June, 2013

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EA Dice Battlefront

Good day my fellow Battlefrontians! There still hasn’t been any real new information released on the Star Wars: Battlefront reboot since the announcement at E3 earlier this month. Hopefully, over the next few months EA will be kind enough to sneak us so tidbits to keep us going. Some intriguing news comes today via an […]

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Hello my fellow Battlefrontians, I hope that you are getting as stoked for this new Battlefront as I am! EA are still being stingy with any information they may have in regards to the new Star Wars: Battlefront. IGN.com on the other hand has been able to get some pretty good info over the course […]

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Star Wars Battlefront

Hello Battlefrontians! It looks like Star Wars: Battlefront has been confirmed by DICE as an official reboot of the Battlefront series and will not be a sequel in anyway. That is a little disappointing for us and we have waiting for the sequel “Battlefront 3” for a long time. Members and users have also been […]

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DICE Studios Stockholm

This just in Battlefrontians! I totally contradicted my last post by saying that the new Star Wars: Battlefront will be developed by the new Los Angeles DICE studio. It turnes out that www.computerandvideogames.com has just learned and confirmed that Vetern Battlefield Developers will be developing the new Battlefront in their Stockholm studio. Source: www.computerandvideogames.com Thanks […]

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Dice Los Angeles

Good day my fellow Battlefrontians! As the excitement of the newly announced Star Wars: Battlefront starts to settle down a bit, we can expect the news and rumours to start to trickle out quite frequently. Our forum members are building the ultimate “Wish list” that we hope that EA DICE may take some ideas from, […]

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Well my Battlefrontians, I am still in shock that after so long, we finally got our day. It is definitely a day to celebrate!!! Mind you, there are still a lot of mixed feelings out there about what direction EA will lean towards when developing our new Battlefront. I think that people are generally very […]

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Holy crap Battlefrontians… this is the day we have all been waiting for!!! EA has officially announced Star Wars: Battlefront!!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!! I apologize for the downtime as well, it seems we are being absolutely pummeled with traffic! Not too much has been revealed about it yet but it looks like DICE will be developing the […]