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Star Wars: Battlefront – November 17, 2015

Hello Battlefrontians! Again, I must apologize for the lack of updates. My “real world” job has been keeping me extremely busy as we are doing a major overhaul on our company website and I have been heading up a lot of the technical aspects of it.

So I see a lot has happened since my last post and I am seeing a lot of unhappy smiles the more and more I read about the impressions of the game and the new trailer that has been released for Star Wars: Battlefront. With all the hype and secrecy that EA and Dice have been giving this game, I must admit, my initial impressions of the game and trailer are disappointing. After years and years of waiting for this game and for all those that have stuck with me from the beginning of, from E3 let downs to Spark Unlimited, I am willing to give this game the benefit of the doubt.

So lets break it down.

No Campaign Mode

Not a big fan of this. I enjoy an offline single campaign mode. I come from a long line of shitty internet connections and sometimes don’t get the best connection when playing video games online. Just give me a game where I don’t need a freaking internet connection.

Characters and Location include several playable hero units make appearances during these multiplayer battles, including Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Star Wars Battlefront is set on four planets. These planets include Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, and Sullust.

Four planets? 2 maps on each? …  yeah.. I don’t know about that one.. thoughts?

Free DLC


No Prequel Era, No Space Battles

No space battles? That’s just wrong.

I want to hear EVERYONES thoughts on this! Let the opinions flow! Convince me this game will be the Battlefield  Battlefront we want.

Star Wars: Battlefront is available November 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Origin for PC.

Check out the trailer below.

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  1. ElderinParsharth

    anyone know the age rating?
    apperently it’s a 16 but it should be a 12 but I don’t know for sure.

  2. Really enjoyed both the prequel and the original trilogy eras in the original Battefront. Sad that they won’t include those eras.
    With only 4 maps to start with, and the DLC release within a month of release, it seems logical that the DLC will contain more maps to play on.
    Liked space battles, thought they had potential and enjoyed playing them, but I can live without them. Need to have maps that allow flying vehicles, such as BF1 Cloud City map.
    Have mixed feelings about the lack of Campaign. I survived playing only Singleplayer or with friends, so I can enjoy the game without Campaign. However, it was a fun game mode, and I’m sad they won’t include the mode in the reboot.
    Overall, still excited for the game’s release after nearly 10 years of waiting. Anticipating an authentic and fun Star Wars experience I can enjoy both with and without friends. I hope DICE can deliver.

    • Ok, clarification through editing here:
      Campaign as in the Single Player Campaign mode, not Split Screen co-op or Single Player Instant Action (they’d better have that, or hell’s breaking loose…)
      Also, wrote maps, but meant Worlds. Someone here previously stated this: They wrote each World will have at least 2-3 maps, so expect around 12-15 maps on release. Not even mentioning the maps and Worlds that might come out through FREE DLC.
      Fine without space battles, but I want to see starfighters and air/land battle maps like BF1’s Bespin map (think that might’ve been the name…)
      Heck, I’m hyped. Can’t wait to see what this game will offer. Keep going strong DICE.

  3. Well, I don’t even have a PS4 yet, but this game is the only reason I’m actually saving money to get one. I think the trailer looks great, and even though it appears there are no space battles and what not in this game, I think that if I’ll ever actually own a copy of this game, I will probably play it for years and years!

  4. BF 1’s Bespin Mining Platform map functioned as a space battle. Wow did I love those maps. Like 500 hours worth of love.

  5. I found BF2’s campaign to be good training, and it had some battles that couldn’t be replicated in multiplayer. Not a must, but certainly somewhat of a loss.

    No Space Battles means that they didn’t try to improve on BF2’s (admittedly mediocre) space battles. I’m ambivalent.

    No prequel battles? I want as many settings as possible, whether they come from a crappy movie or not. I’m crestfallen.

    But what we really need? An armed invasion of the Death Star. That would be killer.

  6. You guys have been waiting years for this, and now you criticize the game before we’ve even seen game play? I know that there’s no campaign, and that sucks, but it’s not like the first two games had any solid campaigns to begin with. The single player missions sounds like it could be similar to our traditional Battlefront campaign,or maybe even better. And yes, no space battles kind of sucks, but those were really only in BF2 and while they were fun, they were more of a novelty than a essential element to the series. You’ll certainly get your fill of aerial combat anyway.

    Now I will say that I was disappointed by the fact that there were only four planets. I agree with them wanting to stay away from prequel trilogy (who would want to go back there?) but some planets from that trilogy would’ve been great to fight on on next gen consoles. I realize that there will be way more than four maps, but it’d be nice to have a variety of planets as well. And there’s no reason to criticize the free, I repeat, FREE, DLC in December. That’s really going off of Episode 7’s release, and we’ll get that less than a month after we get the actual game anyway.

    Anyway, just some thoughts. Don’t immediately put it off until you try it.

  7. Right; no campaign, four planets, several hero/villain units and no space battles. Let’s do the maths:
    * No campaign + four planets = about 20 minutes of gameplay for each planet map = 1 hour, 2 hours max (if that).

    * Several unique units + no space battles = repeating the same compact gameplay over and over.

    * 1-2 hours’ gameplay + repetitive gameplay = a non-existent Battlefront game.

    * Non-existant Battlefront +… Well, nothing to add to it to make any answer, [Yoda] For only one answer there is. Master Battlefront gamers, not victory. The shroud of the Battlefield has fallen. Begun the cloned version of what we don’t want has.

  8. wow are you guys fans or critics?

  9. I agree with the others saying that the old space battles were mediocre at best. You ended up doing the exact same routine over and over again. Instead we get dogfights over beautiful terrain, far better in my opinion.

    We still have 3rd person view which is awesome, special characters, and what seems to be very customizable troops though I will be interested to see if they keep classes as a thing.

    The only thing that is clearly a loss is the absence of the clone wars. I suppose this will simply be released as another BF game in a year or two.

    All in all I am pumped for this game! Roll on November 🙂

  10. No space is quite disappointing. I will get the game regardless but I guess my hopes are now on CIG’s Star Citizen.

  11. You guys are just being haters. BF never had space, only BF2 did, and they were boring after a few times. Plodding through space battles against the computer in conquest was a necessary evil, and if a host on Xbox live put a space map in, everyone fled.

    The single player campaign was never that interesting in the old games.

    No prequel content is consistent with the fact that Disney is planning to reboot the prequels when Fox’s rights expire. You will not see prequel content again, mark my words

    My concern is if you can only blow up ATAT with a called in air strike, like call of duty. That would be lame. Giving the game a chance.

    • I’m not hating, just stating my opinion. I enjoyed the space battles a lot.. I also stated why I would rather have a single offline campaign mode.

      Don’t get me wrong… I’m still buying it.

  12. Sounds like they’ve dumbed down the flying parts so you don’t have full freedom. I hope they make a new Rogue Squadron game to align with the movie where there are full freedom dogfights like in the GameCube Rogue Squadron games.

  13. EA really messed up on this one, and not only with what they put in it but also with how they announced it, people hear “No Campaign” and they don’t hear that there is Split screen Co-op, online Co-op and SINGLE PLAYER missions, people hear “only 4 planets” and think “Oh no only 4 maps!” when in reality dice has said that each planet will have more than 2 maps meaning we will probably get around 15 maps. Space battles were never my favorite thing about battlefront and I feel a lot of people forget that battlefront 1 didn’t have space battles, I’ve been hearing a lot of “its not battlefront without space battles” recently, it will have air to ground combat which is what 1 had. For me the deciding factor will be if they have an instant action mode, that was really my favorite part about the BF games, you could play the multiplayer games on an easier setting if you were just feeling a bit lazy.

  14. I’ve been waiting for this game for 8 years and this is what we get? I am disappointed for losing the campaign mode, galactic conquest and the free play mode, but we are at least getting a game. It wasn’t long ago — a couple years — there was talk about a downloadable version of a new Star Wars Battlefront called Star Wars: First Assault, and its purpose was to “test the waters” to see if people were were still interested in Star Wars games. So in that regard I can see where Dice is probably coming from — maybe this is the way they were steered by Disney and EA. They wanted Dice to create a fleshed out, but limited game to see how people respond. At least that’s my take. Now all I can say is let’s wait and see, it might end up being good regardless of the things that we wanted, personally, having been cut….. and who’s to say they won’t eventually add those bits of content we all really want.

    • No campaign but it does have single player missions, BF 1 and 2 didn’t have much of a campaign and it sounds like the new one will have about the same, where did they say no instant action(I assume thats what you meant by free play)?

  15. No campaign, or space battles……. This is a deal breaker for me. I can’t believe the management in charge of this game are so ignorant to what their customers want. EA has gotten to the point where I think they just want to make their customer base angry.

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