EA: Star Wars: Battlefront on Schedule for Christmas Release

By Nitro On 8 Feb, 2015 At 08:45 AM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 2 Comments

Happy New Year fellow Battlefrontians! (Yes, I know a little late). There hasn’t really been much information on the new Battlefront over the last few months, hence the lack of updates lately. I was planning on doing some updates for other Star Wars information, but I haven’t decided if I want to go that broad or keep this site specifically for Battlefront information, which it was originally intended for. Regardless, we do have a teeny tiny tidbid of news to post.

In a recent Electronic Arts Q3 2015 Earnings Conference Call, Blake Jorgensen, Electronic Arts CFO has stated that Star Wars Battlefront is still on track to released for the 2015 holiday season. The exact date of course is still unknown, but hopefully we will know more later this year!

And then, last, but far from least, we have got the Battlefront Star Wars title coming in before Christmas next year, aligned with the Star Wars movie rollout. We are extremely excited about that. We think there is huge potential for that title.

Check out the transcript here – Electronic Arts Q3 2015 Earnings Conference Call

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  1. Nah… this website is for Battlefront 3. There are a plethora of other places on the internet for Star Wars news. However, there are close to no references for Battlefront news. That’s why this site is special and I’d prefer if you keep it this way. No need to compete with the rest of the net on updated Star Wars news. When I come here it’s for Battlefront news – not unrelated content.

    Thank you for keeping the dream alive all these years. It’s been a long wait. I really appreciate it.

    • Nitro says:

      Thanks for the kind words! Yea, I’ve been debating and I think I will be keeping it strictly Battlefront. When the game comes out we will be dedicating a portion of the site for a Clan as well as renting our own Battlefront server (if able).

  2. WhovianForever says:

    I personally would love it if you started doing news for everything star wars, just have a special section for bf!

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