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Star Wars: Battlefront Well Into Development!

Good day my fellow Battlefrontians. As you all know, EA has been keeping the well pretty dry when it comes to any news regarding the new reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront. A few new tidbit’s have been recently thrown out to us during a Earnings Conference Call with EA.

The call, in which EA Games Label president Frank Gibeau stated:

“We showed 22 seconds of where we’re going with Battlefront and the fan response was very positive. The DICE team is well into development on that product already, so we feel very bullish about our shooter rotation over the next several years.”

Gibeau also went on to mentioned that the Battlefront will have “a third-person component”, which is quite interesting. It’s nice to know that the new Battlefront won’t be strictly 1st person shooter like the Battlefield series.

Lets hear your thoughts and opinions on this! You can also check out the full Conference Call here.

Thanks to our forum member Terrabyte20xx for the heads up! I also wanted to mention that we are now up to 190$ in our efforts to raise funds for our new domain name! A huge thanks to everyone who has donated so far, every bit helps!!


Battlefront is being developed by EA DICE out of Stockholm using the Frostbite 3 Engine. There has been no hint of a release date as of yet.

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  1. I hope they make it compatible with the oculas rift, 3d glasses …

  2. I Hope they Add a Feature that if your a Clone/Imperial That you Can Change Divisions Like The Shock Troopers and Black Hole Troopers, Or Something To Make Them Look Nice and If you Play With Friend It’ll Be Able to Make you Out Better. AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT BATTLEFRONT FTW!!!!

  3. Component? I’m getting a little worried at that word. I won’t buy it if you can’t play the whole game third person.

  4. Great snippet..I’m looking forward to the 3rd person play perspective the way the first 2 games were. 1st person has never been my personal preference. 3rd person seems to lend a better peripheral view. Good luck on development!!

  5. So if its “shooter rotation” would it not be like call of duty and black ops? One year this then one year that. im not sure about this..

  6. As long as it is like battlefield, with just a tiny bit more realism(like limping when shot in leg and handguns being a lot more stronger) but with star wars put into it, I will be very greatful.

  7. are they just following the same story as star wars battlefront 1 with x1 and x2 😛

  8. I really hope its on 360…

  9. Wow, this may be out by holiday next year if they keep going at this pace! Don’t get me wrong, I want the game to be great and they should take their time, but I really hope it releases on current gen. It’s AWESOME that they kept the 3rd person mode, because that’s how I usually see everyone, including myself play.

  10. It’s gonna be first person dam,,,,, but 3rd persons for Jedi ofcoarse .. That’s common sense

  11. Really all I care is that it has instant action, galactic conquest, and diffrent characters. But I know its going to be great, If only I had a PS3 or an Xbox. But anyway I estimate maybe next fall or December 2014.

  12. when I read that Dice is putting in a third person viewpoint I grabbed my 80$ right besides me and went to gamestop…the rest is your imagination.

  13. no have it 2015 , dont rush it

  14. I think by shooter rotation they meant one year battlefield, one year battlefront, one year ect… So it’ll only KINDA get milked to death! 😀

  15. Wow. This is great news! Looks like we’re getting a Battlefront sooner than expected. I’m also glad that there will be an option to switch to third person and that there will be a new battlefront every two or three years.

  16. “Will have a third person-person component” Third-person is what makes Battlefront more game-like and FUN. The trailer doesn’t really show much except very good detail regarding Hoth, however, the opening title with the “May contain content inappropriate for children” banner, Battlefront 1 and 2 were – and are still – games which audiences of ANY AGE can play. Battlefront 3 *reboot* CANNOT be made for audiences of teenage and over – it’s got to be for all. Though, at least it’s some progress. We’ve been waiting long enough!!

    • If I’m correct, the rules/laws for content rating have changed over the last few years since SWBF2 was released. Most Shooters are rated “PG13” these days for the simple reason that they’re violent. “Green” Games are generally non-violent, or minimally so.

    • I know for a fact that Battlefront 2 was rated “Teen” because I’m looking at it on my shelf. So yeah… If it included no form of violence I have no clue what it would turn into… Mario with stormtroopers? You can’t have a war game without violence. And the very name itself is very explanitory: Battlefront.

      About the third person, that’s awesome. I, personally, play swbf2 in no other view than third person because of obvious advantages: Wider field of view, you can see a little behind you, you can look around corners without actually going there. Plus it looks nicer in my opinion, and you don’t have to get used to being in third person for droideka/vehicles/starfighters/jedi, cause you’re already used to it.

  17. Oh no, please. No “Shooter Rotation” with SWBF. Once SWBF becomes a “Multi-Billion $ IP” it’ll start going to hell, just like BF. What with EA in charge of it & all, it’ll be inevitable.

    Well, the Disney-EA deal was made 3 months ago? “Well into development” could mean a lot of things. If they only started work on it once the Disney-EA Exclusivity deal was signed, then they started 3 months ago. If not, as he seems to be implying, then they started work on it before, so probably some 6-ish months+. Either way, it’s still year/s out.

    Could also just be inflating the truth a bit to impress investors.

    Apart from that, good. I still think they’ll do something like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – TPS for movement, FPS for shooting. Worked pretty well there.

  18. great news that it’s to have Third Person option,i was worried with it being the Battlefield team that it was just going to be ‘another’ first person

    I am a bit suspicious of them saying they are well into development,didn’t they say at E3 they have not started it?(or it was very early in the progress)..oh well not too worry,it’s just great that the game is actually getting made

    Hope DICE/EA are going to keep in touch with the fans,some developer videos would be great

    “Shooter Rotation” so Battlefield one year battlefront the next year? 🙂

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