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EA Does Not Want a Star Wars: “Battlefield”

Good day my fellow Battlefrontians! As the excitement of the newly announced Star Wars: Battlefront starts to settle down a bit, we can expect the news and rumours to start to trickle out quite frequently. Our forum members are building the ultimate “Wish list” that we hope that EA DICE may take some ideas from, so if you have some ideas of your own, feel free to drop by the forums and input your ideas.

Today’s tidbit comes courtesy of

Star Wars fans no doubt have plenty of questions about what DICE plans to do with the beloved Battlefront series, but it’s still a little too early to tell. The ink is barely dry on the agreement, but DICE specifically hopes it isn’t making a Battlefield-themed Star Wars game.

“We don’t want Star Wars plus Battlefield,” said Bach, “because that would be boring, right?” DICE seemed like the obvious choice to revive the much-troubled Battlefront franchise. Fans weren’t the only ones who wanted it. Bach says that “LucasArts wanted us to build a Battlefront game.”

But what will DICE’s Battlefront actually be?

“In general, we wouldn’t build a game that is a copy of someone else’s game,” Bach told IGN. “We couldn’t do that. We’re too stubborn and too annoying for people to think we could do that.” Star Wars: Battlefront is still in the earliest of stages at DICE, so it is still “figuring out what we want to build” while it “looks at the history of the Battlefront franchise to reverse engineer it…to find out what it was supposed to be.”

I’ve seen a lot of people come out and say the do not want new Battlefront to be a “Star Wars: Battlefield” so to speak. Personally, I really like the Battlefield series, so I wouldn’t really mind a Battlefront with a Battlefield perspective.

Our forums (thanks Kelevra) have also reminded us that DICE LA is a new studio and is not the studio that made Battlefield. The new studio brings in team members from Danger Close, originally called Dreamworks Interactive, and that was purchased by EA back in 2000.

From Playstation Lifestyle:

The studio’s most notable work as of late has been the two most recent Medal of Honor titles. Now, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the studio is being integrated into EA’s new studio, DICE LA. In addition to many of the core staff from Danger Close, there will also be personnel from other EA global studios. The new studio also plans on hiring another 60 staff members before the year’s end.

The most interesting aspect to this story is that EA will be handing over its newly-acquired Star Wars license to DICE LA. They will be working on a Star Wars game, and while I’m sure many are hoping for another entry in the Battlefront series, it is far too early to confirm if this game will be part of an existing franchise or a new game in its own right.

Lets hear some thoughts and opinions!

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  1. Three way battles would be nice

    clone wars MUST


    space battles

    And please don’t sell us the whole game in DLCS

  2. I just really hope DICE doesnt stuff this up for the rest of us. All i want is that there is bots for offline play and the destructability of their latest battlefield games to be implemented in all of the maps. I have been waiting for a new battlefront game for SOOOO long now and i wouldnt be too happy if this was just a disaster to the battlefront series

  3. dICE please do a jedi online survival mode
    4 of ur jedi friends against 8373726 of clones daaaayum…
    They better have jedi tho , if not that shits fucked up for sure yo

  4. Some things that really made the original game enjoyable and memorable to me and that I feel should be kept as a part of the core experience of the franchise;

    1. The presence of many, many bots on the field. Having the bots around lent to the immersive play of the original game. It gave a sense of scale and made you feel like a badass when farming them. To further expand on this, the MOBA genre of games is finding immense success today; Battlefront 1 was effectively a first/third person MOBA.

    You were able to manipulate the map by pushing, freezing, and stacking waves of bots (minions) around the various control points. To this end battlefront 1 was not just a twitch-reflex shooter although it certainly accommodated that method of gameplay. Those players who were not top of the line twitch-reflex had other avenues in the game to seek a rewarding feeling and pursue success towards the broader match victory conditions.

    Staging the field by moving the waves of bots made it feel like you as an individual were having an effect on this massive battle. The large number of Bots and the time it takes to clear them also forced meaningful choices between things such as aoe (rockets, grenades, wookies), defenses (mines, OP health packs), and higher single target damage.

    2. Sideroll – siderolling to dodge things and move through doors. This made the game as epic as if there was constant movie trailer narration for your every move.

    3. Third person view – This is a stormtrooper. There are many like him but this one is mine. Third person view helped to give a sense of place and a cinematic presentation to the franchise. All Star Wars media is ultimately derived from the cinema and that cinema is presented to us in third person format. Playing the game felt like playing the movie. I feel this is why the battlefront titles were so incredibly successful.

    With a emphasis on a first person view we lose the cinematic sense of scale offered by the third person view. People can argue that first person views build immersion. I find this to be false because it builds immersion that tells us that we are in a game. A first person view doesn’t give us feedback that tells us we are in a movie cheering on every action our stormtrooper takes as our hooting and hollering affects the ever developing storyline of the movie.

    The original battlefront managed to cultivate this great sense of world (battle) building. We weren’t worried about getting shot or stepping on a poisonous frog or whatever the analy-retentive military shooters simulate these days. We were more concerned with ‘Is Luke ok?’ ‘Is he still fighting on that platform or did he get shot and plug off into the abyss Oh God!’.

    Further being in 3rd person allows more art and thematic assets to be shown off to the player than is permitted from a first person view where you only see your ghost hands.

    4. Fights also occur in the B-list locales like Rhen Var, wookieworld and such. There is always room for re-enactment of the A-list movie locations but what was so cool and entertaining about battlefront 1 was how the cinema continued off in these far flung locales of untold stories and I got to control/influence the result.

    those are the first four major thoughts that come to my mind. I hope the feedback is helpful.

  5. I would really love for it to be like battlefront 2, but, without the option that you can acyually control a jedi. I really liked battlefront 1 because soemtimes, the jedies were still there but not controllable.

  6. All I ask is for it to be a lot like Starwars Battlefront 2 with the galactic conquest intact, only obviously with more boys on screen. Also, for me it would absolutely have to have a significant single player side to it, again, like the original SWBF games. I’m not a fan of online multiplayer. I’d much prefer there to be a large single player element or I probably would not buy it.
    Basically like SWBF2 for this generation. Not mostly online multiplayer or I’m out. Obviously you can have your online multiplayer added on to the game but it has to be based around a single player experience!!

  7. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, I really do pretty much want a star wars battlefront that plays like a battlefield game. The Battlefield series is essentially what battlefront tried to be but DICE perfected it. Please make it like battlefield DICE!

  8. I’m going to be mad if they don’t include the Clone Wars.

  9. i must admit i have been waiting for this game for so long i begun to think it just want happen but here it is

    i just hop that (DICE LA) don’t change the game to much i get that they will want to make there mark on it but i hop that they remember y we all love play the game and some of us like me still play it to this day

    as long as it has has all the things the last game had with better graphics, bigger maps,more vehicle, customizable classes/vehicle and more maps with the Jedi V sith

    not must lol

  10. Include: Third person&First person(optional) and upgredable armor and weapons, ranks, clans, jedis, siths, levolution! These would make a bad game that I would pre order and buy a season pass etc. Hope it becomes awesome!

  11. I think the game should be like its predecessors. Having Galactic Conquest, Campaign, and the space battles should all be included. However I do think they should work on making more weapons and different classes, pickup weapons, and more ship boarding action (harder to get in, harder to get out, more benefits). One final thing, I do hope that if any sort of battlefield characteristic is added, the destructible environment would be amazing, like destroying the shield generators on Hoth, breakable space windows, bring down buildings in corascant, and those towers on Kashyyk.

  12. No bots, no buy. If you don’t put bots, many people will toss it aside.

    Add bots and I will preorder and jump on the scamwagon and get your season pass and deluxe edition that comes with more crap that was cut to sell for profit? Why? Because bots.

  13. They should add conquest multiplayer for sure and not make it fully third or first person because if its first only its going to not do good because alot of people are looking for their person games like me.

    • In the new battlefront 3 I would like to see an online multiplayer with customizable weapons . If DICE is hooking up with Lucas arts and Disney I would like to see the battelfield customizations but the maps not as large as battelfield. I also think there should be ranks and upgrades for your weapons and armour. When there are on diffrent maps such as Endor or Naboo try to add all the vehicles from the storyline. When u are playing the game try to have as I are on Endor keep the ewoks and rebels against the storm troopers don’t throw in any characters that wern’t in the scene such as clone troopers. Try to keep all the characters on the right planet for the right battles. I hope the new Battelfront game is good!

      • @Homie G bro LucasArts is not even a studio anymore haha its been gone awhile now. As for the char. its more of a variety to have all armies on certain maps. why wouldnt you want to fight the CIS and Dooku on Endor? just because it didnt happen there doesnt mean it wont make for good battles.

  14. EA if you’re gonna do SWBF please use the BOTS/AI and local Multi-player. IT’s ALL ABOUT THE BOTS!! The real genius of Pandemic’s game was that even if you were not online, with the bots it still FELT LIKE YOU WERE. BOTS are not used enough in modern games. They had great usage on Perfect Dark64. I can’t believe in modern consoles developers don’t use AI more. A SWBF game needs to feel epic like you’re in the middle of a huge war going on with lasers flying everywhere. Should be MMO online or offline with at lease ground units on order of magnitude of 256 players or more. It should be all the chaos of a real war but with some strategy elements. Needs local MP too. Don’t screw this up EA! This one should be a console mover.

  15. open world can be anything.. i like to see we can command a carrier and manage our troops, do a mission, increase skill of our troop inside a carrier ship buy equipment for troop, travel around star wars universe, invading any planet, and after game story end the game still can play like do a repeatable side mission etc..

  16. This is open world, so maybe you can travel to all over place in star war universe and do mission, buy and sell item, maybe you can command entire ship carrier and customize all your troops..after the end of story you still can play this game I hope maybe do a repeateable mission or can manage planet do diplomatic mission etc.. Hybrid genre is good.. This is open world.. Can be anything.. Sorry for my bad english..

  17. It absolutely NEEDS to have an open world (sandbox) maps and it NEEDS to have vehicles that can be occupied at will, LIKE Battlefield but nothing at all like it.. If that makes any sense and it also NEEDS to be from the original 6 episodes.. None of this animated clone wars rubbish with so many random characters.. This is NOT a kids game. I loved front1 but front2 wasn’t that special to me because of the command points.. I hope they keep it 3rd person but also add the option to go 1st person.. It has to have a map where it’s just jedi vs sith and a few bounty hunters or mercs like front2 did.. that’s the only bit I liked tbh but most importantly I hope they don’t rush it and take pride in it.. Because DICE LA pretty much screwed up China Risin for BF4 by adding no levolution.. which was pretty much the key point of Battlefield 4

  18. STAR WARS! Disney may ruin it so be prepared everyone they will most likely not stick to a well developed story. Instead they will most likely make it about explosions and complete drama.
    We all remember the sublime feeling of playing battlefront for the first time and the excitement and eagerness as we waited for the second battlefront. One thing I must point out is that Revenge of the Sith came out within a short period after the movie was made so everyone was hungry for action and adventure. Now that DICE is in control of Battlefront III and Lord help me …..Disney controlling the Star Wars legacy and where it will go from here only to make a buck. DICE do us all a favor and give us that feeling back when Battlefront one and two came out but this time put Disney’s money hungry selves to rest by making a kick story line that will most likely make Episode VII to Bantha Fodder.

    Battlefront III:
    Maps: Should be bigger and more powerful just by sight make the scenery explode in our face.
    Vehicles: Should be everywhere with a larger variety. In the movies if you see an at-rt on Naboo in episode one? Then do not give a gungan an at-rt save it for the clones! Everyone just imagine Jar-Jar in an At-At yes it would be funny but stupid! So DICE do not mix up the stories keep to them. Also include every type of vehicle that was in that current battle.
    Include in some maps or make it so we can choose if we want to do a battle in which we can go from ground to space or just ground to air.
    Include many ships a capital ship frigates and transport ships and make it so we can land In more than one hangar in each ship.
    Death Star:
    Put the Death Star in the next battlefront.
    It would be nice to have a large variety over our characters customization and make it so we can at least customize our team’s cp’s looks like on Kashyyyk make it so we can customize the look of our ally cp’s armor color so we can keep to the story.
    Put ranking of our soldiers status like private first class.

    Finally if anyone likes glitches I remember on battlefront II if you blow up the droid ships shields and its bridge you can ram into the bridge from above next to the turret on the right and you can blow up every thing in a matter of seconds. Always fun to find glitches but it is cheating haha.

  19. I want the rebels to stop shooting the dead storm troopers bodies if you could i would like this to happen in battlefront 3

  20. ive always wanted star wars battlefront sense i was 7 and not sense im 16 i think that starwars should be base on mandaloreion army againest luke army it would be cool beause it won’t be rabals or clone troopers but those two should be the next stage for game and the movies and darth Revan and darth Nihilus also i think general grievous should come back to

  21. I’d love to see good character customization for online and offline purposes since we all know multiplayer will be part of this game. I don’t want to see an online only though. I’m generally more of a solo player so I’d love to be able to play by myself like in the first two. In terms of customization I hope they don’t make it to where “oh you have to play for over six hundred hours to get to the absolute highest rank so you can get the one item you really want.” I’d much prefer to unlock all the armors and stuff with an in-game currency system, but just crazy expensive. Above and beyond that I could care less. It’s battlefront, I’ll get it one way or the other.

  22. 1- It should be 1st person. Dont you guys played republic comando? It was AWESOME. 1st person view really looks cool. 2- God please dont do heroes playable at mp… It will ruin the whole game. Maybe there can be a map that only includes jedis/siths.
    3- We need larger and more crowded maps like 64 vs 64. Even thinking about it gives me an orgasm. And also 1 or 2 maps should include npc monsters like natives of that planet or super big giant ogre in a snow cave.
    4- Squad system is a must… like in battlefield.
    5- Different and unordinary game modes!!! Im coming with an idea ofcourse! First this needs a huge map. There will be 3 Castles in different locations. The first team that captures all 3 of them must protect all 3 of them for x (Enter a reasonable nuber here) minute. If they fail, the time will restart when 3 of the castles are captured by a team again.
    6- When you have higher ranks you should be able to personalize your character. For example when you are playing with a clone, you can change your helmet 😛

    These are my wishes and ideas for new game.

  23. It should be very similar to the originals. i loved battlefront2 and would love to see something similar. interchangeable 1st and 3rd person, invasion type maps, just plain maps (space and ground) revamped cloud city would be awesome with atmosphere battles. i want the free play found on battlefront 2 where you choose maps and game modes and play against the ai on the console. i want the assault with ALL the heros, i want the hunts with the indigenous creatures. and i want good graphics and stuff.

  24. I’m so flipping exited for this game!! If DICE does this right I believe it could be the game of the century. I believe we will see some innovative ideas implemented. I’m interested to see how this all unravels. Good luck DICE. Hopefully I wont have to wait too long for this game. But I don’t mind waiting as long as they put out a COMPLETED game.

  25. The idea of a chromehounds-esque multiplayer online dynamic seasonal campaign where each individual contribution makes a difference set in the style of galactic conquest in the Star Wars universe has literally turned my e-penis into a giant adamantium spear.

    Regards to 1st/3rd person things, I’m not sure but if DICE are making it then I have complete faith it will be visually sexy regardless of perspective.

    Customizations: I think keeping the class system is imperitive to the battlefront experience, however armour/attire unlocks based on in game achievements would be great, loved unlocking those in halo.

    Space -ground combat is an awesome idea, but ultimately this is down to the developers to nail on the head.

    Best of luck Development team, keep putting out teasers and I’ll keep mashing the pre-order button!!

  26. I would like more Al’s on the field of battle. More troops more fun. I want 100 vs 100 or more if you want.

    • Honestly Switching from 3rd to 1st person view should only be with vehicles ONLY! back in the day it was fun but gamers have evolved and i can see ALOT if not everyone abusing the 3rd person perspective online camping corners in close quarter type areas.. 1st person infantry is a must or AT LEAST make it so servers have a option to use only 1st person view etc.. i play SWBF2 still and have to say this must be input in the game or it wont last long.. People get use to easy ways of playing and 3rd person views as infantry is just going to be abused in the 3rd generation of battlefront.. i can see it now..

      • you realize that this is battlefront game not battlefield, its not suppost to be realistic, its going to be build pimary for 3rd person use and if you want you can have a first person except it will have a mw2 animations and wont be immersive as playing in 3rd person.

        • How do you know it’s a build for 3rd person? The article just said that they don’t know about how they’re going to do much of anything just yet. They said the team building the game is Danger Close who did the Medal of Honor series. If they took perspective from anything it would be that and would most likely be first person.

  27. I would like better AI alot, as im writing this, im playing swbf2, and a ai bot just walked into the shields room, saw the broken shield generator, and just walked off rather than repair it

  28. I hope it will feature the best of the Battlefront series and Republic Commando. Aim down sight is a must.

  29. If this game is basically the same game as Battlefront II then I won’t buy it. I already have that game, so what would be the point? And Dark Obi Wan? No. Just No. Obi Wan Kenobi has ALWAYS been the original light side Jedi. How could you ruin his character and make him Dark? Screw that. The only thing that interests me is the ground to space combat where you can fly a ship to space and initiate battle there instead of on the ground. What you SHOULD do is take the elements from X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing VS. Tie Fighter games such as rechargeable shields and weapons. Any class should be able to do that NOT JUST PILOTS. Take out the pilot class and allow us to customize our stuff like we can in Battlefield. Thanks.

  30. Battlefront has always played like battlefield in a lot of ways so I don’t see any other way to do it. it’s going to have to run and play like battlefield.Conquest is what the to games are built and based on and I don’t think there needs to be a campaign because it would take up to much space should try something like what they did with battlefield 2142

    • I like the idea of being able to fire an ion-cannon from the surface of hoth to defend the planet (or aid the space scurmish) levels could have individual large scale objectives like a city with a shield around it protecting a command centre that could be the main focus of the match. You could perhaps share a galactic conquest style campaign with friends that awards a victory with a group bonus. I think the commander model from bf4 could be put to good use here also. I think 1st person battle is a must with the exception of a force unleashed style experience for the lucky @#$@ who gets the leader bonus. Marching to battle surrounded by storm troopers watching a sith or 2 force jumping across the battleground, Yeh I’d definitely buy that game. I good luck dice may the force be with you

  31. I think they should make a mode for local splitscreen and online playing and also (OFFLINE) vs bots. That will be great so i can play with friends when am out of internet.

  32. More hero’s vs villains maps and characters
    Better maps and graphics
    Proning like in battlefront one
    Aayla is way too powerful in swbf2 but I guess every map needs a tank >_>
    Create your own character would be kind of cool
    Even to combine the great things from swbf1 and swbf2 would make a good test run 😉

    • 1 thing is a must, space combat with realistic destruction and physics (Blow open hole in side of ship), enterable frigates and expanded cruisers, and space to ground combat, and 1st person ship HUD on all ships, and famous ships, and more realistic ships (3 positions in ARC-170), aaaaaand even the ability to make capital ships crashland!

      FPS requirment: Over 9000

  33. I think they should have every character playable. Like the gamorrean guards at Jabba’s palace. There were quite a few interactive characters that you couldn’t be before. I want the same style as battlefront 2. Enhanced graphics and interface. 3rd person all the way and the awesome space battles. Would be real nice to see and I’m excited. That excited In fact that I’m looking forward to this more than when I was waiting to be old enough to drink legally lulzzzz

  34. It shouldn’t be a star wars battlefield but should still have the realistic damage as that will add to the gameplay experience.

  35. Two words: MILLENNIUM FALCON!!

  36. I would love to see some new maps but It would also be really cool if they took a page from the call of duty series and bring back some of our old favorites. I would love to see a revamped version of Cloud City or either of the Rhen Var maps. All 3 were awesome maps that got cut from BF2…

  37. It needs to be simple, I think. There are a thousand things that I would absolutely love to see added, but if they make Battlefront 2 with better graphics, I’ll play the hell out of it. I just don’t think the techs to the level of the perfect BF game yet: I just want a fun one.

  38. I would looove bf3 to be like reach, with the customizable armors, but don’t go al out, keep the standard clone look, but incorporate all the old features in it too, like galactic conquest. And maybe have a player capacity and even use bots to fill up the rosters in multiplayer. That way there would be no “outnumbered” side. And also would love to see an online galactic conquest where the control of the galaxy is always changing. And an invasion mode, and space/ground battles would make this the best battlefront game yet.

  39. To be a stormtrooper on the fields of naboo. To make the character models detailed.

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  41. You know what would be cool? As you increase in ranks you get armor( or body if driods are included) markings/upgrades so you don’t look like the rest of the body shield bots (and to look cool. Looking cool is good.)

  42. I’m not really interested in a first person Battlefront. I hope to see the same type of third person game, but with many more classes, vehicles, and maps. I also want to see space battles expanded and maybe even a massive invasion type of game where battles are taking place in space, in atmosphere, and on the ground at the same time.

  43. Maybe have more then 2 fractions in a battle, like
    clones/droids/local inhabitants/generic rebels

    And have multiple game modes, like Clone Wars/Galactic Civil War/New Republic(after episode 6)/maybe before clone era

  44. I wanted Battlefield plus Star wars

  45. Hey you don’t want another battlefield you want the battlefront you want to give the people a choice of view
    3rd and 1st person and don’t make it an m rated game if you do so many kids that have star wars battlefront 1&2
    will get so mad some parents won’t let the kids get your
    product and that’s something you might want to think about
    you might want to remember the comment I just left also keep the healing h and ammo packs that get left on the ground make the men on each side more interactive make a control that makes it where multiple men on your side follow you and keep command post its so much better to choose where you spawn and make it where you can choose
    your character

    • Parents? Mate everyone who has played Battlefront 1 & 2 will just buy it themselves. Battlefront 2 was release nearly 10 years ago there are gonna be no people buying this game (who remembers the release of these games) caring about what their parents say. They’ll all be like 14 or 15+.

  46. I like Altair’s idea I wanna work for my stuff through fighting and not have to pay a lot of money for it

  47. I hope you don’t have to go online and pay to get all the good stuff you should be able unlock through the ranks that would be cool like not get to have all the weapons in the beginning

  48. I wouldn’t mind a star wars battlefield but it just wouldn’t have the battlefront feel if it did i would really like this game to be a first person shooter or include a third person view with first person mechanics. Frostbite 3 engine looks really good and realistic i think it would be great if they could nail that realism in a star wars game so that the game can be even more realistic than games that attempt to like cod. For example i think a cool feature would be once the player uses the whole clip in his gun he throws the mag out of his hand and it falls to the ground or hits the wall he crouching next to and bounces of and lands on the floor. i also think that when you still have a few shots left you put it back in your belt and take another one out little things like i reckon will make the game feel more realistic.

  49. The Battlefront games were my childhood. I used to enjoy storming a field full of droids and shouting “FOR THE REPUBLIC!” What I would want out of the game…
    -An interesting and emotionally engaging narrative
    -Fun, non-overpowered combat with soldiers as well as land and air vehicles
    -A Conquer the Galaxy Mode
    -Fun weapons, not drab, crappy ones
    -Customizable characters
    -Multiple customizable classes that veer away from the ‘sniper, shotgun, rocket launcher, rifle’ stereotype and perks that change the way you play in major ways
    -Significant stealth combat and creative maps
    -Multiplayer that isn’t just “you see those people? Kill them.” Maybe mix it up with co-op, missions (not crappy ones like in COD) and wave-based levels. Just fun stuff.
    I am counting on you guys! Please deliver and don’t just toss this project aside or turn it into another game that’s just about killing people. Those are fun for some, but really dumb to me. Good luck!

  50. i mean its understandable that terrain and buildings should be destroyable but there shouldn’t be any bullet drop since it’s lasers. so if they do make it like battlefield hopefully they keep most of the stuff like the old battlefronts.

  51. I hope that they will improve the space combat caused it sucked in STBF 2.

  52. they’re 100% right, battlefront in battlefield would be a failure. Some of the concepts derived from battlefield where the player can use a massive range of vehicles and kit themselves out ARE some of the best parts I enjoyed from the previous battlefront’s. The real thrill of this game comes from being so involved in the massive battles you see and know from star wars. playing the battles on hoth, endor and naboo are what we want to enjoy, not just jumping in a shitty land speeder,capturing a flag so the enemy drains tickets and camping out with your crappy 4 man squad. give us a game that can be played without the same simple win strategies like conquest and put them in the classic massive war scenarios from the movies along with some new ones!

  53. I, personally, have many different wishes for the upcoming game.
    1: even though the Jedi character is extremely overpowered, I would still like him/her to be incorperated into the game as a playable character.
    2: both first and third person perspectives are a must.
    3: We would all love to see seamless transition between Space Combat and Ground combat. It would add such a massive scale to the field of battle, and if it can be done, it should be done, especially when you consider that this will be released on Next-Generation platforms.
    4: Taking into consideration that this will be coming out a year after the new systens make their debut appearances on the market, perhaps we could see a bundle pack for one of the systems?
    5: I’m not going to lie, this idea is far from practical, but I would be amazed if one were able to pilot the larger in-game craft, such as the massive AT-AT’s and Star-Destroyers.
    6: Customization. We would all love to customize our own Clone Trooper or Rebel, but we still want them to be recognizeable as what they are! Don’t overdo it.

  54. if ea dosen’t agree on making a star wars battlefront 3 like battlefield i’ll be fucking pissed

  55. by all means yes make a new type battle front single/co-op but make it for all the fans old and new third person/first person is a must not just one or the other for a select few giving the player the choice and option has to be right one. being able to flick between third /first person on foot or in land/space vehicles would just add to great game.

  56. as long as dice star wars battlefront has the “choice” of third person / first person im happy as a big fan of the games and films from past. really just third person would be great that is what intrests me after all and large amount vehicles battle in and crash then to see my character run for it. EA dice after all (don’t fix what isn’t broken) rite.

  57. I would love battlefront to be similar to a battlefield game, would defo buy this game if it was

  58. As long as Darth Vader is still buggering around on gun-turrets in this one I’ll be happy 😀

  59. The impact of grenades and bazookas were characteristic for the series. People would fly ten meters in the air once they get hit. This resulted in some hilarious death ballets at times. I hope this feature will be respected in the new Battlefront:)

  60. It would be sick to have an order 66 mode, where you play as jedis trying to survive against waves of stormtroopers. It would be star wars version of zombies.

    Another cool addition would be to add some Old Republic stuff, the old school sith armor from KOTOR was badass, not to mention being able to play revan would be sick.

    Also they should add in the ability to go from ground to space battle as shown in free radicals alpha footage.

    Armor and weapon customization would be cool to see as well. Instead of having classes, players should create their trooper with certain armor pieces that affect game play, such as jet packs, visors with extra zoom, shield generators, knifes, camo or grappling hooks.

    The campaign should be single/co-op, and should have gameplay like SW Republic Commandos.

    And lastly, offline console multiplayer should be an option just like in the previous games. Along with Smart AI, AI that can pilot and use tactics to take down players.

  61. hi guys.
    basically you guys have agreed not to copy anything from existing fps games and want it to be similar to bf1 and bf2. so i agree it must keep all the game modes and use them in bf3, but also add new story and some new modes that can be tried out.

    secondly the most important to me and many friends iv played with are the maps for instant action. for example Bespin PLATFORMS was my favorite and all my friends loved it too from bf1 , but bf2 never had that map, huge let down and disapointment. also maps should be carried over from bf1 and the good maps from bf2. i mean we choose to play bf1 over bf2 just for bespin 🙂 .

    so please include some old maps in battlefront 3.

  62. 1 amzing thing would be if you were able to actually pilot or commander the Capitail ships, like being able to run up to the bridge and pilot the huge cruisers around and fire there cannons and order dropships to the planets surfece or even land the capitail ship on the planet surfuce or just pilot it in the atmosphere, i thing also if your Command ship is borded being able to evacute it or just ram it into another ship, aslo being able to lock down certain areas of the ship from the bridge if you get borded, and so then the opposite team would have to either capture the bridge or hack there way throught blast doors to get to the key systems

    this option would be amazing and its never been done before

  63. Id just like the game to be more relistic, like i know its such a small detail but in BF2 in space battles in the clone wars eras the Republic cruisers turbo lasers on the side dont fire green lasers, there ment to fire blue laser shots and theres ment to be four turbo lasers on each side of the bridge not just 1 or 2 of the 1 side just things like that that are samll but detail wise there really important…

  64. Map layouts like SWBF1. Jedis and Siths like SWBF2. Maybe options for any hero selectable before the match on any map. Or selectable respawnable hero loadouts. Finally and most important: ALL HERO BATTLE ON EVERY SINGLE MAP! (this was the best feature on SWBF2, albeit on the worst map) and ALL HERO BATTLES ONLINE. These two ALL HERO points are really crucial, because the ALL HERO sections of the previous games have entire legions of fans who exclusively play the game that way. ON ONE MAP! Including ALL HERO BATTLES on EVERY map and ONLINE will satisfy old fans and usher in a whole new era of Star Wars gaming fans

  65. Most important AI AI AI AI!

  66. Like the old Battlefront Galactic Conquests; enjoyed playing versus (and with) my son. MP will be cool. Looking fwd to modern graphics and customizations suitable to Star Wars. No zombies please. Yes like some of the classic Battlefront locales; looking fwd to DICE LA picking the best to update & enhance with scenario twists and different capabilities (or constraints). Would like to see a hybrid scenario that allows (or requires) a transition from a ground battle into a space battle – or vice versa (e.g. Rebels win/lose on planet – now break the Imperial blockade to take the battle up to them and/or escape). Smuggler scenario or others – not just giant fleet battles. DICE LA – I envy your opportunity! May the force be with you.

  67. I say give the option of playing as the republic commandos and adding a few more classes aswell

  68. I feel like Battlefront doesn’t need to be overly violent, bloody, and have a bunch of cussing.. When a blaster bolt hits somebody, there isn’t blood spilling out every where. And they could just use curse words in Star Wars, like Feirfek and Shebs. Star Wars games have never been rated M and lots of kids played Star Wars Battlefront II because it was pretty simple to understand and not overly violent, no sexuality, no cuss words, and no blood! Even though Republic Commando had gore, it was never human blood. DICE needs to keep Star Wars Battlefront still a thing for kids can play but have that feel that even experienced COD and Halo players love.

  69. What they should make, is games with the same opportunities (for the gamer) in “The Force Unleashed”-series. But video-games for the original Star Wars movies-Including free-roam gameplay. If these games were produced, it would be extraordinary – thinking of todays game-technology.

    The new Star Wars Battlefield game seems like a good idea though.


  71. I would like to see some more intense ship to ship battles, somehow maybe incoorporating the Frostbite 3 engine to the capital ships and then being able to switch from stratigic command to on the frontlines, i think it would be cool to see some of the stuff i saw in the starwars 3 movie at the begining when like 5 ships are taking on another 5, and you can command an entire ship.

  72. Well I always loved these games, they were my PS2 days all time favorite. I also currently play Battlefield 3, which is excellent. I definitely would like to see an improvement on Space Battles and even an expansion on the Historical Campaign games as a front line soldier for BOTH wars. Instant Action is also expected and if Galactic Conquest isn’t included then I will be disappointed. Different factions would be appreciated as well and I loved the weather effects in this trailer. I am a hardcore Battlefront fan and would hate to see an opportunity go to waste.

  73. I would really want this game to have the ability to pick up dead people’s (or aliens) weapons
    And a 1st person view that shows the sides of the helmets

  74. They better make this game worth it, and well we could keep our hopes raised, when who better to make an explosive action 3rd peraon/1st person game, to be released on cross-gen, and hell, with the frostbite engine’s power play, i can see a whole lot of days people will be spending without the sun

  75. What I want to see in this new swbf is massive battles just like the last two hundreds of droids vs. hundreds of clones. That’s what I love about these games thousands of blaster bolts going everywhere utter caos. A destructible environment could only make this game better.

  76. Lets make a must list:
    Must have galactic conquest – maybe cleaned up a bit and some new features would be great!
    Must have conquest game mode (capture the objective) – maybe could even add a few other game modes ex.) Team Death Match or CTF?
    Must stay true to the Star Wars roots – Same vehicles, same characters, well known maps.
    Anything new I’m gladly all for!

  77. I hope that they incorporate a new game mode to battlefront, similar to galactic conquest but on a whole new level, like a rts type thing, except it would be something like u are in command of lets say 10000 units and the other team has 10000 units. Each team would have a starting planet, and lets say that they would have to capture planets like command posts, except u have to determine how many troops to leave on a planet to defend and how many to attack with, but u are in each battle and u help fight. I also hope they add the destructible environments to it. It would be like a first person/third person shooter with an rts type concept. I also hope they include a campaign, instant action, galactic conquest, and a missions mode. But what i really hope that they decide to keep is choosing your different units, having heros, and the ability to mod. Finally what i hope that they add is, land to space combat, upgradable weapons for each unit class, my first/third person rts type mode, the missions mode, a racing mode, and ai command like from bf1. I hope some people agree with this

  78. I hope they have 1st person, its much easer to aim that way

  79. Plz dont let it be like cod:(

  80. I have seen some of the screenshots and just want to reiterate one of my main concerns. The look of the armor. It looks like plastic. Please make sure you spend time on improving the looks of the armor so when i’m playing as the clones or the empire i look like i’m wearing armor and not this white plastic material,

  81. Land to space battles please with say destructible capital ships that fall planet side and crater the battle below. Also how about something akin to Mario galaxy with a small moon or asteroid that is fully traversable?

  82. I have loved and played battlefield since the release of Bad Company 2. I have wanted a new battlefront for a while. I hope they can make a great game. Although, I honestly wouldn’t mind a retexture or copy of battlefield. I would still buy the game and all of the DLC.

  83. This is fantastic news.

    Bring back heroes battles, those were so much fun, floating around tatooine with jedis, the challenge of using leia han and chewy, and the paralleled advatages of using the fetts. I used to love the heroes fighting mode.

    Allow players to build up to rebel colonel and empire lords seperately.

    Give us some bf3 style melee attacks!

    Make people die when they get shot in hardcore.

    Space battles in the last battlefronts that took place in and outside of space ships were FUN! Would love to see the dice version of that

    I love how you can customize weapons in bf3, keep that up in battlefronts.

    1st person for foot soldiers and 3rd person for special characters. Special characters will be selectable and customizable like vehicles in bf3.

    Make jabba the hut a playable character. Lol

    Bring back the black storm trooper.

    Do lasers have bullet drop or just cause lees damage after a certain range?

    ONE swipe with a lightsaber is LETHAL

    In a match where the enemy has lost all objectives for more than 5 minutes sllow their base to be vulnerable to destruction to end the round quicker.

    Remember, lightsabers dismember.

  84. Please include Spilt screen so that none online players could play with their friends like in Battlefront 2

  85. Whoa wait. so you are saying members of Danger Close is in on this? anyone remember how they totally bombed the Medal of Honor franchise? they did TWO MoH games and both failed miserably. no this is gonna be a disaster and i am completely disappointed.

  86. Hey,
    I LOVE star wars battlefront I&II but the graphics always annoyed me if EA does end up making a third battlefront can you request good graphics thank you

  87. I really hope it is 4 player if its not than its not really worth buying

  88. i think that dice should make the 3rd person and 1st person like arma 2/3 i think that is the best way to do a 3rd/1st person system

  89. It would be nice if we got the Squad Commands back that were in Battlefront 1. That was one off the things that really ticked me off about Battlefront 2 was that the squad commands were borderline useless, and the command itself expired after a time. I liked being able to tell 3 or 4 troops to guard a command post and STAY THERE.

  90. I would really like the whole idea of space and ground combat transitions like what free radical had. That was by far the number one thing that interested me in free radicals version. I would also like all of the major movie vehicles in the game with some minor vehicles (from other star wars games) as well. I was very disappointed with the PSP elite squadron game because my favorite vehicle the ARC-170 wasn’t in the game besides one campaign mission. it would be cool to have virtual 3D cockpits for the vehicles as well, kinda like a flight simulator look but with normal battlefront controls. I would also like too see multiple types of capital ships and multiple ships to land on. It would also be cool if the interiors of each type of ship was more elaborate and not so generic like battlefront 2. I liked that about elite squadron. for example i would like to see a spot on the capital ships where you could fire cannons like in the space battle scene in episode 3. A place where there were there are escape pods like in elite squadron and some areas for general fighting, like crew quarters and cargo holds, maybe even the ships bridge and multiple flight decks. I would also hope that the AI is much smarter and would try to attack capital ships on the inside by landing boarding parties, it would also be cool if the AI would formulate strategic plans of attack and those plans would naturally evolve over the course of the battle. At least for me on battlefront 2 enemies never boarded my capital ship. i would like to see damage done to fighters and capital ships like seen in a somewhat recent game “IL-sturmovik birds of prey” a WWII air combat game, where ships would show damage. damage that would be superficial damage or damage that was more extensive and destructive like a proton torpedo hit where a wing would be blown off or partially removed. I would also like to see a little more carnage, like for example light sabers would remove limbs, not necessarily blood and gore but more like what you would see in the actual movies. It would be cool if there would be more AI bots on screen at once making the game look even more epic. I would like to see all of the movie locations plus some of the locations in other battlefront games (or other star war games for that matter). It would be cool if there were some battles that were space only, like in deep space and because there wasn’t a planetary battle there would be triple the amount of capital ships for an all out space battle. Id like to see the death star in the game as the imperial space ship, the rebel star ships as what they would normally be and endor as the planet battle, all at once with transitions naturally. Id also like to see alderan as a planet in the game. just a few suggestions! haha

  91. I agree with EA completely
    also if current consoles are going to continue to produce for another year or two, are PS3 and 360 getting new Battlefront???

  92. They need to put in melee combat. Not asking for knifing with like a mini lightsaber or anything, but something like a gunbutt takedown. Knifing is too graphic for SW

  93. Make it new but keep the old. Old to keep: galactic conquest mainly, space battles but with new features such as more space craft types.
    Wish list: bring back the death star ability from #1 and apply it to conquest somehow. Make a multiplayer that can rival halo if not kill it. Also from #2 bring back the earning of advanced weapons such as tv rockets and advanced assult rifles (dont care if this is applied to a class system such as with battle field 3). Also galactic conquest drop in drop out online could be be cool. As it may be prolonged to have 2 people go at it for a full game (perhaps a turn system). Customizable storm trooper armor would be cool too even if its just rank stripes like the clones from the movies. Emphasis on space and space combat would be cool such as cut scenes to rival the opening minutes of episode 3 would be welcome.

    And thats my major hopes let me know what you think.

  94. Dear God, please don’t let StarWars BattleFront III turn into a StarWars mod for Call of Duty.

  95. I think that the new Single player mode should have a whole new reimagined battlefield. First I think that there should be buildings you can lock down and build turrets to put all over and have kill streaks. I also think you should be able to have a breach mode where you go up to a building plant c4 or something like that and blow open an opening to get in. Second I think there should be space ground battles where you can go from fighting on the ground to fighting in space.
    Third I think you should be able to have a mode where you go to an alien invested planet and try to survive like a zombie apocalypse and gather resources. Fourth I also say that you should be able to pick up other people’s weapons like their grenades and blisters and light sabers even though you are not a Jedi. That is what I think the new Star Wars BF should be.

  96. Wish list :

    I’m tired of online play and having “nothing” else but that.

    Put up some “Login” to EA to run a LAN server if you like, if you wanna avoid pirate copies, BUT do NOT get rid of LAN and Bots !!!

  97. A lot of people are asking for customization which to some degree I can see but I most definitely don’t want to see the discard the old class system where you chose which style of infantry you wanted. Battlefront was a very original game compared to most of today’s most popular fps (cod, reach, h4). These games all seem like one in the same with a couple of different features. I don’t want swbf3 to get lumped into that whole frenzy. Don’t be another ripoff, stay battlefront please

  98. Everyone!! Think of this! A game that allows you to play galactic conquest, single player campaign, an action packed single player vs. bot mod… And… A 1st and 3rd person mmo… We have the technology… We can do it! We can fight in the skies, on the ground, in space! All against other people! Other talent! XD!! I’m so damn excited… I won’t lie…

  99. I would love if they add something such as skin effects. For example, if you were playing as a storm trooper and an explosive round goes off close to you, that clean white armor gets dirty and stays dirty until respawn. As a rebel,surviving an explosion with ripped gear and stuff would also be an awesome detail. Environment effects and lighting, the glow of shooting a blaster and the winds of a sand dune effecting player skin. Space to land battles would be epic! Squad layouts would be cool, having a squad specialized for vehicle transportation and vehicle support. Hoping that consoles will be able to handle more than the 24 player multiplayer meta and maybe 32 players. For clones, maybe a leadership marking for squad leaders such as a red/ marking on armor.The entertaining rag doll physics of the original would be awesome to keep in the game.I enjoyed throwing a detonator grenade at ai and watch them do cart wheels in the air. AI in multiplayer matchs as third party teams on special maps would be cool. Special game modes such as Endor’s ewok vs scout trooper. AI filling in multiplayer matchs for missing spots on a team to balance out matchs. 1st and 3rd person options!

    • *Take that back…64 players please! Special maps with siege elements would be cool! Ex: space to land map.(space) Clone team loads up transports, (land) CIS sets up defenses and prepares for an air assault. Clones have key objectives to win such as demolition/capturing of CIS key points or wiping out CIS reinforcements. CIS win by wiping out Clone reinforcements by defending or by counter attacking with attack bombers and destroying the Clone ship.

  100. Would love to see different modes that we haven’t seen before like a survival mode, siege and defend or even an old republic era mode. The game play itself doesn’t have to change majorly but some aspects like airstrikes would be uber cool!

  101. I would absolutley love to be able to call in airstrikes in this game to breach bunkers or fortifications, I cannot wait for this game to come out!

    • I want DICE to give us the opportunity to be able to customize our classes along with our gear(hoods,comm packs,armor color,etc)I also want DICE to add a multiplayer campaign along with the option of playing online with a local friend.Being able to play with others locally is a huge part to me.Also please don’t go over boarding on the cursing. I know I sound childish but to me I just find it unnecessary.(if you are adding curses lay it down a little)don’t forget vehicles too and make it really intense with the heat of battle.

    • Also a survival mode with again LOCAL option would be cool.Zombies to me would be a stupid mode.And some new maps obviously.

      • tbh, I think having a zombie mode in star wars battlefront 3 could give another perspective viewpoint and have a interesting story? And this could give this game a unique feature within the sci-fi universe in star wars!

  102. I hope this one will be better than the first two. Galactic Conquest is must have in this game. It should be completely new. I mostly want to able to pick up dropped weapons and able to customize a class. I hope DICE makes all the areas from the first two to come back.

  103. So it seems DICE has indeed been paying attention, but how much of it will count? As far as I can tell, they want to put their own stamp on the series just like Free Radical did, which is fine, but I hope they don’t forget the single player in the process. With this title, simply having a campaign for Single Player will not do: we need things like Galactic Conquest (which should be completely reimagined) and Instant Action.

    • My biggest fear concerning Dice developing SWBF is the fact that Dice don’t really do offline MP (at least for consoles) and instant action v bots was so integral to that classic experience. I really hope Dice reconsider their offline bots policy and work on crafting compotent AI that can pilot vehicles, aircrafts and strategic combat.

    • I would personally like to see Galactic Conquest turned MMO almost. Like, choose a faction/side and have tons of small firefights going on at each planet, where each victory turns the tides slightly (similar to the vision of Chrome Hounds). I always thought it would make a great multiplayer mode.

      • as per your statement, i just thought i would mention that there was a game like this (planetside) however with their latest addition, it just fell through, in my opinion that is. If galactic conquest is to be successful in the method your thinking, i think that having it as a percentage of influence and just have a battle queue to fight the battles.

        let me give a better example:

        if lets say we have the clones and droids fighting on Naboo, have 4 ( just a random number) different battles going for that planet then after, tally the score to see who primarily controls the planet. when one fraction is more successful then the other at controlling the planet, then it should allow them to move to another planet or area in space.

        This way, it encourages participation on both sides and it allows the whole battlefront to change depending on situations.

        in addition, in battlefront 2, you had the option to buy perks, i feel as if the planets should give you perks just like in the first one that as well would be more beneficial and fair as one side could eventually just overthrow the other based on the cash aspect.

        finally for space and for land battles, if you are able to stack fleets with each other, i feel like it would also give a more realistic feel of battles since not every time will it only be 1 vs 1 ship or crew fighting another. This in addition can greatly affect that frontlines on other battles and again, increase the participation overall.

  104. I would be fine if they just remade the game. like make the graphics better and thats it just clean it up a bit.
    Wish list
    Make a Jedi playable as in the original one you couldn’t

    make like a zombie mode. one where you can be a storm trooper or a Jedi that would be pretty sick

  105. I just hope it doesn’t take to long to release! I would hate to wait til 2015 or after. I would not be surprised if they released this right around the release date of Star Wars Episode VII in 2015 just to get more sales from the impact of a new star wars film. I just don’t see how they will release a star wars film in May 2015 with no casting or news. J.J. Abrams said something about still finalizing a story a couple months back.

    It better be for PS3 and have a single player offline mode. I am not buying a PS4 until I get a new Star Wars video game. I don’t count Lego Star Wars.

    My suggestion is keep to the basics of the original star wars battlefront game in terms factions, characters, vehicles, etc. Wish List:

    Must include all locales from original trilogy plus most from prequel trilogy. It would be nice to have them all. No space battles or make it an option. I am terrible at flying in aircraft.

    I do plan on going back home after this and playing star wars battlefront on PS2.

    • – Movies take an average of 2-3 years to make, depending on various factors. SWVII is scheduled for 2015. It’ll be there in 2015. Finalized story just means they have a general idea of the storyline. The Script itself likely isn’t finished yet.

      – It will most likely be released in 2015, yes. The game that is. Disney only bought LucasArts some months ago, & only recently disbanded them & signed the EA exclusivity deal. The Teaser we saw was probably just to confirm that they’re working on the Game, to sate the bloodthirsty crowds that would otherwise have jumped them for the next couple of years. Don’t expect major, massive announcements on it anytime soon. Like this Article says, they barely have any idea what they’ll be doing yet.

      PS3 Games in 2015? No. This is Next-Gen without a doubt. PC, PS4, X1.

      – Will quite likely feature something from the new Trilogy. Might make it lineup with the DVD/BR Release Date, like they did with SWBF2 & RotS back in the day.

    • Don’t ask that they don’t implement a feature because you’re “bad” at it please. It makes you a far more agreeable person and takes you out of that hated group of people who don’t like a feature so they demand it gets removed entirely at the displeasure of those who loved said feature.

      Thank you

    • Is battlefront still playable on line for the PS2?

  106. It’s been confirmed: SW Battlefront will be developed at the Stockholm studio, not at DICE LA. Patrick Bach himself, the Battlefield executive producer will be working on Battlefront! Read about it here:

    After waiting for so long, things couldn’t get any better!! I still can’t believe it’s really happening!

  107. I really hope dice keeps Instant action/bots for this game. It wouldn’t be battlefront without them. 🙂

  108. I am very happy that EA has this mindset for Battlefront! I want a new game, not a reskin of a series that already exists. I hope they keep most of the same controls from Battlefront 2 such as rolling (surprisingly not found in the popular multiplayer games these days). I am positive they’ll improve the AI so I am not really too worried about that. Here’s the big one though: What to do about 1st person versus 3rd person? I really do not have a solid answer or opinion for this. I really love playing in 3rd person but I also would like the new Battlefront to be competive for people to play. 3rd person does not attract competitors as much as 1st person because of certain advantages by playing in 3rd. Whether they choose 3rd or 1st however will not make a difference to me – I will still purchase an play.

    • Not sure about the A.I./vs Bots Modes, DICE removed those from the BF series after 2142, switched them out for Campaigns instead.

      Far as 1st vs 3rd – Could pull something similar to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – 3rd Person for movement, 1st person for shooting. Would make it competitive, plus line up with their own history of “First Person Shooters” while making the 3rd Person PoV Fans happy. More or less.

      • TBH, heck no. Rolling brought nothing but pain and suffering to multiplayer; in conjunction with the 2sk sniper rifle it’s the reason no one even plays online anymore.

    • WallyW- Battlefront 2 had the option of both 3rd and 1st person. And personally, I look forward to this. BF and BF2 (star wars) were two of my favorite games as a child, so EA has their task set out for them. Like people were saying, galactic conquest, instant action… both must haves. But for me, personally- I ask for Boba Fett. Take it how you will, the bounty hunter is iconic to star wars, and he should be in the game.

  109. Some Clone Trooper Customization like on Halo: Reach would be sick yes?

  110. I would like to see them incorporate destructive enviroment somehow, and actually be able to drive/fly a star destroyer too for the space battles

    • That sounds like a good idea. I’m thinking it would be cool if they incorporated a ranking system in Battlefront: give players the option of starting out as a regular soldier in any of the playable factions and rising through the ranks with each battle based on experience, initiative, etc. I think it’d be fun to reach the rank of Captain, Colonel or General, maybe even Admiral. To me, that would make for a cool Battlefront game!


        Ye, that is a cook idea, the ranking system.
        How about playable species, and well side aliment?
        That even if you’re a Rep, then maybe you can betray your side, same with other way.
        and Dialogue choices.

        I really am excited for new Battlefront

      • Since they are clones they will be mass produced, therefore if you get a high enough rank maybe you could create a class that is also used by other clones in the match.

      • That rank system was available in BF2. I loved playing as a sniper :3

    • They’re using the frostbite 3 engine. That engine is KNOWN for its mass amount of destruction and chaos.

      • It’s also known for terrible destruction. As in, if I knock down every support in a building, it should fall, not stay standing. Frostbite barely has any realistic damage; the only stuff that breaks is stuff they want you to break. It’s limiting and disappointing.

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