EA Will ‘Reveal’ Star Wars Plans at E3 2013

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Well Battlefrontians, it looks like after many years of disappointing E3 events, this years E3 is looking a little bit more exiting! According to Frank Gibeau (President, EA Labels), EA will unveil some of the plans it has in store for the future of Star Wars gaming.

Our E3 briefing “The Download: EA 2013 Preview” will be a showcase of next-generation games like Battlefield 4, Need For Speed, a full range of EA SPORTS games and a first look at our plans for the Star Wars partnership with Disney. Tune in on Monday, June 10 at 1pm PT on Spike TV or at www.ea.com/e3 to experience it all. I’m eager to your reaction in the comments and the forums, Facebook and Twitter.

I’m not sure what to expect from this new ownership with EA, but hopefully they will talk about revisiting some of Star Wars classics like *ahem* Battlefront, Knights of the Old Republic and Republic Commando. Either way, it will be nice to get some information on what they are planning!

What are your thoughts on what they plan to reveal?

Tune into the live broadcast on Spike TV or checkout the live stream at ea.com/e3 on June 10th, 2013.

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  1. Celtic47 says:

    My wishlist for BF3:

    -Improved graphics, but still accessible to a wide range of PC gamers and not just being a poorly optimized console port.

    -Wider range of unit selection with some more balance. Jet troopers were pretty useless, and the pistols overheat MUCH too quickly IMO.

    -Improved AI, especially where Dark Troopers would shock the player and teammates constantly or some units would just stand around doing nothing.

    -Include game modes from the most popular mods, like from BFX or Conversion Mod such as Hero Assault or XL.

    -More than one campaign, including ones for CIS (droid recordings?) and the Alliance and not just Empire and Republic. The 501st journals were still cool for the record.

    -The ability to choose what Hero we’d want available for a mission, or at least a great balancing out of said Heroes. Jango Fett was just lame.

    -Varied and epic space battles! Think punching through the CIS forces over Coruscant as an ARC-170 pilot in the opening scenes of Ep. III, then landing on Grievous’ flagship carrying out objectives throughout the ship itself as Obi-Wan or Anakin, perhaps both (possible co-op option in there?).

    -Huge battles should be the norm unless it would specifically not be due to the setting. I absolutely loved the 32 vs. 32 AI battles.

    -The ships should be more accurate. Republic pilots wouldn’t have access to Jedi interceptors, the ARC-170 should have 2 or 3 seats (kind of odd having a rear turret just… there…), the CIS has specific droid bombers and not Grievous’ ship, etc. This is a somewhat minor quip though. :/

    -More ground-to-air features a la Hoth. Or perhaps something like there’d be capital ships raining down fire upon the battlefield and you can either go for the main objective on the ground, go from the ground to the air and take down the enemy ship (locked in a space battle as well) or go straight for fraggin’ the frigates from the inside out.

    -Old Republic era? Pretty please?

    -Perhaps this is going along with graphics, but make the Heroes look like the dang Heroes. Jango should have his dual Westar pistols, Luke and Han shouldn’t have bowlcuts, and the force wielders shouldn’t all have flashlight-sabers. (BFX actually fixed some of this, hint hint.)

    -Improve the online mode, though this may just come as a given.

    -Extra customization with battles, like getting rid of vehicles, disabling some classes, choosing weapons for all players, etc. Imagine a battle with only rockets flying everywhere… glorious.

    -Give us a complete game, EA. I don’t wanna have to pre-order or pay anything to get a new level.

    Til next time; I’m gonna go play BF2 some more.

  2. Juana says:

    Can I just say that after finding EA Will ‘Reveal’ Star Wars Plans at E3 2013 | Star
    Wars: Battlefront 3 on Pluck, what a relief to find somebody who ultimately understands what they’re writing about on the web. You seriously realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. Many more people should really have a look at this and see this perspective. It’s surprising you’re not more popular, since you most truly have the gift.

  3. Zantkiller says:

    I really hope it is Battlefront from the ground up and not Battlefield in space.

    I don’t trust EA to get it right so I’m going to keep my expectations low.

  4. DC says:

    Yes it sounds VERY EXITING!!(exciting? lol)

  5. Tim says:

    In 10 Hours, we will know the answer!

  6. Jiggnabob says:

    I really hope they release it for PC. I’m to worried about the Xbox One, and im starting to switch. If anything I’ll just go back and play it on my Xbox 36… wait.. what?
    Well ..

  7. I wouldn’t be to opposed to an Empire at War 3…

  8. James says:


  9. Jonathan says:


  10. Ed says:

    I do hope Battlefront 3 releases. There’s a lot of things that I do want to see like a more insight story of the 501st like Battlefront 2 as well as several key battles like Yavin, Hoth and Endor. If EA takes over the game will feel much like Battlefield 3; which is amazing! I’m not interested in that Elite or Renegade Squadron storyline but a better one from the 501st. I think Battlefront 2 gave us a good storyline with a lot to tell so I really want it to be back on PS3 or PS4 and every other good console there.

  11. if EA makes SWBF3 idk how it my turn out but EA did do well on the racing games they made in the past but it will have to suck alot for be not to play it an i say that because i love star wars but now i play COD most of the time and GTA

  12. EventideOne says:

    A lot of people are ticked about this deal, with the whole “EA worst company in the world” thing. The fact remains that Frostbite is probably the best engine I’ve ever seen. And DICE’s capability to make a game look gorgeous and how they write their stories means we are in for some of the best Star Wars games to come.

  13. jumpyhat3 says:

    What if we could play battlefront 3 with the new Illumiroom from Microsoft new kinect 2.0? My reaction this is the best gaming console ever!!!!!!!! for all the years we wanted for this!

    • jumpyhat3 says:

      %$@# me with what I said about the Illumiroom. That was a dumbass comment. Anyway I would like to mention that EA plans to get battlefront 3 out in the new future with get ready for this a RElEASE DATE HOLY !!!!Be excited peps,because I’am. If EA screws this up I’m pushing the thumbs down button 8 times!!!!!

  14. Joe says:

    I just hope if you do make Star Wars battlefront that they don’t change it too much from the previous installments on the console. I did not care too much for renegade squadron or elite squadron. I would take the original Star Wars Battlefront that is redone just to improve graphics, sound effects, music, and computer AI. If they made the AI smarter it would of been better. Plus I am not why the soliders faded if you got too close to a vehicle, wall or object. Not ot mention more details could be added to the original. Wouldn’t that be cool if you had residents of Mos Eisley walking around or sitting in the cantina and they scramble during gunfire. Maybe they are smmuglers, bounty hunters, thieves that don’t want to be caught so they shoot at one particular side or all sides. That would be great!

    • josh says:

      I still have battlefront 1 and two somewhere. they are great games. hopefully they don’t screw up with battlefront 3. I really hope you can connect and play with other players if they make galactic conquest which I think was one of the best game modes.

  15. jumpyhat3 says:

    To get this off my chest the Xbox one is going to either blow our minds or $^#* on all of us so we can switch to Ps4. In any case,WOW YES EA YES!!!! you know I ponder one of the reasons battlefront was getting kicked around a lot was because of George Lucas being a psychopath and not letting battlefront 3 triumph to the end,but this game when it’s in front of our hands SWBF3 will be the most brutally treated game in history bar none and I wouldn’t be surprised if Battlefront 3 got into the Guinness book of world records because LORD it deserves such a title as being the most beaten and kicked around game ever. That’s all I have to say….peace out Battlefrontians and go EA go EA:)

  16. oh boy
    i think we have a bite boys!

  17. OmarNg7X says:

    Assuming a 2015 release, who would have thought back in 2005 that the next battlefront game would come 10 years later under EA and that Lucasarts would cease to exist. Life sure has some big turnarounds…

    A lot of disappointments throughout the years, yet hope of BF3 is still kicking. Never give up!!

    • jumpyhat3 says:

      Hey, that’s very possible,when I was still a child the thought of another battlefront coming out 10 years ahead of time seemed very impossible however as time went on it seem to have become a reality as I’ve gotten older.BTW I own both SWBF and SWBFII for a long time up pretty much got them a month after both releases but that was so long ago it’s very hard to remember.

  18. Hotrock says:

    The new and improved Sim City: Star Wars!!!

  19. Oh gosh, please make battlefront 3 happen. It’s my favourite game in gaming history….. Well Minecraft AND Star Wars Battlefront

  20. Lucas says:

    Please God, let it be Battlefront 3! I´ve been wating for this since the firt battlefront!

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