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EA Canada working on “Open World” Star Wars?

Hello fellow Battlefrontians! Some interesting news has circulated courtesy of Accourding to them, some recent job listing that were posted by EA may indicate that an open-world Star Wars game is in development.

I am so praying that it is Knights of the Old Republic 3! Imagine and open world or open galaxy Knights of the Old Republic, that would be absolutely incredible!

Recent job listings posted by Electronic Arts indicate that an open-world Star Wars game is in development. One of the listings, seeking an animation director for EA Canada, is for “a major new next gen open world action game” in the beloved sci-fi property. The same description is listed for an executive producer position and a lead combat designer position at the studio, which was linked to the Star Wars property by a former recruiter for the publisher on Twitter.

The concept of an open-world Star Wars game isn’t new, as Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios nearly signed with LucasArts to develop one sometime between 2005 and 2009. Likewise, LucasArts’ Star Wars 1313 was reportedly being developed as an open-world game before Disney closed the developer and halted the game’s development in April.

EA obtained the exclusive rights to develop and publish Star Wars games in May, later announcing a new DICE-developed Star Wars: Battlefront game at E3, expected to arrive in mid-2015. The publisher also recently claimed that it will not pursue any games based on the new movies in the series.

Any thoughts on what this could be? Or your thoughts on what you want it to be? We all know what I am wishing for 🙂

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  1. Personnally, I would prefer to see a game more like Clone Wars Adventures but in the Imperial era, or with maps/servers representing various eras.

  2. I think that the game should take place during the new republic era because you never see anyone mention it. Cool right

    And remember Star Wars friends :

    Always in motion is the future and many possible futures there are. (Master Yoda)

    • You are totally right, sir. But I wouldn’t want it to be the next CLASSICAL RPG. I’d suggest doing TPP like Skyrim (witch actually was RPG, but the hole stuff with skills and so on was different, than in those classical RPGs like e.g SWTOR).

  3. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right.
    This post actually made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info!

  4. KOTOR 3 or something like planetside 2 – this would be amazing game ^^

  5. I think what would be very cool is if they made a game where for one you couldn’t play a force user untill you had actually earned it! Too many idiots on SWTOR all thinking they are the chosen one…hell a test of the lore would be good as a way of keeping the force using masses down. Yes the force is cool but it’s cooler when it is a rarity! Soo I would love to see a game that allowed the player to be who and what they want in the Star Wars galaxy, just no crazy powers they should get to a certain level or beat a Ridiculously powerful boss single handed before they can unlock te ability to create a force user! But it should have multiple explorable planets, or at least a large explorable area on certain planets.

    Players should be allowed to use ships bigger the ship the more crew they need to worry about regarding supplies medical equipment etc. But with more players the smoother it will run. Things that should actually matter as you go around the galaxy expanding your own influence or the influence of those you serve.

    Want a home? Well what about a secret base? Build your dream Star Wars home on the plains of naboo or the firey mountains of mustafar! Could be a tiny one bedroom or a complex for you and your friends to develop, with labs, armour, hanger command centre etc defend it from the occasional attack from your enemy be it empire or rebellion!

    In short need a big game I can play and explore with others but develop a story of my own in it make friends and enemies across the galaxy help one of the main factions or try and start my own! And it needs to be done in a way I don’t have to worry about 5 million angry force users descending upon everything every 5 mins but none of them having much of a clue beyond what they are doing in the universe beyond woo lightsabers!

  6. The Voice of Reason

    Whatever the case may be, EA has officially hired Visceral and BioWare to “work on Star Wars projects”. Bioware (and previously Lucasarts) invested an undisclosed amount (estimated 100 million or more) on SW:TOR therefore it would be reasonable to suspect that they are simply working on more add-ons and support for TOR. If EA did decide to green-light KotORIII, it is possible that they hired Visceral to develop it, just as Obsidian was hired to make KotORII. Another option would include another entry in the Jedi Knight series.

  7. What I would like to see is an open world Star Wars game set during the Dark Times, just after the end of the Clone Wars but long before the Galactic Civil War. Battlefront 2 is the only game I’ve played that lets the player experience this era, but according to a lot of comics set in that time period there are still plenty of events that no games have covered yet. Plus I personally would like to see the clone troopers kick some one last time, and from what I’ve read they didn’t get new armor or get replaced with wimpy humans until around a year after Palpatine took over. According to Wookiepedia, the clones were deadlier than ever and way more violent during the Dark Times because they didn’t have the Jedi to hold them back. To me, at least, having the early imperial clone troopers in a Star Wars game could be a really interesting concept because the army was way more efficient at this time, so they would be a genuine threat or asset to the player depending on his/her allegiance. Anybody agree?

  8. what i just mentioned below has to do with the mess of new consoles, new engines, new hardware and you don’t know how each console works….yet. Again I hope that by the time star wars battlefront comes onto the scene EA and dice will have all the console hiccups fixed and EA will learn to not make crappy games i.e simcity 5, batlefield 4 and some other sports game

  9. i dont know how people are going to respond to this but EA is getting sued for the amount of glitches in battlefield 4 and EA is now hit with class action lawsuit and what that means is EA has been pulled from all other developments till the game is fixed. Dice I hope to god this doesn’t affect your development of well you know.

  10. Though i could be wrong it could just be a different game

  11. It was announced yesterday it is star wars attack squadrons on the pc

  12. i as well think the new open world sw game should in the galatic civil war era. hope they explore the sith and have a wide variety of jedi. maybe add death troopers. goooooo star wars

  13. I really hope what ever they make its set in the gcw era and not the old republic era

  14. I think since they are still expanding TOR it will be a different era. I think it will be similar to 1313, but not 1313. Or maybe its battlefront made open world -ish like planetside because they said they wanted it to not just be battlefield. Maybe its sw galaxiesII single player. Pretty hard to guess really because the sw has a lot of characters and timeline.

  15. I’m serious when I say it, here me out. How awesome would it be to be on an abandoned star destroyer with zombies. You could make it like cod ghost extinction. Take a boarding shuttle to the hangar and figure out the mystery of the crew’s disapperance. EA and Dice can make a large profit from expanding the world. It could even be a nice small story. I can see at least three four maps. A star destroyer, a rebel ship(don’t know what its called), tatooine city, and to top it off the death star. It could be an online multiplayer campain. Not the main story. Just a side game. By the way I mean this for the new Battlefront. As far as I’m concerned you don’t plan to follow the story. By the way this was inspired by the book death troopers. Email me about your thoughts

  16. Kotor 3 would be awesome indeed, and star wars 1313 also.
    But I’m happy with bf3

  17. A KOTOR3 would indeed be great, and it is a small possibility that it is being developed since SWTOR didn’t have the impact EA and BioWare thought it would. However I don’t think this is KOTOR3, since I don’t think BioWare would give up the license, and a KOTOR3 would be a confession from their part that SWTOR was a failure, and that won’t happen so long as its servers keep running.

    I think we will see a KOTOR3 (with a few retcons because of SWTOR) when SWTOR goes offline. But not before.

    • Hey, the only problem is, KOTOR makes money. KOTOR makes a good amount of money. Releasing a non-mmo game, is a heck of a lot less work and expense, so why wouldn’t they do this. Well, your reasons are solid, but EA only has the rights to Star Wars games for 10 years. They are going to milk it for profit for as long as they can. And profit overrides pride. KOTOR 3, or whatever, won’t kill TOR. I think it’s the right decision, except that Bioware should be handling this. I don’t think this game is KOTOR if it ain’t them. On the flip side, Bioware is very busy with Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and managing TOR, so I could see EA letting someone else take this one again. As long as it doesn’t end up like KOTOR 2.

    • Bioware and EA are making a KotOR 3. This open world game is something new or 1313

  18. if you go to star wars HQ on Youtube Gameverb talks about one of the halo 4 lead designers making a star wars game with the people who worked on dead space, now how cool is that! relating to the article I think this could very well be KOTOR 3 since it says open world or it could be 1313.

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