New Battlefront Game? EA CFO Thinks so!

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Good morning Battlefrontians and some more good news. According to, which had a chance to speake to EA’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Blake Jorgensen at the Stifel 2013 Technology Conference, dropped a nice big juicy hint that doing a new Battlefront game is “very exciting” because it’s one of the most popular Star Wars games.

Jorgensen further explained that its new Star Wars games stand to benefit from the marketing potential at Disney, a company that owns many consumer-focused enterprises like amusement parks, film studios, cruise lines, and media outlets.

He also reiterated that EA’s new Star Wars games will not be based specifically on any of the upcoming Star Wars films, though they may be released near them to leverage the marketing opportunity.

“These aren’t movie games, per se; these are stand-alone games,” Jorgensen said. “But obviously they would come out near the movies and be able to tailgate off of some of the buzz that will be created around the new Star Wars movies.”

So there you have it, there still is hope for our Battlefront 3 after all! There also seems to be a lot of mixed feelings that EA will be creating the new (or sequel) to one of the best games ever made. In my opinion, this is a good thing. After so many disappointments over the years, I am just happy that someone is finally looking at getting this game created for us! Now whether it is done right or not is a different story and will always be a lingering feeling in the back of my mind.

So what is your take on EA on creating a potential Battlefront 3 or a new Battlefront altogether?

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  1. Justin says:

    Its hard to get your hopes up at this point but its good to know some new attention hungry company isnt grabbing the licensing, i think it would be really interesting if they incorporated battlefield’s ability to use cover and or melee enemies which was really non-existent (other then heros) in the previous battlefronts.

  2. amiguy says:

    I hope that they stay true to the orginal 3rd person. as for clone customization, I think it should work like halo: reach where you got certain items for your rank and achievements. EA, do not this up.

  3. Kermitjames says:

    I want to say that I have high hopes for SW bf3 But still I hope they don’t make the game as comp hungry as bf3 some of us barely support it and well I would like to be able to play it on my Duel core 32 bit comp I mean comeon I’m gunna be pissed if I cant play Battlefront 3 I have bought and played all of the battlefron and more star wars games then I can count over the years. I do hope Dice does a better job at this then the whole battlefield 3 thing battlefield 4 is already turning into a disaster and the beta has only been out for like a week and a half. They also still havn’t fixed plenty among plenty of bugs in battlefield 3 I mean I can barely get the chat or my battlelog to work right. I really hope they think of us poorer gamers in this.

  4. Sandman says:

    Also it would be cool for customizable clones and to be ark troopers. and custom colors and marks on your armor.

  5. Wyatt Nelson says:

    I really hope that the might make it like mw3 not like it in intirety so stay with me I just want it so you unlock your weapons and then buy the with creds and stuff like that. That will make my day pretty well also a bigger point galactic contest like people have mentioned and being able to stratigicly move the frigates any the destroyers and stuff pardon if I got some names wrong I haven’t played the games or watched the movies in a while so I think it a destroyer

  6. Ben says:

    i really want battlefront 3 to be real and in my personal opinion, i like the 1st better than the second because the maps from the 1st game are actually in the movies and my battlefront 2 laggs a lot.

    what would be cool is if you could create your own class, not choose from the preset ones

    Also with online play, but thats obvious if it comes out on ps3/4 or xbox360/1 (i do hope it comes out on ps3 though)

  7. Worvern Scar says:

    the makers of battlefield 3 are taking over starwars battlefront 3? (head explodes) its a dream come true!!! I would love graphics that would display the characters as more of a militaristic look then old school plastic looking armor look that battlefront 2 and 1 seemed to have. With scufff marks and dirt and a completly brute tough looking armor that’ll make your head turn. And with an amazing amount of aresonal at your disposal such as grappling hooks to scale buildings, some sort of futuristic parachute, and etc. Also I will love it if it takes after battlefield’s almost completely destructible environment. You know those giant cruisers or battleships in space battle, I have been edging to have a way to blow them up. It drives me nuts, I don’t want them to automatically blow up when I win the space battle I want to personally blow it up, sneak on board, go through out countless hallways and just tear it up from the inside out if I have to. And starwars battlefront maps i wish to be epicly huge, I mean HUGE. This isn’t Black Ops or halo where we fight on small maps, The is starwars battlefront where we fight, two opposing armies ,on gigantic battlefields with vehicles everywhere and spaceships raining down fire from above. As soons as ths game comes out, it’ll be the first i play on the ps4.

  8. Samenhelm says:

    One thing I liked about the old battlefront games was that the classes were already pre-set. I don’t want battlefront 3 to become another Halo of Call of Duty with leveling up and perks. Just have the simplicity of the previous games.

    If they include the point requirements to get classes like the jet trooper or wookie like in battlefront 2 make this also required by the CPUs. The classes like the Droideka move fast and give extreme advantages at the initial capturing of control points and can hold off large numbers of non-explosive units like sniper, engineer and rifleman.

    Don’t ruin the simple simplicity of the game.

  9. D00mDude says:

    EA has made some good games and some bad games. If they take aspects from other SW games and add in that Battlefield aura to the game… who knows? For example, Jedi HAV0K said character customization would be cool and in Republic Commando Multiplayer you could customize the appearance of your Clone/Trandoshan. But they need to make it feel true. You can’t have the droids allying with the wookies or The Emperor surviving somehow, I mean no… just no. But the story could be based on anything. Before/after the original trilogy or the prologue trilogy. The story could be based on other games information. KOTOR anybody? What happened to Revan in the 2nd game and that Sith army he had is also still around I believe.

  10. Hayabusa says:

    I agree with you – it IS a good thing! For the new game to compare to its predecessors, as long as the all-famous characters are in the game such as: Maul, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Vader, Windu, Sidious, Grevious etc are there, and the gameplay style in which the others were done is still how the game works, it should be good! Command posts, vehicular combat, open battlefields – land and space – as long as we see Battlefront in Battlefront 3 we should be in for a good game – hoping its made!!

  11. THC says:

    If there is hope for battlefront III then I am happy however if the focus makes battlefront III like the original small opening message and just kill other factions on the map then it would be a loss of potential but if they go with Battlefront II idea where there are objectives that would be better in my opinion. The best thing to include would be a better galactic conquest mode Battlefront II made the originals better maybe III would make it better as well.

    • Sandman says:

      I want it not to be like battlefield but make it feel like your in star wars like in the movies in all those really cool battle moments in the movies when they drop out of gunships and there’s fire all around you, stuff blowing up, seeing a frontier of clones behind cover. that would be cool.

  12. Jedi HAV0K says:

    I hope that EA and Dice stay TRUE to the Original Battlefronts in the aspect of being in 3rd person shooter , and Massive interactive environments, but with the addition of customizing your own personal character would be very exciting and awwsome.

  13. James P says:

    I’m guessing they release it to coincide with the DVD release of Episode VII, like they did with the last two games.

    • Antonio says:

      I just want customizable clones, that’s all

      • Daniel Raine says:

        Besides “Customizable Clones” being a bit of an oxymoron, customization needs to be properly limited in a good competitive game. That’s why Renegade squadron and Elite Squadron had tons of balancing issues.

        I’m not saying variety is not a good thing, giving users multiple choices for weapons and equipment would be interesting. However certain things like unit speed, and health should be linked to classes, etc.

        Balancing is a tricky issue, and isn’t exactly something that EA is well known for. Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  14. easux says:

    I’m just saying at E3 when EA’s DICE LA announces TFU3 or Star Wars: Starfighter 2 I won’t be surprised in the slightest. EA WILL #&$@! this up, somehow.

  15. Seb says:

    Agreed Lucasarts started to work on battlefront 3 but stupid Disney shut it down and SW 1313 was about Boba Fett that game looked amazing and Boba is so cool
    We need Finish Sw 1313 , Battlefront3, Kotor 3, Republic Commando 2,and Obsidain rpg game set between eps 3 and 4 as a time for star wars reberls!

  16. The Doctor says:

    They’d have to figure out another studio’s code if they did that. Plus, they have committed to using the Frostbite engine on all their Star Wars projects (if I remember correctly), and I don’t think Lucasarts was using that engine.

    • Implied says:

      Uh, if DICE or whoever from EA was doing SWBF3, they’d start from scratch, not piggyback the work of some other Studio.

      Plus not to mention, they likely don’t even have anything from anyone else. LucasArts might have still had the Monthly Builds, but why would Disney have given them to EA?

  17. Tor says:

    I just hope EA don’t do this the way they’ve done with all other games they published. That would be like raping an innocent child in my eyes.

  18. good idea brining back the game. i though battlefront 2 was good, so lets see how EA go with this one

  19. Battlefront 3 may live again
    our pain may be over soon!

  20. Chaos says:

    I think EA should take the already existing “Version Two”/Battlefront 3 and finish that. That would seriously be enough for me.

    • BigBenC07 says:

      At the very least they should do this. They have a nearly completed game, and then about a year to perfect it. I see no way that they could mess this up, but I’ve said that with nearly every rumor out there.

    • Implied says:

      IIRC LucasArts bought 5 Unreal Engine 3 Licenses, so they were likely using that for “Version Two.” EA wants to phase out Engine Licensing in favour of their own Frostbite Engines. DICE hasn’t used Unreal Engine since Mirror’s Edge.

      Plus I doubt if Disney still has the Data/is willing to share it with EA/EA is willing to piggyback on the work. Lot of variables to consider.

      Cheaper? Yes. Less time? Yes. But DICE might not like it they way it is, might have other ideas, etc.

      Although it would be nice if Disney shared the Internal Builds with EA/DICE. They could add some of the ideas to their own version of SWBF3 at least.

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