Star Wars Battlefront Holiday 2015 release!

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EA has finally given us some confirmation on when the new Star Wars Battlefront will be released and some of us have already guessed it. That’s right! The new Star Wars Battlefront is now slated to be released for the Christmas holiday of 2015.

Originally it was intended to be released during the summer of 2015, but to be honest this push back is not really a surprise to me as it will closely follow the release of the new Star Wars: Episode 7 is due out on December 18th of 2015 as well.

The date was mentioned in a conference call between EA boss Andrew Wilson and investors and then posted by EA on Twitter a short time later.

The tweet enclosed:

May the Force be with you: Star Wars Battlefront will release for Holiday 2015. — Electronic Arts (@EA) October 28, 2014

According to

EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen confirmed that the Star Wars Battlefront will be a first person shooter, and will be EA’s “major first-person shooter for the year.

Well I am happy that they finally gave us some sort of confirmation, but sad that I still have to wait yet another year before I can get my hands on this game.

But hey! We’ve waiting this long, what’s another year? It’s hard to believe that and our all of our fellow Battlefrontians have been following these rumors for almost six years now!

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  1. Asc says:

    I’ve been hearing rumors about things that this won’t be released for the PC. Anyone know anything about this? If it isn’t on PC I don’t think I’ll be getting it 😐

  2. What DICE needs to have in this game is split screen multiplayer (the Xbox and PS2 versions had it no reason why the PS4 and One can’t render it).

  3. Dave says:

    I got a good rig, but if there one game that would give me the courage to return to console and blast the hell out of these streamer kids on Xbox One, this is the game. May the Force be with us all lol.

  4. w says:

    this just might be the game that makes me get the xbox one!

    • Dave says:

      Me too buddy ,though I haven”t really checked out the ps4.Sony gets hacked all the time more than anybody and I just can”t trust a company that can”t keep a lid on things like their customers info.

  5. wes byron says:

    i am crazy excited about the release of battefront3!but will it come out for xbox360? i hope. still playing swb2.;)

  6. Hipolito says:

    Firstly i need to change my pants after seeing this. Please add third person, since they said they were looking at old models and stuff keep what was good fix what was bad shouldn’t be hard right EA. if they pull this off oh man! my gf and i will have a baby and call it “battle 3” (jk)

  7. Long-Time Battlefront Fan says:

    PLEASE include 3rd person!! Of ALL the features we have dreamed up on this website and in our heads throughout the years, THIS one should the most basic to include!

  8. Aaron says:

    I’m disappointed that they are focusing the game as an FPS. I almost always played the original two in third person.

  9. Max says:

    PETITION: Please, release Star Wars Battlefront 3 by PS3, i really want it, i’ve played this serie for 7 years, and i haven’t got any of the new consoles generation;(

    • I’m sorry, but no. As a huge fan of the franchise, I would hate for the game to be limited by old hardware. As much as I want everyone to be able to experience this, and understand that not everyone can afford a new gen console, I really want this game to be the best that it can be. That being said, I have no problem with them bringing the game to last gen if they treat it like a port and it doesn’t harm the PC, Xbone, PS4 versions.

    • wes byron says:

      that’s exactly what i’m saying! i’m not buynig a new console!

  10. Thanks this news is awesome !!!

  11. Hey Admin just wondered if you could make an article about / leave an obvious link on your home page for our ‘3rd person view for infantry’ petition to help us spread the word ^^

  12. dafuq says:

    are you guys forgetting something? HELL YA YOU ARE THE CLONE WARS!!!!! thats freaking amazing after 7 years of waiting to be a clonetrooper on utapau fighting through the crab droids.. im tokd that i HAVE to play as either galactic empire or the rebel alliance only…the clone wars is way more epic than the galactic civil war will ever be and im not saying that i hate the galactic civil war era but i perfer the clone wars and when you take your favorite era from a game that youve been waiting for since you were a kid is a major slap to the balls…and what about jedi, how could you play with the jedi class if its not in third person becuase if they arent included in the game is like a punch to the balls…lastly space to ground combat with destroyable control ships and frigates because that would make my day… hey DICE i just listed a good portion what the fans wanted third person, clone wars era, playable jedi, space to ground combat with destroyable control ships and frigates, and a voice.

  13. Hayabusa says:

    It’s about time!! As you say, ‘what’s one more year to wait?’ But if they do the annoyance of slinging us along gradually as they delay it by a week at a time, that’ll really annoy everyone. But the fact is, Battlefront 3 IS confirmed and eventually we shall be able to spend many hours of our lives, which could be used else where, capturing Command Posts, shooting baddies and stealing their vehicles!

  14. W0RTHLESS says:

    No 3rd person no buy, That is the reason I loved the battlefront games, I could switch between first and third person POV whenever, where-ever I wanted, this isn’t battlefront, this is battlefield, I knew this was going to happen,

    Call me when they release a real star wars battlefront.

  15. David says:

    What do you mean they need to redesign what’s already been made? Dice started this from ground up, they could have made this into a third person shooter, but like the dude at EA said they want a major FPS every year. That’s crap! Even Dice has said they didn’t want Battlefronts to be a Battlefield clone but when it comes down to it its all about the green. Oh well here’s hoping they put a third person option in, if not then hopefully Unisoft can come correct with The Division and that will keep my attention.

    • Benjamin says:

      I mean the battlefield series was designed in first person, to save on development costs they probably took some gameplay mechanics from the battlefield series. Dice maybe making the game but EA is still the one that pays the bills (our pockets it all for them selves). I wasn’t saying they couldn’t make it 3rd person shooter, I was just pointing out the fact that money is the controlling factor in this game.

      • David says:

        I know what you’re trying to say, and that wasn’t directed at you mainly out of frustration about this news. I understand the importance of saving money on a project but, with a franchise like this you don’t hold back. It’s Star Wars for crying out loud and 1/2 of your potential buyers are the the ones that love the Battlefront of old. I mean come on GTA V just got a FPS mode for the whole game if Rockstar can pull that off then Dice can do it with Battlefronts, NO EXCUSE!!

  16. Benjamin says:

    The problem with third person is they need to redesign what’s already been made. Dice has produce the Battlefield series and as such I was not surprised by the fact they’re keeping it first person. I know some are adamant about the third person thing but regardless they are still a business and time is BIG money.

  17. Jumpyhat3 says:

    Yea I hope that they do put a third person viewpoint because that was what got most peoples attention. I think that the holiday 2015 release is appropriate because once everyone see’s the films there gonna be like “hey since we just watched episode 7 how bout we get the game now” something along the lines of that:).

  18. Crispin says:

    If this game is only 1st Person then it is NOT a Battlefront game … they should have called it Star Wars Battlefield as this is what they have made! I was going to buy a PS4 on the strength of this game … now I won’t unless they comments are just the blathering’s of a financial air-head!

  19. daniel says:

    it would be good to have both first person and 3rd person to choose from like the ps2 starwars battle fronts.

  20. Alex says:

    While I’m very excited to see what DICE has in store, I’m a little disappointed by the first person approach. I know first person was an option in the original games, so I’m hoping for a third person option. But there may be balance issues with that. Dunno… We’ll see!

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