Kotaku’s Story of How LucasArts Fell Apart

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Hello Battlefrontians! There isn’t much to report on via the Battlefront world as EA and DICE are keeping some seriously tight lids on this game. I’ve tweeted and emailed DICE / EA on numerous occasions to see if I could get some little tidbits or even any kind of Battlefront information and they have all gone unanswered (Boooo!!). I really didn’t want to go any longer without posting anything so I’m going to start posting on some other related Star Wars news and rumours in the future.

So with that in mind, a little while ago Kotaku.com had posted a hella good article on how LucasArts “fell apart“. They start off mentioning how they’ve been in close contact with several “anonymous” ex-LucasArts employees and get into details about the plans they had for Battlefront and for Star Wars: 1313.

Over the last five months, I’ve talked to a dozen people connected to LucasArts, including ex-employees at the company’s highest levels, in an attempt to figure out just how the studio collapsed. Some spoke off the record; others spoke under condition of anonymity. They told me about the failed deals, the drastic shifts in direction, the cancelled projects with codenames likeSmuggler and Outpost. They told me the stories behind the fantastic-looking Star Wars 1313and the multi-tiered plans for a new Battlefront starting with the multiplayer game known asStar Wars: First Assault.

It was also neat to learn that a few weeks before E3 2012, George Lucas announced that Star Wars: 1313 was now going to be about Boba Fett, that would have been seriously awesome.

In 2012, just eight weeks before E3, George Lucas dropped a bombshell: instead of starring a generic bounty hunter, 1313 would be helmed by the iconic mercenary Boba Fett.P

Some staffers tried to push back—they’d spent over two years working under an entirely different vision—but Lucas and his team of executives wouldn’t reconsider. They wanted a game with Boba in it. On top of that, according to two people familiar with the project, 1313’s developers were prohibited from talking about the new hero. When the devs revealed the game and started taking interviews during E3 2012, they had to pretend that 1313 starred the same generic bounty hunter it had for the past two years.[/box]

It makes me sad after reading that article about what happened with First Assault and Star Wars: 1313, they both looked like they were going to be spectacular games. There is a lot of information in this article so I would advise everyone to check it out.


Am I glad that LucasArts was shut down? I am in a away, but I am very very excited for DICE’s version of Battlefront so I think that makes up for it!

Lets hear your thoughts on LucasArts and if you think EA should have funded and “supervised” LucasArts rather then shutting them down completely.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Battlefront 3 and future games will now have DLC costing $10 each.

  2. MWGEN10 says:

    Personally for old times sake I am sad that Lucas Arts shut down, but…. I am wondering if Disney and EA games will be good for the Star Wars franchise. I mean Disney at first I was like oh no!!! Star Wars is ruined and then I realized well… Disney has done some good things with other franchises in fact maybe same with EA they might do something’s good with the Star Wars franchise. EA has rumors of Star Wars: 1313 again that would be cool if they continue to work on that plus the new Starwars episode 7 may put some be game ideas for EA. So this is indeed sad that lucasarts and films are gone but this I think is good for the franchise. And let’s not forget Disney bought all of Lucas films so doesn’t that mean other franchises like Indiana Jones are now owned by Disney?

  3. Gyroshark says:

    They had a great run, however I agree that if Battlefront would’ve been released and/or 1313 it would’ve saved the studio, but then again we have DICE producing Battlefront 3 now so its probably for the best that we said goodbye to Lucas.

  4. jumpyhat3 says:

    Disney should have let Lucas arts sell the first assault game,star wars 1313 to boot and if it got amazing reception and sell like crazy then Disney really should allow them to start on version 2/star wars battlefront 3. just my thoughts though.

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