Star Wars Games Being Re-thought by EA

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Good day Battlefrontians. A few little tidbits of information has floated to the table via an interview with EA games label Patric Soderlund (Source: He has stated that the new Star Wars: Battlefront will be the first in a series of games that aim to rethink how games treat the Star Wars universe. I think we knew most of that anyway, but he also went on to mention:

“The most important thing for me is that we take the Star Wars license and come up with games where peoples’ jaws drop,” he said. “We need to do with this what [Batman: Arkham Asylum] did for the Batman license.”

I must say that Batman: Arkham Asylum was absolutely brilliant. also reported that although Soderlund couldn’t tell them much about the new Star Wars game, he did says that:

We’re looking at the old games. We have access to everything that was done during the LucasArts era

This means they also have the unfinished Star Wars: 1313 and what to become Star Wars: First Assault… i.e. Attack Squadron perhaps??? The first images and leaked gameplay of First Assault looked AMAZING!

Some additional comments from Soderlund:

“It’s going to take awhile,” he said. “We just announced the license and showed a sneak peek of Hoth. The speeder and the AT-AT will be in [the game] for sure.” DICE is working on the game because after EA landed the deal, developers from the studio came to him to ask to make it, Soderlund said.

“I didn’t think they wanted to build it,” he said. “I thought they only wanted their own IP. But it’s a really good fit.”

The team working on the new game will be looking at everything as they work on this new title, he said, including the work put into Star Wars: Battlefront 3 before it was cancelled.

“We didn’t toss anything out,” he said. “We’re looking at the old games. We have access to everything that was done during the LucasArts era. But we do want to take our own stance.”

That’s awesome that they are taking in everything and going to make us a kickass game! The old Free Radical version looked pretty good as well but I think DICE can improve that model by 10 fold!

Big thanks to our forum members Inquisitor & mikepurdy1234

Lets hear some thoughts and opinions!

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  1. Fun says:

    Can’t wait to battlefront 3 comes out

  2. Christopher says:

    I want to see a Battlefront with an element of Republic Commandos for the story mode. Mix the two together.

    Bring in plenty of customisation so you decide what kind of soldier you are while playing gameplay.

    Battlefront, in my opinion, should be about being a soldier. Not an all powerful jedi.

    The story could be set around the clone wars helping the jedi, or towards the end of the wars and you become a jedi hunter.

    Plus a GTA-esque star wars and KOTOR 3 would be nice.

  3. Jacob says:

    Star Wars battlefront 3 should have phase 1armor
    Or if not, a choice between having phase 1or phase 2 armor
    Every instant action game

  4. Cestius says:

    I really hope this will be a a four player game

  5. alvinchimp says:

    How would they make republic commando 2 when you only got 3 squad mates. One of your members dies on the last level if i remember correctly

  6. alvinchimp says:

    Please be 4 player!!!!!

  7. Christian says:

    LOL Bombad Racing remake with grand turismo realism, this, and only this, would make me buy a console.

    On a serious note, X-wing vs. TIE Fighter and Republic Commando are two star wars IP’s that EA should not ignore they would be boss.

  8. jumpyhat3 says:

    man has anything come out of dice since this article has been posted? its been awhile since any new articles have arrived is there anything new?

    • Nitro says:

      Unfortunately, there has been absolutely nothing.

      • jumpyhat3 says:

        well that sucks, hey this just came to mind you know how this site was supposed to go down in October? since Lucas arts is defunct I wonder what ever happened to that. please let me know i would like to hear whats going on with the deadline for this site has it been extended even further?etc.

  9. DCNO53 says:

    What about X-wing Vs. Tie-fighter ?!?!?! w\With today’s technology that game would be amazing!

  10. I hope they also look at doing a new Star Wars: Republic Commando cause that game was awesome.

  11. Lanoda says:

    OMG! lol it would be so cool if they did a remake of
    Star Wars Episode One Racer back from ’99!

  12. jumpyhat3 says:

    If there looking at the old free radical game then they will make the best battlefront game ever created in the history of the star wars universe and better with destructible enviroments is a dream for some so have fun making swbf rebooted dice;).

  13. Implied says:

    The Land-to-Space Tech that Free Radical had for SWBF3 was pretty nice, but I guess that’ll only show up if DICE decides to add it to Frostbite 3. Well, maybe. Who knows.

    Don’t remember much else from the leaked stuff, although it is great to hear that they have the old LA stuff. Gives them far more than just the two previous SWBF Games to work off of.

    Might just end up being the best SWBF yet if they focus on improving the SWBF2 Systems, rather than going for a full-out re-vamp. ‘Course it’ll also depend onhow much they allow BF to influence them. They’ve said they don’t want to make Star Wars: Battlefield, but if they’re not careful, could end up feeling like exactly that. It’s happened with other Video Games before.

    I do personally hope they dump the playable Jedi’s in MP though. DICE isn’t exactly 10/10 when it comes to balancing, & they were already troublesome & stressful enough in SWBF2.

    • Nilmur says:

      Well the may add jedi’s but as long as it is a hero only mode not in the normal modes of conquest and such throws things way out of proportion

    • Sir Tiger says:

      My guesses:
      Most likely, thre will be some sort of weapon customization or unlock system. If not that, then a character customization (not sure how that would work though)
      Lots of people seem to have enjoyed Republic Commando ( i never got to play it D:) so maybe they will introduce some team based and tactical aspects to the game?
      Also, someone said that the jedi were overpowered in SWBF 2? I yhink they are incredibly easy to kill: simply continue shooting at them until they get close, roll out of the way, continue firing, repeat, repeat, etc, etc)

  14. Gotta say this game has been waiting in the wings waaayyy too long.
    I still play the the second version quite a bit. It is nice to see that EA/DICE are putting lots of thought and expertise into it, but I hope they lend a listening ear toward the fans of the first two BFronts. Here’s hoping for an expedited launch date. 2015 is a bit far out for a game that has a huge following and it’s predecessor launched in eight plus years ago.

  15. Ace says:

    God i can’t wait!!!!!!!! Battlefront is going to be godly. Look at DICE’s footage for BF4 called “Paracel Storm”, the graphics and in-game weather, as well as fully destructable enviroments that can now entirely change the battlefeild as opposed to just a building is amazing. I can only imagine those machanics on different planets in the Starwars universe. God I got to pre-order!

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