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Welcome to Battlefront3.net. Basically this site is run by a huge Star War fan, who loves to cover new Star Wars news. Some of the other sites I have started and ran in the past included a Force Unleashed fan site, which is no longer under my control and of course, kotor3.net.

Not only will I be covering everything to do with Battlefront 3, I’ll be covering all the games that have “Battlefront” in it. So stay tuned for videos, screenshots, walkthroughs, cheats, hints and tips!

This site is not affiliating with LucasArts or Star Wars in ANY way.

Enjoy the site!

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  1. Darken365 says:

    “I knew it would come to this one day…I knew…and no one believed.” – Isran

    I remember when elite squadron came out and most here lost hope and then when force unleashed came it killed off most of the rest lol
    But it is finally coming the only bad thing is that it might only be in the galactic era

  2. dinmor123 says:

    Will Star Wars Battlefront 3 have co-op multiplayer. I mean split-screen.

  3. Fevx says:

    Yes it will come out for PC

  4. Fevx says:

    Battlefront will only come out on Ps4 and Xbox one.JJ Abrams is in charge of the movies and i assure all of you that he has plenty experience.I also got news that they could be making a Star Wars Old Republic open-world game.They could possibly be releasing the game this Chrismas,but if not next Chrismas.Hope I’ve been an assistance,I’ll possibly have an update soon.

  5. ryan says:

    When does star wars battlefront come out for xbox one?

  6. Jack Quinn says:

    Will Star Wars Bartlefront 3 be for the Xbox 360?!!?!

  7. Krimson says:

    will it be for xbox 360 as well ?

  8. WeedInMyBrain says:

    Split Screen? 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    This game looks good. Thinking about getting it.

  10. kevin says:

    Apparently the game is made but just before copies were made, lucasarts “supposely” got robed from another game company. So they had to stop production. Now disney is tring to make the game. But disney sucks at making games, lucasarts was better, but getting worse. I got everything from yuotube videos about the game. Also, disney is tring to make the last star wars movies.

    • Azool says:

      Are you kidding Kevin? Disney is great at games! Have you SEEN the trailers for the amazing game coming this summer called Disney Infinity?

      • Asvaldr says:

        Disney isnt making it, DICE, the creators of the Battlefield franchise, will be creating it. Disney simply handed the lisence for making the game to EA.

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