

  9. Blackfox109 says:

    I hope the new battlefront comes out on the Wii and PC.

    • Xnihil0 says:

      Not on the Wii/Wii U, but most definitely on all the main consoles and the PC. Look at Dice’s (the developer) past games, specifically Battlefield (you’ve probably heard about it). Its truly a PC game, and until recently the franchise was tuned exclusively to PC gamers because of the increased hardware potential. While the Next-gen consoles are able to justify extensive effort in reworking the battlefield franchise to become better on console, we’d have to have a Wii U3, or something of the sort, for DICE to even consider bringing one of their games to the platform. Above and beyond this, Nintendo (makers of Wii and Mario and whatnot) is very 1st party. Meaning they rip off most people who want to make games for their console. Moral of the story is that DICE’s Battlefront will be coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and possibly the previous ten consoles. No Wii.

  10. Wow. wat a great idea putting DICE/FROSTBITE 3, the genius’ of battlefield, on a star wars game. EA is really coming up with some amazing ideas. I’m already getting BF4 in october.

  11. Will Battlefront 3 be for the Xbox 360? Many fans are awaiting the answer to this log awaited question. Many feel that the Battlefront series should have some system similarities, not spread out on different platforms. Ex: rogue squadron. Two are already on the XBOX 360 will the third be the same?

    • Agony says:

      Dont think so, why would you want it on the 360 when the next gen consoles can offer so much more..?

      • Dean da Bean says:

        I have been trying to keep up to date with the game. Since it is early in development, I believe that it isn’t to late to add zombies. I know a lot of people dislike the idea, but visualize it. An abandoned Storm Trooper inside of a star destroyer. He thinks he still has friends from the boarding ship that left him there. But they don’t respond to his transponder node. Who, or what took out his men. Remember this is just a request, but I only want it as a game mode. Cooperative and single player and Split-Screen. This could make a lot of money. You could expand on it very well too. First a star destroyer. Then a city on Tatooine. And so on leading all the way up to the finale. THE DEATH STAR. You could send these maps out in DLC’s. IT would make a Huge profit. I would love an Email to tell me if you like the idea. But I have always loved star wars, so I think it is ready for a little twist like zombies. Any ways I don’t blame you for not responding. I am only thirteen. But I remain loyal. And don’t think I am acomplete nerd. I am a popular student at my school, and I am getting tired of gaming. THis is why I want you to make a good game that will hook me and other as well. Remember Email me.

        • Jackson says:

          That actually reminds me of a disturbing mission from Republic Commandos (Great game, would really like to see the special operations side of Star Wars to be strong in BF3) where you and your squad are sent to investigate a missing Acclamator Class Troop Ship (the ones used to land on Geonosis in episode II). When you first enter it you get split up and some strange things start happening. Now there weren’t exactly zombies but something like that would be a nice feature.

        • Delta15038 says:


          Zombies would be the worst thing to happen to the Battlefront saga. Though, as fun as Survival modes may seem, they are very irrelevant to the Star Wars saga- seeing zombies, at the current time, could not possibly exist. Allow me to explain: Zombies are undead, correct? Well, the blasters and lightsabers kill cleanly; without any doubt the enemy is dead. It’s just too far out to exist in the Star Wars universe.

      • Austin says:

        When they say that the next-gen consoles will have awesome graphics and stuff. they mean the game will have awesome graphics because the next-gen consoles will be able to handle more intense graphics just like almost any console can handle it but next-gen does it alot better

      • HiDefFans says:

        Ok, well maybe the next gen consoles left behind some of the classic games we all know and love. Would it not be easier to just make 1 game for multiple consoles rather than have every fan who has battlefront 1-2 on the Xbox suddenly need to buy a Xbox1 just to get 1 new game. We are talking efficiency and availability here are we not?

        • ? says:

          zombies already exist in star wars. am I the only one that’s read ‘Death Troopers’? it would be cool for a prequel to Death Troopers, but it would probably bump the rating up to M…

          • Caesar37 says:

            I would love a zombie mode especially if it is based on red harvest and death troopers.(If anyone here has not read those books go and pick them up.)

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