Star Wars: Battlefront to be showcased at E3!

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Hello my fellow Battlefrontians! It looks like there is some good news on the Battlefront for us as reports are flowing in that EA and Dice are gearing towards a huge showcase for the new Star Wars: Battlefront at this years E3. has been tracking E3 for the last number of years and of course, each year has been a huge disappointment for us!

According to numerous sources around the web, Electronic Arts will unveil six new games at this year’s E3. EA is scheduled to hold their press conference on June 9th and will be hosted by CEO Andrew Wilson at the Shrine Hall in Los Angelas.

During a recent E3 investor’s conference call, E3 made the comment of:

Battlefront coming along very well, Frostbit 3 has meant team can iterate and drive innovation with high quality. Plan to show more of it at E3 this year, but lots of work to go.

Finally we get to have a peek at what we have been waiting for, for so long! This is one E3 that I cannot wait for, lets just hope that we are not disappointed like every other year.

E3 takes place June 10-12, 2014, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Lets hear your thoughts and opinions on what they may show at this years E3

Original source: CinemaBlend

Thanks Scott for the heads up!

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  1. PUre KaRIZma says:


  2. Star Wars Battlefront 3! *Heavy breathing*

  3. Fevx says:

    Im really excited,we’ve all been waiting for Battlefront 3 for years,i can wait a few more days to see what we are gonna play next year.Splitscreen i think it will be.they wouldn’t take something off that has made Pandemic a lot of money.the more money the better,but they did say they’re making it the way they think it should be.All of this is opinionated.#CANT WAIT FOR SWBF3

  4. Hayabusa says:

    E3 has been trailing us along for a long time, as you say; and if EA can finally give us BF3 – a PROPER Battlefront, we’ll be able to rejoice once more. We’ve waited too long for a new BF so EA, you have us in the palm of your hand – don’t ruin this for us! We need BF3!!!

  5. jumpyhat3 says:

    EA has gone off the deep end this time… they are going by june 30th to shutdown 50… yes 50 games from thier gamespy server. among the 50 games that are shutting down for online servers is star wars battlefront and star wars battlefront 2 for ps2 and pc., no this is not a joke or a lie it is real go look it up for yyourself and if you have to, hate EA for the rest of your life. spread the word because no one is going to see this coming, if you want to know where i discovered this its reviewtechusa on youtube. june 30th is the end of online for battlefront….we will miss you greatly. R.i.p!!

    • drd7of14 says:

      Actually, they will still be supported. Just not by Gamespy. Do your research. Gamespy is the one shutting down, so servers they host are going down. Battlefront is one of the games that is going to continue, cause they are switching over the servers, at least on PC that is. It’s a 3rd party, but it still supports it. It still works. It’s not all sad.

      But this is a reality, how much money does BF 1 & 2 make the now defunct LucasArts? Probably not much. And EA didn’t support those servers, cause they weren’t involved at the time. So Gamespy hosted them. They are shutting down, so many games are going to shutdown. I wouldn’t blame them for this. If the community really wants support for the servers, try contacting Disney/LucasArts/EA. Maybe you’ll get some results. But this isn’t something I would just go out and blame EA for considering Gamespy shutting down is in no way at the fault of EA.

      • drd7of14 says:

        GameRanger was the name of the service btw. Had to look up the name. There’s a few 3rd party P2P services. Yes, of course, not ideal. But I wouldn’t say it’s dead. If we’re lucky, and raise our voices, EA could try to support the servers as they will be for Battlefield.

      • Batman says:

        Gameranger is not even close to the online experience as it is now. It means that multiplayer games are going to be privatly hosted e.g. it is almost unplayable. Do your research….

    • Jumpyhat3 says:

      Ok, whatever I just said pretend I didn’t cause games ranger just saved the day with 3rd party support. Yessss more mods.

  6. Alex0062 says:

    Let’s just hope this game will be available on xbox 360 and ps3 too, dice and ea, plz make it for all consoles or people will be disappointed

    • Fevx says:

      Sorry Alex it will not be showing on ps3 or Xbox 360.I know also know that dice will only show single player action not multiplayer

    • Nathan Marchant says:

      I hope not i wouldn’t want the old gen consoles to hold back development. Thats why games like the new batman game have decided to make it PC and next gen only.

  7. […] via Star Wars: Battlefront to be showcased at E3!. […]

  8. EJ says:

    Let’s hope the game has a lot to show us. Truly, I do not want to play another overpowered Rogue Squadron or Renegade Squadron game with this new one. I’m just going to wait until E3 shows another teaser or a few minutes of gameplay to see how it is. I still play the Battlefront 2 but my version is a mod and I have a lot of access to new soldier classes and weapons and about 50 maps for instant action. Good thing there are always people around that creates a lot of good mods.

    • jumpyhat3 says:

      well, while that’s great and all I hate to be bad news but EA is shutting down thier servers for star wars battlefront 1 and 2 and 50 other games…………..if you want to rage and flip a table then be my guest. because thats how i feel

  9. SWBF3PLSPLS says:

    i would die for this game, pleeease make it, just please make it and keep in mind you need atleast a 4 player offline multiplayer. thank you

  10. Most wanted game in game history

  11. Lunar_mando says:

    Cannot wait! Never have i been so excited for a video game release before x ) Do the series justice!

  12. Scott says:

    This came up on my Google Now! The future is crazy.

    Hope that the gameplay is real gameplay!

  13. jumpyhat3 says:

    yes, we finally get to see some gameplay aside from just a short teaser. i have the 9th marked on my calendar with the words battlefront will make people flip out of their chairs. Can’t wait!!!

  14. Lol it’s been what, 9 years since SWBF2? I don’t have a whole lot of time to play video games anymore! Though I’m still excited to see what they will do with this…

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