Wish List: 5 Features Battlefront Needs

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We’re just about past the point of hoping for features and elements of the upcoming Battlefront game, because by now we more or less know what to expect. Between trailers, various written reports of game features, and the beta that’s been making the rounds, most questions have been answered and the bulk of the game has been revealed. In all likelihood, it’s going to be spectacular, and it looks like a gorgeous Star Wars experience that’s up to the task of pleasing innumerable fans who are more even more excitable than usual given that the Force is about to awaken (see what I did there?).

But it also doesn’t quite look perfect. These are some of my (apparently) unfulfilled wishes for the new game, and things I still hope we’ll see in future versions.

1. Space Battles

As mentioned in a prior article, there will indeed be no space battles featured in Battlefront, and that’s going to be a bummer for a lot of players. Yes, this is the way we’ve come to know and love this franchise, and running about dodging AT-AT stomps and batting lasers away with a lightsaber is all well and good. But it was time for some mind-blowing, current generation space combat to set a new standard for Star Wars games, and it looks like on this front EA and Co. kind of blew it.

2. Customised Skins

This is an idea that was brought up in a Steam Community forum where fans were discussing their own wish lists for the game, and I have to agree it would add a new, fun dimension to Battlefront. The ability to fully customise your own character would simply make the game more personable and allow players to immerse themselves more fully in the game. In particular, it would be really cool to be able to pick a lightsaber colour from a full range of options. No, this wouldn’t be true to the films, but who wouldn’t want to try out a yellow lightsaber or something of the like?

3. Gambling

I’ve always felt every modern shooter or combat game ought to have elements of recreation: interaction with other characters, mini games, side missions, etc. that give the game a more “open world” vibe. Well, gambling would be a good fit for Star Wars. We know the gambling history with the likes of Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt, and the Star Wars universe even has its own card game. As for how gambling scenes within a Battlefront game might work, Betfair’s casino site has a solid model for fiction-infused casino gaming. The platform has a lot of fictional characters that are roped into gaming tittles and backgrounds to blend their own stories with popular gaming formats. Something similar easily could be done within Battlefront—think card games where the face cards are Imperial figures, or something of the like.

4. Voice Acting From The Real Actors

It’s kind of sad that this apparently can’t (or won’t) happen. Darth Vader’s breathing and melodramatic comments are easy enough for someone to imitate, but wouldn’t it be awesome to hear that memorable, timeless Luke voice calling out of your video game? It’s actually particularly puzzling that no one in the Battlefront creative process has made this happen given that Mark Hamill in particular has done a great deal of voice acting. In fact, he’s even touched on recent, current generation gaming, having kept up his infamous vocal portrayal of the Joker in Arkham Knight. And according to a Collider exclusive this summer, Hamill will once again voice the Joker for an upcoming Batman animated film. Why can’t he just voice his most famous character!?

5. New Characters

This was never going to happen, so it’s a little bit ornery to include it in a wish list, but now that we’re here, I can’t help but feel the timing of Battlefront’s release is a little bit of a shame. Yes, it will benefit from the off-the-charts enthusiasm surrounding The Force Awakens, but by coming out essentially alongside the film, Battlefield wasn’t able to incorporate elements from the film. Who knows how many years we’ll now have to wait to see a new generation of Star Wars characters in a Battlefront game—unless, that is, they’re introduced in DLC (fingers crossed!).

There you have it: my gripes, wishes, and frustrations about the upcoming edition of Battlefront. What were some of your wishes for the game?

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