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Disney Announces Star Wars: Attack Squadron

Happy Holidays my fellow Battlefroniants! On behalf of, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Now down to business.. a few weeks ago, there was a report that EA was in development of an open-world Star Wars game. Well recently Disney announced that game and the title is Star Wars: Attack Squadron. According to the Attack Squadron website, the game will be a free-to-play online space combat game. Sounds interesting and could be good I suppose.

Star Wars™ : Attack Squadrons is a free-to-play online space combat game where players customize iconic Star Wars™ ships and engage in high-velocity 16 player dogfights in fabled Star Wars locations. FEATURES Intense PVP Action: Battle online in 3 PVP game modes Free For All: Fight for glory in 16 player death matches. Team Dogfight: Join a team and decimate the enemy team. Base Defense: Defend your base or coordinate an attack on your enemy’s base.

Ship Customization Upgrade and personalize your ships as you collect and modify them to your own specifications.

Team Play Team up with your friends and develop a community of Starfighter Pilots.

Rewards Earn points after successful matches to unlock new items and upgrades.

Regular Updates New ships, items and upgrades every month.

Definitely looks interesting. You can sign up for beta testing at this link as well:, check out the trailer below and lets here some opinions!

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  1. Star Wars Attack Squadrons was shut down. Beta testers, after being left hanging for two months with no updates or news, were told to go away and never come back. Game is dead.

  2. I was actually in the beta for a while. Really really fun game even in beta its great! Cant wait for actual release.

  3. A lot of people are saying this is going to replace Clone Wars Adventures. But I don’t see this going anywhere as a popular game, I think it will fail in the first year. Doesn’t sound fun.

    Can you make a post about Clone Wars Adventures ending? It kinda has stuff to do with Star Wars. Thanks.

    • They should post something about Clone Wars Adventures being shut down. While it doesn’t relate directly to Battlefront, it’s still most likely another result of Disney’s takeover of Star Wars. When they cancelled the Clone Wars series, the game was in jeopardy because it had nothing new from the show to use for cool updates and stuff. Since the show was cancelled, I’ve noticed the updates slowly getting crappier and crappier. And now SOE has officially announced it being shut down altogether. On the bright side, according to some of my friends from Clone Wars Adventures, there might still be hope for a Star Wars: Rebels MMO coming out at the same time as the TV show.

  4. I just recently came up with an idea where you could have a RTS like experience just like fallout 3 if you have ever played that before you would know what I’m talking about. With SWBF rebooted you could do that to vehicles like pick a specific part of a i.e AT-AT and shoot that specific part without the annoying slow motion that fallout 3 had. If we look at the previous battlefronts that is actually what battlefront was going to be where you could select the weakest point on a tank or starfighter OR even a star ship. I also had an idea of Jedi having certain combos that you could gain and keep the skills and gain more as you progress but you could also turn all of this off and when you do ever decide to turn it back on it will automatically save your combos sounds cool huh.

  5. How will this be different from other F2P flight combat sims such as WarThunder and StarConflict? The F2P business model will hold this game back, and 16 vs 16 matches will get old pretty quick.

    Now, a Star Wars RPG as open and huge as Skyrim, in either Galactic Civil War-era or Sith War-era.. That would be interesting.

  6. its just very hard to get over the fact that star wars, indiana jones, and other lucasarts films are owned by disney

    i hope

  7. CommanderAwesomeFromGametoast

    Sounds fun, but I hope it doesn’t kill SWTOR, and I agree with Neolítico and Adrian about Battlefront.

  8. Online only ? Damm EA with this “online only” stuff is destroying games, just make a new rogue squadron game with local coop and a good campaign, I hope the new Battlefront game will offline bot matches and split screen on consoles, dont destroy this game like you did with command and conquer and need for speed EA.

  9. Hello, in battlefront 3 it’s going to be the mode of tow players in one console please i have a brother and we were waiting for this game for 2 years please. Bye

  10. “Sounds interesting and could be good I suppose.”

    Sounds like you’re really excited. Sarcasm aside this game is going to hold my attention for about five minutes, then I like everyone else will hit the EA paywall. Not looking forward to this at all.

  11. Will it be on consoles? I couldn’t find what platform it was in the trailer so I’m assuming it’s on PC only.

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