DICE: New Star Wars Battlefront Creation is “Scary”

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Good morning Battlefronians! I hope everyone is still excited for our new Battlefront even though there hasn’t been much news or information released so far. Patrick Bach (DICE Executive Producer) spoke about the studio’s involvement with Star Wars: Battlefront and the extreme pressure that came with working within the Star Wars Universe. I can definitely see how this would be intimidating at first!

During a talk given at BAFTA in London, which mainly focused on Battlefield 4, Bach played the E3 teaser for Battlefront.

“So… that’s pretty cool,” he said. “Who would’ve thought Star Wars would be made in Sweden?”

Bach went on to reveal that employees at DICE were already talking about the project in the weeks leading up to EA acquiring the rights for the series. “It’s quite interesting. For some strange reason – coincidence, I don’t know – we had a discussion at the office about what happened to Battlefront. You know, the old IP that someone else made that was a ripoff of Battlefield. Bastards! We should’ve made it. It was a competition of powers. We couldn’t do both at the same time.”

By a bizarre twist of fate negotiations were already taking place. “For some reason EA was negotiating with Lucas slash Disney, as to whom should make the new Star Wars games. And just a week later it was like, ‘Oh, by the way, that discussion you were having about Star Wars? Do you want to make it?’… ‘Well, yeah.'”

The reality soon set in, though, admitted Bach, “We weren’t as cocky when we got the chance, because to take on something like this is scary, as you can imagine. You can only screw up, right?

“We’ve been promising ourselves if we’re doing this we need to do it right. So trust me, we’re hard at work to figure this one out.”

Source: IGN.com

It’s nice to know that they know the importance of this game and that it needs to be done right! I really can’t wait until more information starts leaking out about the maps, characters, vehicles and well… just about anything that has to do with the game. Now if we could only convince them to do a Knights of the Old Republic 3 as well! Either way the new Battlefront is going to be EPIC!

Star Wars Battlefront is rumoured to release sometime in 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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  1. To be a good game it just has to be battlefront 2 but with a few upgrades like graphics, more maps and vehicles and weapons and etc but all they need to do is get bf2 and upgrade it

  2. EJ says:

    I see some of you guys complaining about the way Battlefront should be and Battlefield. I do enjoy playing Battlefield and even though it might be a forgettable game in a few years from now. New consoles will come in in the next 15 to 20 years and so will games. I don’t get stuck on time frames, I move on even if I have to forget a game or not. I still play all Battlefields and Battlefront II but the thing is if you are playing on PC make sure to add those mods to the game. My Battlefront II is a mod that I downloaded a long time ago, the soldiers look more polished and so is the game speed and vehicles. It adds a bunch of new maps and I can play any scenario of the campaign since they unlocked it for you.
    For Battlefield 4; I play that game every day when I’m not busy and even though it has some rubber banding and other issues that doesn’t take the fun away from the game. Since I started playing multiplayer on Battlefield I can now take on AI bots on Battlefront on elite mode. Some games actually open more abilities to others. Back in those days I never played Battlefront other that the normal mode.
    My wish list for Battlefront is as follows:
    -Different Campaign modes for all playable factions.
    -Online and Offline Instant Action Mode.
    -Multiplayer free of bugs and rubber banding.
    -Standard soldier classes with different roles as well as downloadable classes.
    -Huge space, air and land battles.
    -More vehicles classes and downloadable content for vehicles.
    -Offline and Online Campaign gameplay with more emphasis on teamwork to achieve objectives or destroy them since AI bots where not too good on this.
    -Have super weapons and ships like the DS-1 and DS-2 battle stations as well as super star destroyers, star destroyers and other support ships.
    -Make dogfighting feels like a real jet to jet combat but with TIE Fighters and the rebel ships.
    -Allow cockpit view for all vehicles since this mode is really good on Battlefield.
    -unlockables for soldiers, vehicles and ships.
    -Abilities, like body armor upgrades, splash damage defense and/or explosives.
    -Have other factions fight your soldiers like pirates, smugglers, bounty hunters: human and alien alike.
    -Have Commando type missions to kill or capture VIP characters and other objectives.
    -Coordinate artillery and bombing runs as well as capital ship bombardments.
    -Also have the levolution effect on all objects in the battle, for example: if penetrating a rebel base that has walls, be able to blast your way in with AT-AT guns, rockets, bombardments or explosives.
    -Maps like the Battle of Yavin, Battle of Hoth and Battle of Endor. The last two both in ground and in space.
    -Allow the factions to coordinate the fight better for example: The Battle of Yavin, have the empire coordinate their defenses better like sending fighters to intercept or simply let the Turbolasers do the job.
    -Have hero characters for few missions and allow them to fly in space.
    -Also have commander mode like battlefield. Sometimes a crappy commander or a good one is a difference between victory and defeat.
    -Allow the bodies of dead soldiers to stay a little bit in the field giving you that sense “I killed this guy”.
    -Allow the wreckage of vehicles and smoke or fire coming out them when destroyed.
    -Have auto-turrets and other defenses in your base/spawn to prevent vehicle theft by other factions or enemy teams. This is still a big problem in Battlefield 4. If the enemy steals your vehicle let it be from other command posts rather than your base.
    -Take on missions like the Occupation of Bespin as well as early Imperial Period Conflicts before the set of the movies.
    -Remove the slicing effect on vehicles. This sucks on Battlefront where enemies can simply slice you off your vehicle instead of damaging it.
    -Have the commander coordinate bombardments, supply movements, vehicle movements and ships. Assign squad leaders and lead vehicles to take certain objectives.
    -Have a sense of battle; make the climatic battles of the movies feel the same in the game maps.
    -Go back in time from the start of the Clone Wars to the Imperial Civil War Periods.
    -The Attack on the Jedi Temple is a very good mission to be missed too. Allow different objectives to take down the temple and their occupants, like blowing up security locks that prevent you for entering a chamber or the library.
    -Have special soldiers types join your battle like Storm commandos, Shadow Guards, Red Guards and Storm Trooper Commanders, Republic, Droid Commandos, Rebel Spec Ops be squad leaders for their own soldiers. This will keep the ranks and battle stances more organized.
    -Allow soldiers to kneel, go prone and have other abilities.
    -Do not screw up the game making the skin changes of Renegade Squadron. This screwed up the fun and the sense of battle.
    -Different camos for classes. This is very good in Battlefield and should be the same. Allow soldiers to change their camos for example, Storm Troopers in the desert should have that dirty patches in their armor. DO NOT PUT DIFFERENT ARMOR CHANGES IN A SOLDIER! You don’t want to see a Storm Trooper or a Rebel soldiers wearing a helmet that is not their in the costumization screen.
    -Allow team and vehicle Emblems besides the default faction insignias.
    -Bring the e-web blaster and other heavy weapon emplacements be available for your soldiers.
    -Have different weapon types and allow them to be tweaked up like a EE-11 Blaster rifles and other weapons with, accessories, camo, granade launchers, etc.
    -Include LMG blaster weapons for support classes.
    -Also add the bullet drop feeling in blaster bolts too. This will make the game more balanced.
    -Allow troops to place beacons so that soldiers can paradrop to certain areas.
    -There’s more ideas that I’ll post them as I go.

    • Eliphas says:

      I think that some maps should have different uniforms like utapau should have the 505th attack battalion, kashyyk should have grees legion, and also I would like to be able to have a group of people controlling a star destroyer or my favourite type of cruiser, also I would like not to have to go onto an online battle log sort of thing to open up the game or multiplayer, and the music needs to be in it! also order 66 mode were you are a group of jedi fighting waves of clones up to round twenty where you can finally escape. I have a few more ideas but ill keep them right now

  3. LJ Kill More says:

    This game is going to be epic. And when u mentioned that little line bout how they should make a Knights of the Old Republic 3 my mind blew up with excitement even though no one has said a word about it. Dice is one of my favorite game designers, right beside Bethesda, and them making this game would be outstanding.

  4. PureEvil616 says:

    As long as I can still drive an AT-AT, I’m happy.

  5. this game should have “all” jedi’s and sith known in the star wars movies and maby the games. but it should have all known heros to the movies do this and you’ll make alot of fans happy just please no mor interuptions i been wait for this game for ten years. MAKE THE DAMN GAME

  6. Paul says:

    I only hope that they keep the three things that made this series stand out from other FPS games.
    1.) The option to swich to 3rd person. Ok, technically this means it isn’t a FPS, but it kind of is.
    2.) Bots. bots make the battles look like a real battle. These little idiots (most of the time) make the game stand out from games like COD and Halo.

    3.) Heros/villains: the fact that if you score enough points you get a super OP Jedi, sith, or any other character that can turn the game around in a instant makes the score system have a HUGE purpose.

  7. izzy says:

    Kotor era,multiplayer galactic conquest (may be a little hard),instant action,a good campaign(unnecessary if you have instant action),custom heroes,and awesomeness with creativity

  8. If its anything like the first two games, I will def be buying it

  9. Chevy Danes says:

    I hope EA doesn’t just make this basically a “Battlefield with Star Wars Clothing” type of game. What made Battlefront so great was that you could just hop on instant action as have great battles against AI and WITH AI on your side. I hope they don’t make it just a Campaign mode and Online Multiplayer. While multiplayer will be a big factor of it, without a doubt, it would take away from what made the first 2 games so much fun. I hope the include game modes such as Galactic Conquest again, and also allow you to play in a private party with friends in just a normal “Instant Action” battle, AGAINST AI. Basically what I’m saying here is if this game is aimed primarily toward Online Multiplayer like Battlefield is, and has no local game modes where you can play with and against AI bots, I can almost 100% say that I will not buy this game. AI Bots included = Me very happy.

    • ryan edwards says:

      So true i used to play this game for hours on end, not multiplayer but just battle after battle fightings enemy AIs with my brother and just wrecking them. it was the type of game that could be played for hours on end or just turned on for a quick 20 minutes and have an amazing time.

    • I agree. They need to keep the game exactly the way it was left. I was never concerned with playing Online Multiplayer, I would always spend entire days playing Instant Action. I already have Battlefield 4, I don’t want a Star Wars version of the exact same game.

  10. Ravn says:

    I just hope for two things that they don’t try to over for it and thsy they keep it in line with how the series of battlefront goes

  11. G-Star says:

    I wonder if this will have as manny bugs that BF4 have at the time 🙂 After all, its dice and EA “zzZ”

  12. Sky says:

    I look at the comments section and find everyone just talking about game ratings for some reason. Then I realized that people are stupid and don’t read anything. -_-

  13. Vortex says:

    First of all, the other games where T rated, and I played them even though I was under 13! If this game is going to be rated M, then I’m going to be sad for the 7 and 8 year old kids ’cause they can’t play it. If it’s M, whats gonna be IN it? Sex? Guns and Xtreme Blood? A lot of shooting and stabbing and realism in the violence or sex??? If it’s only PARTIAL/Very,VERY Little sexuality, then rate it T for f**k sake! Or if it’s like shooting, extreme violence and blood, and mild language/language, then it should be rated T! M is way overrated IMO. First of all, Uncharted is rated T and it has stuff like “F**K!”,”S**T!,”B**CH!”, and “A**”. Just to be clear, M is a 17 YEAR OLD RATING! You don’t need to be 17+ for that! It is unfair for other people out there.

    • Nick Weix says:

      I’ve been playing halo sence I was 4. You don’t HAVE follow those guidelines you just have to be that age to purchase it otherwise it’s a recommendation due to content you won’t die or be hunter down and fined in your 8 and playing a rated M game

    • ink says:

      Guidelines have changed for game ratings in the last 10 years.
      If Star Wars Battlefront I and II were released today, they’d get an M rating this time around. Plus, 99% of people don’t go “aw man, I’m only 16 so I can’t play this M rated game :(” Game ratings are just suggestions.

    • Nick says:

      At game stop if you have your’e parent you can get it.

  14. John Doe says:

    I found Bach’s statement regarding the previous Battlefront games to be quite untrue. “we had a discussion at the office about what happened to Battlefront. You know, the old IP that someone else made that was a ripoff of Battlefield. Bastards!”

    Well, aside from the blatant similarity between names (BATTLEFRONT and BATTLEFIELD, essentially two ways of saying the same thing) the gameplay and content are in sharp contrast of one another. Battlefront was and frankly still is known for its unique yet exciting third person gameplay, which hasn’t exactly been the standard model for shooters such as Battlefield, which are typically first person. Additionally, the maps in Battlefield are larger, which incidentally isn’t necessarily a good thing, considering that it can take quite a while to find someone to shoot in online play. I certainly hope they don’t take that route with the new Battlefront…

    Perhaps the most distinct difference is obviously the fact that Battlefront dwells within the “Star Wars” realm of gaming while Battlefield simply hails from the less than innovative genre of futuristic warfare, easily falling under the same category as the Call of Duty franchise, which is the undoubted truth despite how many differences Battlefield fans may wish to point out.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited that SOMEONE is making a new Battlefront game, being an avid and devoted fan of the series who has waited just as long as the rest of you. However, I am experiencing a certain degree of concern with reference to the fact that Bach seems to think that Battlefield and Battlefront are two of the same and therefore may behave as such when producing the latest Battlefront title.

    My message to DICE: These are not similar titles, PLEASE don’t treat it as such. Battlefront and Battlefront 2 have established a legacy that will NOT be carried on in the next generation version if you simply construct a “Star Wars Battlefield” mash up. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 may have been a memorable and cherished title for many, but every Battlefield installment since then has been quite forgettable. Please don’t let Battlefront suffer the same fate, it means far too much to the community for it to travel down a similar path.

    • Marco says:

      Dice even can’t do a decent Battlefield like the old Battlefield. How can they do a battlefront???

    • ryan edwards says:

      I know it sounds strange but if they wanted to make millions, based on the fan base following the battlefront series it seems to be larger then that of call of duty, its just lying dormant waiting for another “battlefront2” kind of game. The only thing that ever vaguely compared to battlefront is black ops combat training. Therefore if the honestly made a battlefront 2 remake with better graphics sound effects added in a few new worlds and a multiplayer easier to access the would make the biggest profit. it would make it look and feel more realistic, but never losing any of the classic game that people loved. All of the new games that come out are year long games. played for a little while then traded in and the next one is bought. battlefront didn’t do this though, battlefront even with all of its bugs and cheats and terrible graphics and repeated phrases and sound effects, it still stuck thats what made it so amazing. if they just remade the game with very few new things and better special effects they would make the biggest profit.

  15. Dave says:

    It would be great if they could confirm it for certain one way or the other

    • Ben says:

      Dice isn’t the type of company to announce something this big and not follow through. This game will be made and it better be good or Sweden will be burned to the ground by an angry heard of star wars nerds.

  16. A dude says:

    It’s funny how a lot of people are kids and want the game to be rated e or t that will hold back the game greatly not as fun and it will certainly be next gen

  17. Hayabusa says:

    “Scary” – Battlefront is CANNOT be deemed a ‘scary’ game. When the first Battlefront came out, it was a game which anyone could play – all ages – and was always addictive. The second one followed in much the same respect, with a few not-quite-so-good areas. Battlefront 3, in order to live to the standards of its predecessors, must be family-friendly. Otherwise, what’s the point in waiting 8+ years for something that only “mature”audiences can play?

    The point of Battlefront is to be able to indulge in simple yet effective Star Wars wars with vehicles and anything you think will be fun to play with!

    • barrack says:

      okay first off the rating doesnt stop young people from buying, and if you think it does your stupid. because call of duty is M and every time you get on you always here those annoying fucking 7 year olds.. And plus making it M will give it more of an edge to be awesome then having to dumb it dumb it down for little kids. this isnt the early 2000’s anymore.

    • Dan says:

      @Hayabusa. Mate, they were saying it was scary to work on the game not the game was scary…

      “”The reality soon set in, though, admitted Bach, “We weren’t as cocky when we got the chance, because to take on something like this is scary, as you can imagine. You can only screw up, right?””

      Try to read a bit more than the title. Also if you have actually waited 8+ years, you are going to be in the ‘mature audience’ category anyway, so, not really sure what you are getting at here. Not like it has ever stopped under 15’s from getting every M/MA/R18 game so far.

    • kse022190 says:

      actually the first 2 games were rated “T” (for teen not everyone) and you’re still running around killing people… soooo I guess that wasnt so “family friendly” after all.

    • izaakyson says:

      ya i agree if this game is rated M for mature half the people who were going to buy it wont because their parents wont let them. whats the point waiting until your OLD enough to play just make it rated T or E and everyone will be happy.

      • PANDEAD says:

        uhhh all the die-hard fans of the series are in their mid to late 20’s now. so not making it a bit more mature to match with the fan base would make no sense.

    • Joshua says:

      When he says scary, he means it’s scary for his company. The Battlefront series is a huge franchise with so many dedicated fans. Messing up on a sequel to that would be devastating to DICE. I personally think they’ll do a great job on it. If he means what he says about keeping it authentic to the franchise, then they’ll do great. DICE definitely has the assets, backing, and skill to make a great game.

  18. I Want this game its awesume!

  19. jumpyhat3 says:

    has anybody recently read about how ea is not interested with movie tie ins someone should post on what they think about this shocking in my opinion turn of events for those who thought that EA was going to delay battlefront because of the movies being released in winter 2015 and that summer.

  20. luke says:

    omg cant wait but they have to keep the original a

  21. Chezlon says:

    It would be cool if you could control squads like in Republic Commando. I really enjoyed that.

  22. jumpyhat3 says:

    wanna know one of my lingering fears is? is if dice decided to make this game rated M. you see my parents wont allow me to play rated m games at all and it would suck for me to wait 2 years for something that’s gone through turmoil to get here.

  23. Tim says:

    I really hope that DICE can give the SWBF3 a real kick and flair whilst keeping the classic game play style that made the originals such a massive hit without over complicating the game(a flaw becoming more and more common in these types of games) and give us something we can all relate to as classic SW gamers but with an added twist we’ll all love.

  24. lovett says:

    i still play SWBF 1 and 2

  25. Swbf3 fan says:

    Cant wait I Am a huge fan of all of the battlefront games and when I learned dice was adopting It I had a heart attack(of joy). counting on you Dice

  26. MAtt says:

    I think if they make SWBF 3 like they made BFBC 2, it will be a huge hit. I loved the gameplay, graphics, and feel of BFBC 2. Please make the new battlefront like that.

    • Emanuel g. says:

      I agree with you bro when I played swbf2 it was fun so that’s why if swbf3 comes out a lot of people would buy it and dice and the other companies will make a lot of money I still play swbf2 for the playstation 2 till this very day.
      If you agree say please make star wars battle front 3 please

  27. Bryan says:

    Ok, so dice is making the new battlefront, I would if I were them keep; instant action and galactic conquest, those two were the best items in battlefront. I don’t know how dice is going to make a campaign because all the battlefront campaigns weren’t really ‘campaigns’ so to speak, either make it the same to the movies or make a completely new action that is all made up( like in Star Wars the force unleashed)

  28. Chris says:

    There are things that they need to keep that made Battlefront such a great game. First of all, they need to keep instant action. This was a great mode that was quick to set up and the most fun. They need to make sure they include local multiplayer with that. It’s massively important. Also, they need to have the option of first or third person. I enjoyed the third person and it was how I played both of the games. Bring back prone. One of the most important things they need to do is keep classes. This made the game fair beyond what most people say. With so many shooter games coming out with pay for power weapons or giving them the edge, its important that they make the game fair by using classes. I think certain aspects should still be customizable, but classes is important. Good luck with it DICE, I look forward to when it comes out.

  29. CFunk says:

    I hope to god they make it kinda sandboxy instead of the usual on-rails quicktime event bullshit. Maybe that’s more COD that does that but it sucks. I want to be able to spend hours on Hoth destroying AT-ATs with just my lightsaber if I want.

  30. jim says:

    And yeah we def need bots and instant action!!

  31. jin says:

    How will the star wars episode seven movie release change to 2016 going to affect battlefronts release?

    • Emanuel says:

      the actual relies day is 2015 not 2016 du I am a real star wars nerd and I’ve liked star wars since I can remember so please finish what luces filmes started. How remebers star wars battlefront 2 for the playstation 2 or for the pc say
      star wars.

      • Emanuel says:

        By the way i was talking about star wars episode seven just for your information. how likes minecraft.I do. if you go on youtube make sure you check out my Chanel and pleas subscribe,it is Emanuel G. or just look for my lego browning. yes I like legos more like lego star wars ya how likes legos say,please make star wars battlefront three for the pc

  32. Tyler says:

    The instant action offline mode really is a must. Playing against massive armies of AI was the best part of battlefield. Look at the cod zombies for example, people live those kinds of game modes where they feel like a god

  33. abeastlyphil says:

    You need to somehow incorporate TITAN mode from BF 2142.

    • They kinda did in battlefront 2. It was in the firm of space battles. You fought your of and took out the other factions ship take the shields and weapon turrets out from the inside was the best way to go. Anyways I agree with you I have allowed battlefield series since the first one and 2142 had some real kicks in it. I hope there is a form of this included.

  34. dan says:

    In my opinion, there are far too many people saying how much the game has to have in common with the Battlefront of the past. Hogwash, let DICE get creative and unleash something new and amazing!

    • Guy says:

      I love battlefront, I still play 1 on my old Xbox and 2 on my other old ps2. I think these games are awesome but if they do that thing again where you can change from 3rd to 1st person, THEY BETTER MAKE IT LOOK RIGHT! On 2, it looked like a 20 year old arcade game.

    • ggctuk says:

      As far as I’m concerned, the only things DICE need to keep from the older games are Instant Action, Galactic Conquest and planet diversity, which is a given anyway seeing as this is a Star Wars game we’re talking about. What they do beyond that is fair game, I say.

  35. justin says:

    Dont forget the comando troopers captain rex maybe

  36. ggctuk says:

    There are two very, VERY important things DICE need to include in this game to set it apart from Battlefield. The first is Galactic Conquest mode – choose your side and take the Galaxy your way. It needs to be done different to any previous incarnations – heck, it’d be interesting if you could actually have a RTS element to the planet-selection screen here, where you actually pilot capital ships. The other, which is DETRIMENTAL if it is not included, is Instant Action, the mode which allows a single player to jump right into a match against AI without the need to go online. This one’s the kicker, because although Battlefront is a multiplayer game, there’s plenty of people who enjoy playing it offline without wanting to play the story mode.

  37. Aquila says:

    I just hope that the main story will still revolve around the grunt’s of Star Wars. It was nice playing a game where playing as the hero’s was and optional thing to do and the whole game didn’t revolve around running around slicing people to bit’s with light sabres.

  38. alvinchimp says:


    Without it I wont be buying

  39. mikexyz says:

    possibly instead of using a knife for melee use the rifle butt, include all eras for multiplayer and single player and for campaing also.. even add a story for each era including the kotor.. just some ideas haha i know kotor would be a bit much but hey xD

  40. mikexyz says:

    play battefront 1 and 2 and kotor play the campaing beat it. that will assist you in making battlefront 3 i mention kotor for more knowledge of star wars games and for a possible kotor 3 i mention one because playing both kotor takes some time haha

  41. mikexyz says:

    DONT LEAVE THE HEROS OUT EITHER. carefull messing with the medics also

  42. Jake says:

    I really hope that it comes out for Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. Restricting it to next gen would be a major let down considering how many people I know, including myself, that aren’t getting next gen consoles.

    • Kal Skitara says:

      actually no it wouldnt be. a game being released two years into the new generation of consoles would make sense if it was only on those current gens. no reason to take a step back and make it for old gens

  43. Fan3132 says:

    The key is they have to have the NPC players even in multiplayer. That is part of what made the game so fun is because it felt like you were really in a war. 12 on 12 human players is not enough for the huge maps to really feel like a war. So do not leave out the NPCs.

  44. Mark Black says:

    you know, this feels great, things moving along like this is awesome,but what do you guys thing of other star wars games that were being made like “1313” or “first assault”, is there any evidence at all that they will be made?

  45. jumpyhat3 says:

    if you could make levelution optional that would be sick as ever and here is why many people have many different taste and see some people love destruction while others love non destruction and see if you make that optional on/off function then you will get many people into the game. suggestion, try to add all of the star wars battlefront 2 modes and make some new ones oh and also be creative while your at it, its what makes battlefront,battlefront.

  46. Karl says:

    Im confident that DICE can bring us a Battlefront game that we will welcome with open arms and praise them for it, look at the games they have made, amazing ground breaking games that is full of action, always keeping you on your toes and aiding your fellow team mates while deep in the fight. Imagine this in battlefront, the past games are amazing, but all that and more combined with DICE game productions, im sure they can bring us an amazing game we have been waiting for.

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