Star Wars Battlefront Check-in and Update

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Hello fellow Battlefrontians! I know it’s been quite a while since my last post, but there has been absolutely nothing when it comes to Star Wars Battlefront news. I’ve been fairly busy as well with work and other side projects but things have started to wind down a bit now I will be starting to post regular updates again.

We all know that awhile back EA and Dice stated that they would be putting all future projects on hold until they resolved the issues with Battlefield 4:

“But we’re not moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4,” the statement goes on. “We know many of our players are frustrated, and we feel your pain. We will not stop until this is right.”

Now because Battlefield 4 had so many issues, DICE used both the Los Angeles and Stockholm studios to help correct the technical issues. Which in turn, meant that development on the new Star Wars Battlefront would be pushed back. During a recent discussion with a DICE spokesman about Battlefield 4 downloadable content, the spokesman told fans that the final DLC (Naval Strike) would be the last DLC to be developed by the Stockholm studio, leaving them free to resume works on their future projects.

“DICE Stockholm is doing Naval Strike, everything else will be done by DICE LA,”

Source: Reddit

This is great news! We want DICE to get their asses back to work on Battlefront. Obviously what we don’t want though, is this game to be rushed and to turn out the same way Battlefield 4 did. I am still having issues with Battlefield 4, ranging from freezing (which is a constant daily issue) to other bugs that include sound and graphic issues. This is the last thing that I want Battlefront to be subjected to.

The rumours have been that Star Wars Battlefront is set to be released sometime in 2015, but EA’s official website has the game up for pre-order via Futureshop and Bestbuy, which states the estimated release date by December 31, 2014.

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  1. Fevx says:

    Everyone has to remeber dice is makin it the way they think it should be but i think they won’t disappoint us when we have waited so long.

  2. MuffinsRUs says:

    what I want from the new battlefront is for there to be SPACE TO GROUND combat, to be able to if you’re a Jedi or sith to throw rocks, wood, or boxes at the target depending on the environment so it will kinda add like a swtor feeling, to be to have a longer jet pack durability because it wasn’t that long and needed to be longer, for ships to be able to hover inside the hangers like in battlefront 1, for you to be able to bail out of your ship if youre doing space to ground combat, have command veichles like the walkers for BOTH sides (including clones/droids etc.), I want to be able to play as a pirate or smuggler or another era like swtor so I can play as the hutts team fighting the Jedi or rebels or even clones and remaining imperials too.

    • chris says:

      I must admit that I would love if we could do some space to land battles and it would also be could if you can do CIS Vs Rebels or Clones Vs the Empire if we could battle and change the Eras

  3. jacob says:

    I hope to see starwars on the xbox 360 soon and for it to be as kickass as the last one thank you dice for your hard work and day to day posts

  4. EA take ur time Ive been waiting since 2008 and im still play swbf2:pc

  5. westcoast says:

    There are four major thing I hope does.
    1st is to have a great co-op system, because it allows a better game play and i might want to play with a friend rather then playing online and battlefront has always had a great co-op system and it would really suck if they took that away.

    The 2nd thing is they also need to have a good story mode to keep up or supass the previous battlefront serious. The one thing i have always hated about battlefield is it always had to short story and i hope they don’t do that to battle front.

    The third thing is to have co-op online so i can also play with a friend sitting next to me instead of just playing with random people online. I think that option would make the game more popular and be an expample of a good co-op game which we have lacked in a while.

    The last thing though i think it is the least likely to happen is to have the whole game when you buy it and not have to pay for dlc’s. I for one really miss the old day when you bought a game you rally bought it and didn’t have to pay just to use an extra map or gun.

  6. Timothy says:

    I want to be able to move while inside ships, like me and my friends hop into the millinium falcon, someone’s flying and I can walk throughout the ship, maybe get on the turrets until he lands and the cockpit opens and we storm the enemy ship.

    • Ricardo says:

      I really hope this Battlefront can stand up to the previous 2. I still find myself playing these 10 years later. I love how it has EVERYTHING! It feels like GTA kind of, you can get into vehicles, shoot spaceships, go into SPACE, walk on land, first person shooter or 3 would be fine. I REALLY HOPE THE ONLINE VERSION COMPETES WITH COD

    • Cian says:

      That would be cool

  7. Rebel says:

    So not only does star wrs 1313 get camcelled but now there releasing battlefront 3 on a ps4 and Xbox one? Why did they do that to ps3 and xbox 360 players, lots of people were looking forward to Star Wars 1313 and screwed ps3 and xbox 360 users over. I mean Disney should at least release battlefront 3 on ps3 and xbox 369 since they cancelled the Star Wars 1313 game.

    • weasal says:

      Disney. Trust me. It was a wonder that they are letting ea and dice make battlefront.

    • zack says:

      Because if its released on 360 and ps3, the next gen versions will be that much shitter. They are gonna stop releasing games for ps3 and 360. Maybe time to buy a next gen console?

    • Ace says:

      People if you read some confusing post on this comment section don’t be misslead. for anyone who is confused DICE is not making a battlefront 3… let me repeat this IS NOT Battlefront 3. It’s called “Star Wars Battlefront” (there’s is no 3). I just wanted that noted because everyong treats it like it is the sequel to SWBF2 when DICE very early on said their not making a sequel rather making their own take on what it could have been, in other words how they would have made the battlefront series. so this can’t necessarily be held to the same standards as the previous games (mainly because it’s a new developer, kinda like halo 4)

      • DesertWolf says:

        Who cares? Everyone is talking about the same game, and I think your the only one who is confused. If you want to get real technical you should be calling it Star Wars Battlefront Part 2, because Star Wars Battlefront came out 10 years ago. That’s why everyone else is calling it Battlefront 3. And yes I understand that this game is going to be called Battlefront and is a reboot of the series. Everyone who has commented knows that.

    • I don’t see the new Battlefront game being released on 360s, mainly because it probably wouldn’t run very smoothly, but the PS3 could probably handle it. Unless they make the game so powerful that you have to buy a next-gen console.

    • ArticHawk says:

      actually it can be a good sign because they are making such a impressive and big game(think about starting of from a spaeship landing on the planet or even bring your cruiser closer to the planet so it can deploy tanks,units en can fire on ground targets!) that only the next-gen consoles can handle it. but it wil probably come out in 2015 so there is maybe already price discounts for next-gen so you could just wait until the last moment.

  8. Fevx says:

    I would like Battlefront to have Ai controlled bots so i can play splitscreen and not online

  9. abomb says:

    Is it just me or does battlefield 4’s Carrier Assault Mode feel llike a preview for an awesome Battlefront game mode? 😉

  10. jumpyhat3 says:

    did anyone hear about battlefront being playable now? as in a beta or alpha? maybe nitro should post an article on how he thinks about this development.

  11. Lars says:

    Co-op conquest, 64 man servers, customisable jedi, camo (for some troopers) Custom guns and armor would be nice. The heavier stuff u have the slower you ate. Some of my ideas

  12. Aiden Keller says:

    I really want Hunt mode to return. Nothing made me happier then an army of Ewoks or Jawas. And Wampas…they were my favorite. But I also want to make a customizable Hunt. Like putting Jawas against Gungans on Hoth.

  13. JR says:

    I think that if you got to customize clones and Jedi would be really cool. You could like earn more stuff to put on your clone\Jedi.

  14. They better keep galactic conquest from BF2. And keep an offline version of it.

  15. alvinchimp says:

    Only thing I really care about right now is battlefront 3 having 4 player splitscreen.

  16. Battlefront 3 needs to keep the same feel as Battlefront and Battlefront 2, but with updated graphics and game play.
    My Wishlist:
    – Expanded Range of maps, from all eras
    – Expanded list of heroes for assault maps, abilities
    – Space Battles (Bigger, let us fly big Venator style cruise ships as well, multiplayer huge space battles)
    – More competitive AI (free running, harder to fight, smarter)
    -More realistic lightsaber combat, not just hitting people with the blade, show a little bit of a scorch or something after a hit. Don’t have to go over board with chopped off limbs, but something more realistic.
    – Interactive environment, put creatures in levels and weather and such. Add to the feel of the experience

    I have great expectations, don’t let us down!

  17. rest says:

    I hope that in Star Wars Battlefront 3 we can decide how many players plays at each team.
    For example, there are five players on one team and ten in the other.

  18. nunya says:

    I am a huge fan of SWB (esp. SWB2) and have longed for a third game in the series for PS3. By now though, there is little hope for me and my fellow PS3 owners due to the introduction of the new PS4. I think that there are very few things (besides graphics and all that fluff) that can improve on SWB2. However, it might be interesting to have more customization options in terms of appearance and loadout… maybe the E-11 and DC-15 will be more like assault rifles… =) The game could use more weapons is all I’m saying… and they should keep it to where players without the ability to play online can still get the full value of this truly awesome game series… =)

    • DesertWolf says:

      They need to bring the DC-17 and shotgun from Republic Commandos and make that an option in Battlefront 3. The DC-17 was brilliant weapon because it was automatic assault rifle that had a grenade launcher attachment and a sniper rifle attachment that could be used at any time to help in different situations. The shotgun used by the bad guys was also a good weapon.

  19. So is there a beta access for this game ? if so where do i sign up

  20. Nate says:

    What battlefield needs is people to think like they did with Battlefield 1 and 2. They need the different types of clones/ droids (Possibly refer to The Clone Wars animated series for different types?) And NOT under any circumstance a overpowered clone/droid or customizable classes (I am under the opinion that either of these would completely ruin the game by making it to much like Call Of Duty. They also shouldn’t struggle to make it more futuristic (Like Ghosts or Black Ops 2.)

    I personally can NOT wait for the new installment as i have been playing battlefield ever since the first came out, Hopefully it is Great.

    (Sorry if the references to other games annoy you. I do this to compare Great to Bad.)

    • Nate says:

      (BattleFront! Sorry, Major mistake on my part, I for some reason have always confused the two) No connection to Battlefield xD

  21. Bows dogwood says:

    Can’t wait til it comes out yo played the first two with my cuzo and were planning on getting it together

  22. Masala says:

    Am I the only one that hated the space battles in BF2?

  23. Battlefront III says:

    sony announced a headset like the oculus rift for the ps4!!!!!!!!!!!!!’


  24. jon says:

    i personally think that making more like battlefield will make the game even more exciting. the game died because the lack of rank, weapon attachments,classes, etc. i just hope you can customize armor.

    • I completely agree with armor customization. I have always wanted to make my own clone trooper or rebel. In the previous two battlefronts it wasn’t really necessary because the classes did well enough since online game play wasn’t big back then. Now that it is gonna be a primary function having my own unique character to an extent would be great to show what I have achieved in the game. It could be certain little color schemes for ranking, decals, squad emblems, and of course armor types. These are just ideas, nothing more. So I think leveling and objectives because it give me a since of accomplishment when they are achieved and awarded unlocks for customization.

    • The game didn’t “die out” a third game was 75% complete when it was canceled by LucasArts for reasons that I really don’t feel like explaining as a quick google search will get you answers but I can assure you it wasn’t because of a lack of popularity or a shrinking fanbase.

  25. Eyon says:

    They better add in a jedi fight level like mos eisley. That was my favourite part of the game. Being able to play as a jedi made you feel so powerful but at the same time conservative.

  26. Aaron says:

    As long as they don’t add “blaster drop”, (bcuz Lazers aren’t affected by gravity and keep going until they hit something).

    • Jackson says:

      I’m sorry but they are not lasers. I am not going to get technical, I just want to make It clear that they are definitely not lasers. But yes, the would still have an unlimited range.

  27. Maxey says:

    At some point I would like to see a poll on what platform everyone will be playing the game.

  28. Rob says:

    And for the love of god – Please include third person. If battlefront turned out to be a FPS it would be disappointing for a lot of people.

  29. After waiting this long for another battlefront I am almost afraid to see the game be made. It has the potential to be a great game, but right now DICE (and EA in general) doesn’t have the best track record for games. Also, I am terrified that my favorite game series is going to be ruined. That would be tragic.

  30. Hayabusa says:

    I was never a fan of the Battlefield – all that “modern combat” war stuff is just boring for me. If Battlefront ends up like a Battlefield game, it’ll COMPLETELY ruin the franchise!

    What Battlefront 3 needs to be is, simple which makes it bigger and better, addicting and humorous.

    What Battlefront 3 needs to have is:
    * Command posts
    * As many Star Wars vehicles as possible from all episodes significant to the Battlefronts they play in
    * No running level start-to-finish thing
    * Open battlefronts with AI that freely run about as they please
    * Needs to be primarily third-person with a first-person option
    * Battlefront objectives which, in free play, are only: kill all baddies or capture all Command Posts.
    * “Bosses” –significant characters – which only need to be killed in campaign battlefronts.
    * Favourite battles which you can indulge in as many times as you like.

    What Battlefront 3 does NOT need is:
    * Battlefield, COD and Medal of Honour-style gameplay
    * Checkpoints –if you die, you spawn at a Command Post of choice, controlled by your faction.

    In summary, Battlefront 3 needs to have the simplicity of Battlefront 1 on a much bigger scale with lots of awesome things to indulge in!

    • Ponkool4 says:

      I completely agree with you, Hayabusa. I liked Battlefront because it was different than COD and other generic shooters. Hopefully Battlefront III retains the qualities that made the first two games great.

    • Shrek740 says:

      Don’t forget the seamless planet-to-space transitions. Think of combining the space battles of BF2 with the ground battles into one seamless map. I also hope, though it’s probably still going to happen, that they don’t include any ranks/unlockables/DLC. Everyone should start off equal: the only locked guns/classes should be ones that you unlock DURING the round, just like in the second Battlefront.

      • Tom says:

        I really don’t want battlefront 3 to be like battlefield 2142, it would be good however if they included the jet mechanics from the battlefield franchise into spaceships. They also need to make the game more customisable eg armour , maybe weapons and possibly vehicles. Another thing that would be amazing is if they added galactic civil war and clone wars like normal but also added another setting for the actual ‘star wars the clone wars ‘ movie and TV show, increasing popularity to a younger generation of kids who might not have experienced the original saga.

    • DreadFlint says:

      While I agree with most of what you said, I believe the “running level start-to-finish”, as you put it, is a good idea for Battlefront 3. Think of it as a planetary invasion. When one side invades the other, it doesn’t normally happen on an even fighting ground, normally the invader has a small landing zone and has to push the defender back and gain ground. Also, you seem to have forgotten the space battles that made Battlefront 2 so much fun.

    • Bluenite0100 says:

      Last I checked didnt LucasArts say it was just Battlefield reskinned? haha

      but honestly I feel it will be like the other 2 battlefront games but with destruction! >:D

    • Dark says:

      I agree with most but does need to let the Jedi be killed as any other character instead of time limits!!!

    • jlscsiago says:

      Completely agree, but it might also be nice to see some destruction of the map, like in redfaction or the force unleashed. also need to check how the space to land battle would work, would we want the situation to be that you can have an army taking down a base, then one guy in a tie bomber flies over you and drops a bomb, blowing up all your men? If its realistic damage to the terrain/enemy ships, it’ll cause massive damage to regular troops on ground. Would be realistic, but also a pain in the backside! Pros and cons to it

    • QQJ says:

      I totally agree. Battlefront II is the only shooter I like, so I want this one to be like it.

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