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Disney/EA Gaming Deal to Last 10 Years

Good morning Battlefrontians! It seems like an eternity since my last post and there is still nothing really new to report on the Battlefront. EA/DICE are still keeping a very tight lid on any information that they may have on the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game. Hopefully, they will start dishing out some information that will help tide us over until we get another trailer or at least some screenshots of what we will have to look forward too.

In other news, we can expect EA to be pumping out Star Wars for a long time in the future! According to EA CFO and executive vice president Blake Jorgensen, the deal between the Walt Disney Company and Electronic Arts will last for at least 10 years!

According to, Blake Jorgensen spoke last Tuesday at the UBS Global Technology Conference and stated:

“We’ve done movie games over the years and we wanted to make sure that we weren’t doing a movie game, i.e., game based on the movie,” Jorgensen told attendees.

“The beauty of the Star Wars franchise is that it’s so broad and so deep, you don’t have to do a movie game, you can do a game that’s very focused on the world that’s been created around Star Wars.

“We struck what we believe is a fantastic deal which allows us to be able to build games in many different genres across multiple types of platforms over ten years and we’ll leverage the strength of the Disney marketing associated with the Star Wars properties both in movies and other things that they may do over the timeframe.

“We’ll try to align those with that marketing power Disney has so it will get aligned with timing around the movies, but it won’t necessarily be aligned with the movie.”

He also stated:

“We have the team in DICE building some early stages of various games and building them in Frostbite, so it will be a very exciting gameplay and you’ll hear more about it in the years to come. And so, we’re excited and we think that it will be a great 2015 and 2016 when we’ll start to see the emergence of possibly the Star Wars titles along with the Star Wars movies that will start to come out in late calendar 2015 or fiscal 2016.”

Star Wars: Battlefront is due out sometime in 2015.

Hopefully there will be some Battlefront more juicy news to share with you all in the near future! May the force be with you Battlefrontians!

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  1. Uhh you do know that there is a release date already, and its in 2014, there is also a pre order page (Its legit) on the microsoft website for battlefront 3:

  2. i have a question will star wars battlefront be put on steam? cause I’m thinking of getting a steam machine will someone please tell me.

  3. I just dont want them to start rushing the games as soon as the first few are put out there. I enjoyed the battlefields when they took their time making them. Not so much now that they’re coming out like clock work. I rather wait longer to get an epic game than get a rerun like battlefield 4. But i am very interested to see what these other games are. Rouge squadron would be awesome. Or maybe a game based off of Darth Bane.

  4. When I see an advertisement for a game based on a movie (Ironman, Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean) I treat it much like I would if I saw an ad for car insurance or energy pills. I ignore it, because I know it’s going to be BAAAD. Fortunately, I think the Battlfront series has always done a great job letting us relive exiting moments from the movies.

    Moments like the Battle for Endor or firing tow cables at AT-ATs from a Snow Speeder. All while still allowing us to explore parts of the Star Wars universe that aren’t seen in the movies, like the Battle at Utapau, fighting around Yavin temple, or experiences what it’s like to be a Dark Trooper.

    When I see an ad for a game based on Star Wars I get excited! Or, at least I used to 5 years ago or so. Here’s hoping…

  5. Well 10 years is quite along time, this could go both ways. Maybe we will get alot of great games the next 10 years, or perhaps alot of bad ones. I somehow feel better about EA having it, then Disney. Because then we would only be getting SW angrybirds and the like.

    • Disney already Released a Star wars game. There first in fact, and its called “Tiny Death Star” its just like tiny tower but in the death star. You start the game with a few floors and then you keep adding floors from there and making more money.

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