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EA Shows off Battlefront Footage.. but not to us!!

What’s this now? EA is busy showing off real Star Wars Battlefront footage to retailers “behind closed doors”! What I wouldn’t give to be behind that door. According to, EA executive Peter Moore has been busy showing off footage during a recent visit to Gamestop.

WOW!! What a mega tease.. that’s got to be the the worst tease we’ve gotten in awhile!! Boooooo!!! On the other hand, this years GDC is well under way and there are a lot of hopes that the trailer may be released during the event. This years GDC (Game Developers Conference) takes place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA on March 2nd to March 6th.

Cross you fingers fellow Battlefrontians for a new gameplay trailer!!

Kudo to for the original report!

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  1. Sooooo does anyone know if this game will support off line split screen with bots, 1 against 1, or off line split screen with bots, both on the same team (like Star Wars Battlefront 2)? Because if it doesn’t I’m going to hate this game.

    Also flying vehicles better fly better then DICES helicopters from Battlefront; the controls on those were an epic disaster. I’ve had helicopter simulators that ran circles around it.

  2. Check the end of the video, there is a clip of Battlefront 3 playing. It isn’t active yet though! Maybe tomorrow…

  3. They are saving the trailer for E3. What better place to display the game to all the masses, and I’ll bet there will be playable demos there. As far as front or field, it is Dice making it so it will be a space battlefield, but dang you get to fire blasters, not the same as bullets. Where do I put my money up! I’m in.

  4. I suppose you all heard about the BF reveal at the Star Wars Celebration at Disneyland in April. If I can find a link I will post it, but I assume most of you have heard about it by now.

  5. “So… we have this new, really awesome Star Wars: Battlefront trailer… that you can’t see.”

    F*ck you EA!

  6. The fact that they’re hiding the trailer really does sink the ship. However, being confirmed that it is Battlefront adds buoyancy. The question is: is it Star Wars Battlefront they’re showing or Star Wars Battlefield? The fact that Battlefront is its own game and is uncannily addictive is why millions of us today bought and still play the games. So, pending on this actually being Battlefront, we’ve got our hopes up.
    If it turns out to be Battlefield with Spec Ops soldiers wearing Storm and Clone Trooper armour, then there’s really nothing much to look forward to.

    On that note, let’s HOPE that it really truly is BattleFRONT!!

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