Star Wars Battlefront Considered part of Extended Universe Canon

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Hello my fellow Battlefrontians! I know what you’re thinking! “Where the hell have you been!”. Well to tell the truth, I’ve been pretty busy this summer and there really hasn’t been that much news to report. That being said, I am back now and will be dedicating some time to getting some updates to the site.

I have been working on a development site that will eventually become the Battlefront 3 clan site, once the new Battlefront game is released. I plan on renting a server that can call their own and will be having regular tournaments, with prizes for the top leaderboards ect… Hopefully, over the coming months I can reveal bits and pieces of the new clan site and take on new ideas and suggestions from our forum members.

Getting down to it, in some slim news pickings, it turns out that Lucas Arts has confirmed that “two Star Wars games will be a part of and expand on the official franchise canon”, according to

Past Star Wars games were considered part of the Star Wars Extended Universe canon, but Disney decided to give the franchise a do-over after purchasing Lucasfilm and LucasArts. As a result, the lore established by the many novels, games, comics and other media beyond the core films and the Clone Wars animated series has been pretty much wiped.

But it’s not all bad news: moving forward, video games won’t be part of the Expanded Universe. Instead, they’ll be part of the core franchise canon.

Gamespot reports Lucasfilm has announced that “all aspects of Star Wars storytelling moving forward will be connected”. A dedicated story group will oversee “all Star Wars creative development”, apparently.

Ongoing Expanded Universe projects, like Star Wars: The Old Republic, will not be folded into the glorious new canon, Lucasfilm confirmed.

The new canon will begin its expansion with upcoming novels and a new animated series, but later on DICE’s Battlefront and the mysterious Star Wars project at Visceral Games will contribute their mite.

So what has all my fellow Battlefronians been up to?!

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  1. Star Wars Battlefront 3 says:

    This is sad news.let me explain.i was expecting Star Wars Battlefront 3 to have extra stuff from old republic era or thrawn trilogy.instead we are going to get only canon which is 6 movies,so what we are going to get? 2-3 battles if you count them its not even 10!?plus no more 501st, commandos,hell not even clone wars so what are we going to get 3 battles???i know i said it before but think about it ‘canon’ galactic civil war has only 3 battles yavin,hoth,endor

  2. Colby says:

    Great to have you back! I think this is good news, and it’s great to hear there is at least a plan!

  3. A new update, glad to see this place is still alive, anyways, it is too bad about them bashing out all of the old extended canon universe, especially since they said they cartoons are still officially canon, and those are the most un-canon thing I have seen…

  4. Hayabusa says:

    It’s good to read some news on BF3, even if it is only a little. However, that said, fact that something is actually happening – and it still in progressive development does give us something to hope for. I just hope that Disney and the developers don’t ruin what was one of the best selling Star Wars games of all times.

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