July, 2013

By Nitro On 31 Jul, 2013 At 06:55 PM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 2 Comments

Good evening fellow Battlefrontians. It looks like we are getting a hint of when Star Wars: Battlefront will be getting released. According to an EA stockholders call todat, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has stated the following: (Source Eurogamer.net) It looks like Battlefront will be the first game to released which is awesome! Most of the […]

By Nitro On 29 Jul, 2013 At 09:10 AM | Categorized As Featured, Star Wars | With 2 Comments

Good afternoon Battlefrontians. While waiting for some new Battlefront news to surface, I thought I would do a post on these new domains that Disney has been acquiring over the last week or so. There has been a lot of speculation going around on what this “Attack Squadron” could be. Some are assuming it is […]

By Nitro On 24 Jul, 2013 At 04:54 AM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 2 Comments

Good day my fellow Battlefrontians. As you all know, EA has been keeping the well pretty dry when it comes to any news regarding the new reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront. A few new tidbit’s have been recently thrown out to us during a Earnings Conference Call with EA. The call, in which EA Games […]