Star Wars: Battlefront IS Being Developed by Battlefield Devs!

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This just in Battlefrontians! I totally contradicted my last post by saying that the new Star Wars: Battlefront will be developed by the new Los Angeles DICE studio. It turnes out that has just learned and confirmed that Vetern Battlefield Developers will be developing the new Battlefront in their Stockholm studio.

So confirmed Patrick Söderlund, exec VP of the EA Games label, in an interview with CVG at E3 today, during which he confirmed that Battlefield executive producer Patrick Bach and DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson jumped at the chance to develop a Battlefront game.

“It was almost not happening,” said Söderlund of the deal with Disney that made the new Battlefront game possible.

“It was just something as boring as resources and availability. The DICE guys Karl-Magnus [Troedsson] and Patrick [Bach] were talking and I told them we were in dialogues with Disney over this deal and they just looked at me and said, ‘why haven’t you spoken to us? What are you doing? We want to make Battlefront’.”

Söderlund went on, “DICE is a very particular place and they are very proud of what they do and you don’t really tell them what to do. I didn’t anticipate them wanting to work on a license – they’ve always been new IP or their own IP. But they were just like, ‘we would kill to make this game’ and the whole studio started talking about it like, ‘please give us this game’.”

He later said that “people that have worked on Battlefield for many years” including “Patrick [Bach] himself” are working on the new title, teased for the first time during the EA conference on Monday. “These are experienced DICE people in Sweden building this game – it’s being built in Stockholm,” he confirmed.


Thanks to Omar in our comments section for the heads up!

Sweet! It’s nice to know that our long time waited Battlefront will be worked on by the veterans that brought us Battlefield!

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  2. Cj says:

    I’d like to see varying factions in battles or even all out mega wars. vary factions as in Rebels vs Republic, Cis vs Empire, Republic vs Empire, Rebels vs Cis, etc. Even battles with all 4 factions either on teams or all separate. Like Republic and Rebels vs Empire and Cis. Full scale Hero battles. Killstreaks would be nice but would envoke camping maybe so ehh. Otherwise there are many things that will make this great. Ground to Space also.

  3. Riley says:

    Man, I really hope they enable (at least) offline split-screen for this game. I have some of the best memories playing Battlefront with friends and siblings in Primary School.

  4. Tyler says:

    I heard its actually being made by DICE, LA. The guys who made Metal of Honor 🙁

  5. EagleGamer15 says:

    Oh man, I am SO HYPED for this game. When I found out about this game I literally knocked a table and several friends over to get to the nearest computer with an internet connection lol This was pretty much the only game I played for all of middle school and most of high school. Sadly I had no internet connection for my PS2 at the time, so the first time I actually played with people was during college when I discovered some of my friends also loved it….and then I went on to absolutely DESTROY them lol

  6. jumpyhat3 says:

    I have a really cool idea for star wars battlefront rebooted take the enemies ship and control the entire ship so that it can crash into another ship and make it so that you can take the star destroyer and crash onto the planet so that the battlefield has changed…just a thought.

  7. Jordi says:

    Somebody knows if it’s going to be for PS3?

    • We don’t know yet. My guess is yes. A few weeks ago EA said that they would make Star Wars games on current gen consoles until at least 2017. I think that’s as close they can get with out officially coming out and saying it’ll be for PS3.

      • Implied says:

        EA also dreams of having micro-transactions in paid Games, & charging through the nose for ammunition clips. Those will remain dreams, along with this one.

        There’s no way they’ll be doing AAA Games for PS3/X360 in 2017, it’s just dream wishing. In a couple of years, 3 max, the PS3/X360 won’t be a primary development focus anymore as the PS4/XOne playerbase grows to a decent size.

  8. Johemian says:

    It has to be splitscreen!!!

    I just worry that because it’s using frostbite that it’ll be single player only 🙁

    • Implied says:

      Lol? Battlefield’s main selling point has always been its Multiplayer portion. I could probably use both hands & feet to count the people who only bought BF3 for the terri-bad Campaign they tried to slap on the side.

      I’m more worried about “Patrick [Bach] himself..working on the new title.” What, the same guy who ran Battlefield 3 into the ground? Oh joy. 😐 Well, on the bright side, maybe they learned their lesson. Fingers crossed.

      • Delish says:

        BF3 was not run into the ground -_- just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean its garbage. BF3 is probably on the more diverse FPS around at this moment. And in case you haven’t noticed SWBF is a Battlefield based game so this is right up their alley.

    • Implied says:

      Or… D0h. You mean Splitscreen for MP? Hm. Not sure they’ve ever had Offline Splitscreen MP with the Frostbite Engines. Have they?

      They’ll probably have Co-Op again though, seems its become a habit of theirs.

    • Ted says:

      Dude, using Frostbite, the game will be incredible. And if EA/DICE only does a single player in todays age where multiplayer basically defines a game, they would be foolish. Dont worry. There WILL be both single and multiplayer

  9. Shawner says:

    I didn’t know this website still existed until about 3 days ago and it is still one of my favorite website because I have wanted battlefront for so long and this is the best place to get good info about it.

  10. Bookseller says:

    I’m so excited. I work at my local Books-A-Million and whenever someone has purchased Star Was Insider or a Star Wars novel this week, I’m like: “Heyheyhey, did you hear about the new Battlefront game?!?”

    Even if that particular person hasn’t gotten the news, now they have. Cheers!

  11. John says:

    I love how they sound so enthusiastic about it. I hope they really capitalize on the huge potential a new Battlefront game has with frostbite 3 and next gen consoles.

  12. Dude says:

    this is cool

  13. I’ve been checking back here sporadically for what seems like 5 years, now, and I just want to say thanks to you or whoever is responsible for keeping running. 8 years is a long time to wait for another installment in any franchise, and this site remained optimistic even when it seemed there was no real reason to be. And now that perseverance has paid off! Whoever you are, you’ve earned a vacation.

  14. Chase says:

    Nice to have a confirmation! Battlefield is like Battlefront, with the conquest and concept of each game. Extremely excited!

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