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EA Opens New Gaming Studio.. Who Smells Battlefront 3??

Good afternoon my fellow Battlefrontians! Some interesting and great news on the Battlefront.. it looks like EA is expanding and opening up a brand new office in Los Angelas for the Battlefield developers of DICE!

According to Kotaku (via WallStreetJournal):

The office isn’t a development studio per se; it’s there to “help with recruiting talent” for the company’s upcoming Star Wars games, which the report says are still in the very early stages of planning.

As much as I know you all like to be kept up to date on video game recruitment drives, the really interesting part of the story is near the end, where DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson tells the WSJ the developers “are looking at either creating an entirely new experience or piggybacking on an older Star Wars game series”.

Also, according to

A tweet from the Battlefield account has revealed some of the jobs on offer in the new LA-based studio, offering some insight into what DICE LA will be working on.

It looks like the studio will be fairly focused on mobile titles, with the development manager role requiring the new hire to “manage and coordinate the maintenance of EA’s Android and iOS catalogue of games”, while anyone wishing to apply for the level designer role should have “familiarity with the mass casual game space” along with “familiarity with a female 35+ gamer demographic” and “has shipped successful social/mobile products” while understanding “monetization and free to play / freemium models.”

PC users may be interested to hear that the gameplay engineer role should have experience of work on PC titles, as well as “experience developing and supporting back end game play systems in a client-server environment (e. g. MMO)”, though seeing as Star Wars: The Old Republic is still rolling on, we can’t see EA rushing to take another Star Wars MMO to market just yet.

I really do love the sound of piggybacking on an older Star Wars game series!! Mmmmmm Battlefront 3 in our future, I smell!! I would also absolutely die for a Knights of the Old Republic 3.. not a MMO though, just a regular old RPG!

The last Battlefront game, Star Wars Battlefront 2, came out in October 2005 for the PlayStation 2, PSP, original Xbox and PC.

What do you think? Is this looking good now for Battlefront 3?

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  1. they better make battle front 3 for xbox360 or there will be alot of unhappy people

  2. I just hope they put it where anybody with any system can at it psp vita ps3 original x box etc.

  3. I remember playing Battlefront 1 & 2 on the ps2. I can’t wait until the third one comes out 😀

  4. Will battlefront 3 be for xbox 360 because i would love that

  5. such wow
    much excitement
    such doge

  6. I have been waiting for a battlefront 3 game for as long as they brought the second game in the franchise out on the ps2 and xbox and i agree with many of your ideas for costumization and a level up system in bf3 and i hope that they do not make disney themed this idea would ruin the game but i do wish that lucasarts was still in control of the star wars gaming empire lets hope that this battlefront will change our idea about the battlefront games and create a new generation for star wars games

  7. these are what i think that it should have:
    1. character personalization.
    2. character customization
    3. friendly fire on/off.
    4. instant action(especially mos eisley hero assault).
    5. galactic conquest.
    6. almost never ending awesome campaign modes.
    7. split screen & other modes(of course).
    8. can play on any system(psp, ps vita, ps2, ps3, xbox 360, xbox, xbox 720, ds, 3ds, wii, wii u, etc.)
    9. flying ships on almost every planet.
    10 from lucasarts & DICE only(not Disney or EA)
    11. awesome graphics.
    12. cool upgrades(including: Explosive blaster pistol, grenade launcher, bowcaster, chaingun, health & ammo, jet pack, deployable shields, bothan spy’s incinerator & invisibility, Wookie’s toughness,droideka’s ball mode, droideka’s infinite blasters, droideka’s almost inpenetratable shield, someone with 2
    double-headed lightsabers[or four], Starkiller and the characters off of starwars the force unleashed, and last, but not least, someone with 2 double-headed lightsabers[or four])

    if all of this and more was possible it would be beyond insanely & infinitely awesome.

  8. F*** yes i am pumped it is battlefront 3 😀 there will be partying tonight 😀

  9. I hope they add in the ability to customize my guns or characters and have melee on all characters so I don’t always have to shoot them.

  10. So im thinking having dice develop the game will be very good. what i do want: an amazing dice first person shooter with amazing graphics and story line and maps etc. what i dont want: shooting someone with a laser gun then there brains flying all over the place and maby not even star wars guns. but i think this game has overall great potential and will do good in dices hands. unless it ends up being a bloodbath

  11. battlefield with a star wars theme.

  12. i hope the battlefront3 will be also available to xbox also.

  13. i think it is so cheesy.

  14. I just hope they keep the option between first person and third person. Because sometimes I find third person very very fun.

  15. As long as they keep the features and keep it a 3rd person game. I don’t want star wars battlefield, I want star wars battlefront. Pleas dice just update the graphics add some more maps and maybe just a few tweaks but make it feel like the same game I fell in love with. And for the love of god give us a campaign with a good story following the 501st from when they fought for the republic then play as the empire was very enjoyable maybe even multiple campaigns would be awesome.

  16. i think as long as EA takes all of the design and development then it should be a great game, unless they try to hand it off to one of their struggling studios, but if they give it to a studio like DICE itll be great, id prefer it if disney just sat back and slapped their name on it like they did with kingdom hearts (go squeenix!) , i dont care if they do nothing and make money off it, they are NOT a video game studio as much as they would like to think otherwise ( epic mickey? really? 😛 )

  17. I really want to see split screen. Nothing annoys me more than first person shooter that has no split screen multi player, -AHEM- Battlefield 3 -cough cough-

  18. Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 were exceptional games that I grew up with and taught my two brothers, it was by far a put down and come right back to it whenever game. If you guys make a third, just be sure to keep the old school fun of it but give it a fresh new look. I’m sure thtd make EVERYONE happy. Thx

  19. If we get to play as jar jar Binks in battlefront 3 then I will take him into the biggest grill ever and give him such a nice tan it will give him a severe case of skin cancer. Reason why I would want to do this one I hate jar jar because he started the events leading up to and during the original trilogy.reason two jar jar is just a parasite to the star wars without him star wars would be the best sci fi series ever imo. If Disney puts jar jar in episode 7 (which I find extremely unlikely) then their goes my childhood in a nutshell:( but lets hope it never happens okay.

  20. I really think this is great news for Battlefront 3. As long as DICE doesn’t try to make it too Battlefield it holds a lot of potential seeing as they reign supreme in the “open battlefield type games”. Hopefully they will fix Battlefront 2’s mistakes, like the complete lack of ships in ground maps, and really kick out a great game.

  21. I think that a Battlefront III would be really interesting, just as long as Disney keeps its distance, last thing we need are mouse ears coming out of the side of the Death Star. I think it would be cool if they could weld together some concepts and ideas from both battlefronts like Battlefront I’s ability to give advanced commands (BF2 only had commands on the computer) and the ability to have flying vehicles on regular battlefields (BF2 only had those on Hoth). Now if you combined that with BF2’s space battles and a vast variety of heroes and add in a melee ability and sharp graphics, you could have a really kick@$$ game in your hands.

    • Alexander Mussinan

      I agree, I also think that as u rank up u should be able to change the color and design of your armour like in the movies I think this would make a lot of money and I can tell u I would buy it. I hope they create this game because it would be a huge it. Can’t wait.

    • the more you bad mouth the company the less likely they will acctually make the game you idiots i hope you all stop and they can make the game without oh the graphics should be better or oh disney should do their homework just shut up all of you critics out there and stop complaining and make fun of the game after its out

  22. Ok so what that tells me is if avalanche studios made a star wars game Lucas arts would still exist and we would get version 2 in our hands playing it like no tomorrow that Disney… just…oh man who the @^&$ wants to start a riot. Listen I’ve owned battlefront 1 and 2 ever since it came out and to read the comment below is….making my blood flamed with 100% rage and pain.

  23. I just read one of the most unbelieveable articles ever. avalanche studios the people behind the Just Cause series where almost going to make open world star wars game which would’ve well…saved Lucas arts in the long run. Just literally unbelieveable disney pulled a nasty stunt on us like that. Well….another good reason to frown at Disney.

    • Before hearing this news, I would have agreed with you. Disney are a bunch of greedy bastards, that’s just a fact. But maybe I was wrong when I said in an earlier update that Star Wars games are dead. They might just have a fighting chance, so don’t completely give up just yet.

  24. I think this is brilliant 😀 I for one have been waiting way too long to get bitchy about a Battlefront III Premium, I just want the game! And actually I think the one positive thing about Premium is that there will be endless content and support, that is something EA does do well, so I can’t wait!

  25. As long as EA’s Battlefront 3 has Instant Action mode with Split-screen (so I can play with a friend or sibling), it’s all good.

    • Split screen? Are you kidding?
      BF3 Should be DX11 attention to PC priority.
      Without PC, you don’t get, nor have BF3, COD crap, Battlefront etc. They owe us, bigtime.
      Let the consoles get the crumbs that fall where they may.

      • Re: Do keep in mind that the consoles “keep pc alive”

        • Lol? Without Consoles we’d have far less PC issues, far more PC Sales, & overall far better PC Games.

          • All thats true but many people (myself inccluded) enjoy the idea of a system designed solely for gaming and pc isnt that. On my ps3 i never have to worry about wether my hardware is up to snuff, i spent 300 bucks and im done no constant purchases of new graphics cards or other things needed to keep the system at the top of its game. This way i the consumer get the best experince possible. sadly with the current generation and next on its way it seems like devolopers son and microsoft and nintendo have lost sight of that with all their talk of social media and always on drm. That said consoles are still a more pure form of gaming than pc ever was, is or could be. Without them the games industry would not be as large or as great as it is today. So suck on that with your pretentios pc gaming talk.

  26. There’s been a strange trend that every company that has touched SWBFIII so far has, strangely enough, failed in some form or another. Rebellion was the most successful failure, because they actually got a game out from it. I’m praying this fate does not befall DICE. Granted, Free Radical’s administration or LucasArts’ shutdown… neiter fate is likely to befall DICE (if all else fails, they have BF4 to fall back on). DICE can make a decent and satisfying game, and I pray that they’ll do their homework and play previous entries in the series to find out exactly what made them so great.

    • Honestly, I am a tad concerened about DICE, or EA for that matter, controlling the fate of SWBF3 (if at all they are/will). I have faith that they will make some outstanding Star Wars games, but I can’t help but remain somewhat skeptical about the quality of what, I’m sure, would now be their version. By quality I am of course referring to features that were enjoyed in the previous titles that may be changed or completely omitted, split screen, single player, 3rd/1st person, to name only a meager few. To me, that is cause for relative concern as I would not particularly want a Star Wars “Battlefield” 3. Don’t get me wrong, the Battlefield series are great games in their own right, but as ggctuk stated, as much as I want SWBF3 one way or another, I too hope they do their homework and integrate what has already been devloped for the title before slapping a Star Wars “paint job” on a battlefield type game. Only time will tell…

      • Hopefully they solve Frostbite’s Blue-Hue issues as well. BF3 was ridiculously annoying to play, kept making me think someone got a Time Machine & went through Picasso’s Blue Period. Ugh 😐 Can you imagine flying an ARC-170 with a layer of blue on top? /Barf.

  27. I’m just saying…. TFU3. That would be “piggybacking.” I hope that doesn’t happen but it would not suprise me in the sligtest if EA dissappointed us.

  28. I dunno, to be honest I’m very skeptical about the whole situation. Obviously it’s now more likely that a new game will emerge under the Battlefront name, but will it truly be Battlefront? I have a bad feeling it’ll be more of a Star Wars Battlefield game. They’ll make it much more accessible and they won’t include what made Battlefront a unique shooter.

    • Exactly what I’ve been thinking. It’s great that EA is doing something with the Star Wars Franchise, but this “exclusive” thing is worrying. EA has a record of milking & abandoning things once they’re done with them. Studio after Studio has been bought out, nuked, & destroyed by them.

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they did the same thing to Star Wars. I mean, look at SWtOR. Its a good game, granted, but its nothing “godlike” or groundbreaking. DICE working on SWBF3 would be great, but how good would it really be?

      I’d love SWBF3 from DICE as much as the next person, but what if it comes with “Star Wars: Battlefront 3: Premium”? We need to remember after all, this IS EA we’re talking about, not LucasArts.

  29. EA+STAR WARS+going back to old game series=STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3!!!!!!! You rock EA,funny how that’s the first time I’ve said that:)in a long time!Go EA Go EA.

  30. Actually, technically the last battlefront game was Battlefront: Elite Squadron, which came out in 2009 for the PSP Mr. Article!…And there was DS version, but we don’t talk about that.

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