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Star Wars Battlefront will have it’s own Battlelog

Well, this isn’t exactly “new” news per say, but I wanted to do an article on it anyway. The official Uprise website (the company that develops the Battlelog system) has posted some evidence that Battlelog will be coming to Battlefield: Hardline and Star Wars: Battlefront.

For those who don’t know, the Battlelog system is:

Battlelog is a web-based social networking service for the Battlefield and Medal of Honor series. For PC players, It replaces much of the in-game menu from prior Battlefield games as a means of launching the various game modes, expanding on statistics tracking features, and integrating forums and messaging.

Changes to audio, video, and key bindings cannot be done from Battlelog, and must be done in a game session. Players can access the singleplayer Campaign without logging into Battlelog, but must be logged into Origin. To access the other game modes, PC players must log onto both Battlelog and Origin.Battlelog is also available for mobile devices, where most of the same stat-tracking and messaging features are still available.

According to the image, Battlelog will coming to Battlefield: Hardline and Star Wars: Battlefront “soon”. Personally, I play Battlefield 4 and use the Battlelog quite frequently for loadout customizations, which is awesome. There hasn’t been any official information released for the Star Wars Battlefront Battlelog as of yet so everything is still purely speculation.

Star Wars Battlefront Battlelog

Lets hear what you would like to see for a Star Wars Battlefront Battlelog.

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  1. Just do not buy this game to teach them a lesson. They need us, gamers to create games

  2. I do like battle log but it is something that worked along side battlefield I just do not see how it is going to be able to work for battlefront?

  3. Dammit… I knew this is going to happen but i didn’t want it too. This is a true shame but to be expected from DICE and EA. I’m not hyped for this game at all unfortinately.

  4. So we have to log onto a website to play. …. so much for Star Wars games. The corporation owns it now for the next 8 years.

  5. They’ve taken the first step towards ruining battlefront, I can’t stand battlelog and will be very disappointed if it’s forced on the players.

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