The Demise of Lucasarts and a look at Battlefront 3

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So here we are, LucasArts has been officially put to rest by Disney. Very interesting. I must admit, I really didn’t see that coming but some people are saying it’s for the best, while others are simply pissed off at Disney for shutting them down and cancelling everything that they had in development. I guess time will really tell what this means for us and the Star Wars gaming world. has come into the spotlight again and released some great information on LucasArts and the last months that eventually lead to their shutdown by Disney, and… wait for it! A sneak peak at what could have been Battlefront 3. The original post by revealed leaked footage that was Star Wars: First Assault, and according to, First Assault did not include any vehicles. The second video they just posted (code named “Version Two”) was intended to be released as Battlefront 3.

In the coming months, up until just a couple of weeks ago, LucasArts staff were working on three projects: Star Wars: First Assault, Star Wars 1313, and a smaller project internally referred to as “Version Two,” according to two sources familiar with the situation.

Kotaku has obtained video footage of this “Version Two” project, which you can see below:

In the video, you can see all sorts of vehicle combat: the player, looking from a first-person perspective, zips around in X-Wings and AT-AT Walkers while shooting down TIE Fighters and other Star Wars-y vehicles. The art isn’t final, but the combat looks very cool: one section, for example, shows multiple players riding on hoverbikes and shooting lasers at everything in their paths.

First Assault, as we reported a few weeks ago, didn’t have any vehicles. Version Two did.

This is because, according to multiple sources, developers at LucasArts planned to turn Version Two into Star Wars: Battlefront III, the highly-anticipated third game in the Battlefront shooter series that has shuffled from developer to developer over the past few years. This time, LucasArts hoped to make it themselves.

Leaked Battlefront III Footage by All-Games-Beta

Check out the full article here.

I swear if Disney screwed up our chances for Battlefront 3, I am going to extremely pissed as I am sure a lot of my fellow Battlefrontians probably will be.

So now we are sitting here and have no clue what’s in store for us in the future. What a bummer…

Thoughts and opinions?!

Video below:

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  1. This is rediculous! A franchise as good as Star Wars should not be given to a company as lousy as Disney! Disney kills good things!

  2. gabriel says:

    I wonder if anyone is going to make (just a suggestion) star wars theft auto in my opinion it would be a game where your a bounty hunter and you can steal ships pickpocket when a person is killed you can take stuff out of the his/her inventory go to the black market to get guns and drugs that sort of stuff it’s a mix between grand theft auto and sky rim.

  3. Droideka says:

    I had a dream about this game last night. I’m hoping, with some desperate, wacky kind of hope, that it’s a sign that someone out there will make this game.

  4. Seb says:

    LUCASARTS BATTLEFRONT LOOKED AMAZAIng and so did first assualt, sw 1313 and they were about to redem themselves

  5. To be honest I am quite looking forward to the new BF. It could be good…or it could be pretty mediocre but I don’t think it will be particularly bad in comparison to some of the other games in the franchise. I also wouldn’t have minded 1313 as I quite enjoy the Uncharted games and 1313 looked as if it was going in a similar direction. I do however wish they would release an MMO RPG better than SW:TOR. The issue I have with SW:TOR is that it is to “WoW”…I really cannot stand the simple and repetitive number pushing and mouse clicking as it makes the game feel less immersive…I want to feel I have more control over my character…especially when I have a blaster and there’s not even an aiming interface…the game bored the hell out of me.

  6. Are you kidding me? you guys are just going to complain? send some dxxx emails and make a movement so they will make the games, i want those games as much as you guys but just complaining is not gonna get us anywhere. have faith, we shall tell disney to atleast sell deluxe editions of previous games and maybe they will make the game when they see how mush money they could make off of it. come on guys, the force is the fans, the only thinggg that fuels the star wars universe is us, not disney, we are what disney needs to make star wars a profit and damnit we want to spend our money on good games and good movies that pretain to star wars. come on fellow fans! we shall have a battle front 3 and other star wars related games!! we shall have it! come on! we can do it!

  7. AT-AT says:

    You never know, its all about the money and how much effort people will put into this game whether or not it’ll come out. But if it is still in production then I beg them to make it with;
    1) Incredible Graphics, like being able to destroy your suroundings, besides for actual graphics. Like in “STAR WARS THE FORCE UNLEASHED”
    2) LimitlessFreedom, like being able to fight in a huge, almost boundryless ground, air, and space battle. Being able to go anywhere in a space cruiser. Being able to do almost anything. Like “STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2”, but more like it’s first version, but with more kick.
    So if the game is completed it would be awesome, and I’ll hope it has [what I would call] the two main characteristics of an awesome game.

  8. Joe says:

    That video was disgraceful.
    No 3rd person. SWBF was the only shooter I ever did 3rd person. ;(
    Imbalanced graphics, just like Battlefield. I mean that walker was like 4x the height of the buildings on Tatooine… It would only be two and IN PROPORTION if it was implemented with the same original graphic system.
    These graphics are shockingly close to that unanimously unloved thing called the Clone Wars cartoons.
    Such a complicated interface for Battlefront. The UI was dumbed down for a reason.
    If they continue, and along with the movies, they will just soil the name. Before it was in bad times, but this will just burn the name of Star Wars.

    • ryan says:

      Why are you moaning about a game that isn’t even made properly yet. DICE are taking feedback from everyone to make the most unforgettable battlefront game to date. If you’re watching BETA footage from a game that doesn’t come out for another 2 years then expect things to look bad. The game is Not going to look like this on release on 2015 so don’t be dissapointed by this footage.

  9. Dude102 says:

    Well DUH people of course it doesn’t look that good, it still has like, several months of development to go into it. Wait for a public release straight from EA, I guarantee it will look 100% better.

  10. Trevor says:

    i to will be mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. {(SS)}Ace says:

    Well maybe not… it look ok but it does NOT look like battlefront more like battlefield. Please make it more like the OLDER versions or name it an entire different game because Battlefront is BATTLEFRONT and not some other game.

  12. {(SS)}Ace says:

    aghhhhh!!! Star Wars Battlefront 3 look COMPLETELY different than Battlefront 2!?!?! I also saw that there was noooo third person; I hope they put third person in it because THAT is ALL I PLAY as. I have been so excited for it to come out but now it looks dumb. LUCAS ARTS ROCK!!!!!!!!

  13. Søren says:

    I miss Star Wars battlefront 🙁

  14. rcristo says:


  15. ShadowWolf12 says:

    Well, im nominating Disney to be the next EA

  16. JimBo says:

    DICE will make Star Wars: Battlefield. Thats the bet you’ll get unless you dust off your old copies of SWBF and SWBF2… i know i will…

  17. Kaleb says:

    If you really think about it, Disney shutting down LucasArts isn’t that bad. You have to take a few things into account. For one, LucasArts hasn’t released a GOOD Star Wars game in quite some time (Old Republic was a huge letdown btw). Sure there were good games they were working on, but we’ve all known for a long time 1313 and the rest would have completely died under LucasArts. Disney closed LucasArts and Star Wars games can now be “licensed” instead of in-house development. This is a new opportunity for developers to grasp onto the Star Wars title. I want to see how all of this plays out, and if 1313 can be healed and released under the new “licensing” terms, then maybe, just maybe 1313 will bring balance to the Force!

  18. Tailor says:

    Darth Disney: “This will be a day long remembered, it has seen the end of Lucasarts and will soon see the end of Battlefront fans”

  19. David says:

    I think what they are doing is going to postpone the next battlefront till they release the next movie just like what was done with the past battlefronts. I think it totally sucks we will have to wait but I do believe with Disney pocket books we could get a full fledged AAA title. Also look at the current titles on the market COD, BF3 and soon to be BF4 There isn’t room for a game like this right now at least to be as competitive as they would want. So really we just need to wait…….some more. I would bet my right nut that next E3 will for sure have something star wars.

  20. Josiah says:

    Disney better not have ruined battlefront for us,or I think it was George’s fault he should have finished his projects before selling off the company!Someone needs to contact disney!

  21. Rob says:

    Hi, been following this site on and off since ’07

    Disney’s published statement mentioned that they are moving Lucasarts’ business model from publishing games to licensing games. That now means that video game publishers like EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc. can contract their studios to develop Star Wars games if they can get the license from Disney.

    The statement just meant that Lucasarts will no longer be dealing with the development process. Now its not up to Lucasarts but the other big video game publishers if Battlefront 3 is to be made.

    Cheer up fellas. I hope the third person gameplay comes back though because although 1st person was a refreshing way to enjoy SWBF2, the video reminded me more of Call of Duty with Star Wars skins.

  22. Brandon says:

    Why do they have to do this! When I saw the trailer I was so exited! I just hope disney decides to release the game or my head will blow off! ):

  23. who in their right mind would shut down lucasarts

    I never really liked disney in the fist place anyways

  24. Rhy says:

    I’ve been waiting for BFIII to come out for years, The Star Wars: Battlefront series is one of my all time favorite game series. Disney doesn’t care about what fans want, they care about what they think they can make the most money on. So unless they see tons of dollar signs when they look at Battlefront, I doubt it will happen.

  25. jumpyhat3 says:

    Do I dare mention that a small dedicated fan base has made a true sequel to battlefront 2 called Battle cry similar to you know “wink wink”.

  26. jumpyhat3 says:

    okay,that does it Disney,I’m finished with you canceling everything left and right.First, you shut down the clone wars which was a brilliant series season 2-5,one wasn’t so on top.second,you shut down Lucas arts AND shut down all current projects including star wars battlefront 3.And third, you prevented monkey island from ever getting developed by people who enjoy playing that game.So strike one,strike two,strike three,your out Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Harry says:

    Come on Disney, please finish and release this. Or just some HD version of battlefront 2. I need SOMETHING!

  28. Neo says:

    nobody knows what is going with bf 3 … other wise there will be no more disney anymore lmao … disney bastards u even try to rule seas by creating disney magic and disney wonder lmao iTs ur own cruiseship pathetic fk u bastards..
    let the battle front 3 begin 😀

  29. killianx says:

    I am more optimistic I think Disney will eventually make a BF3 game and other games for SW. why wouldnt they? they are money makers!

  30. Ascertes says:

    After watching this gameplay, I am glad it wasn’t released. I would have put the game down probably after a month. This doesn’t even feel like Battlefront. The whole “Find a Teammate to heal you” crap was a COMPLETE rip off of FPS games already existing. I can go on about this but i’ll keep it short:

    This was only Battlefront in name.

    • jumpyhat3 says:

      in reply to Ascertes: You are the stupidest person on the planet to make such a comment do you even realize what your dealing with? A gaming franchise that has been waiting for a sequel for 8 long years and we deserve to have such a game put in front of us. Not to mention the fact that star wars battlefront 2 was the first game in history to feature ship vs ship combat that was epic as it gets. So go play your cod multiplayer and leave this dedicated fan base in peace!

  31. Andrew G. says:

    That game footage looks amazing! The only problem: No 3rd person view!

  32. Disney said that Lucasarts would no longer develop games, it would just be used for licensing.Lucasarts never made Battlefront Pandemic did.Besides either Disney or Lucasarts(One of them not sure which one) said there was a slim chance they would license the games to other companies. Ea could take over First Assault and Battlefront 3. Ea made Battlefield 3 which is very similar to the gameplay which is being presented to us. As for Star Wars 1313 I would rather have them cancel it and release Battlefront 3. Lucasarts being gone isn’t much of a tragedy it’ll be the same without them. They rarely made they’re games they just licensed them.

  33. Don't Care says:

    At this point, I don’t care if Battlefront III looks like the end result of Battlefield and Call of Duty after they were put in a blender together. Just release this game. Please.

  34. gabriel says:

    Well, I am just going to cry…., disney should of died before 1999.

  35. Moe says:

    We need to start a petition!

  36. Anakin says:

    This doesn’t mean it’s the end. Disney could out-source the making of Battlefront III and other Star Wars games to other companies. Could you imagine a Studio like Dice making a Battlefront game? Everything Star Wars touches turns to gold, I’m sure somebody else will carry the torch.

  37. jumpyhat3 says:

    If Disney puts Jar Jar Binks in episode 7,I’m running out of the theater, packing my bags to Disney’s headquarters,pulling the gun on the director,and making the ENTIRE company watch the prequel trilogy and have Yoda say: to the darkside…Disney has gone,and making them all realize how foolish they all look just watching jar jar scream on an ATT. By the time I leave Disney they are going to fear us and listen to us and demand lucasarts to come back and finish version two.

  38. jumpyhat3 says:

    to clear things up quickly that wasn’t my last comment,now I actually was first to comment because I commented at 4:00 when I thought no one was their. on top of that I got distracted before ever posting the comment so my sincere apology.

  39. cole stone says:

    looks like a modern warfare version of Star Wars. they need to keep to the Star Wars code and make it almost identical to battlefront 2. and also Disney is destroying Star Wars by making 3 more movies and getting rid of Lucasarts.

  40. Basically, First Assault was like SW COD and Version Two/Battlefront III is like SW BF? Well, sucks it’s been cancelled, looks like it had potential.

  41. The title of that says Star Wars: Wingman, so it looks like they were trying to jump into the FPS area. I’m happy they didn’t, because that’s not what Battlefront was about. I do believe we’ll get it though. Disney is a company that knows how to make money, and I’m sure someone there knows how big of a cash cow Battlefront 3 would be

  42. Not Of This World says:

    Darn it! Disney NEEDS to sell this game to someone who will make it.

  43. Iwantbf3noa says:

    This is extremely foolish on Disney’s behalf. They need to wait for episode 7 to come out before the hack and slash anymore at the star wars series. True fans of the series need confirmation that Disney knows what they are doing before they can be so bold as to cancel BFIII. We lost 1313, First Assault, the clone wars, the 3D, remakes, Lucas Arts, AND NOW BATTLEFRONT IIII!!! This has crossed the line. We got angry birds star wars and confirmation that J.J. Abrams (who ruined Star Trek) will be direction episode 7. So far Disney has given us nothing and taken away almost everything star wars that we had to look forward to for the next few years! Episode 7 better be the best damn Star Wars movie EVER made, maybe even the best MOVIE ever made because we have lost so much because of it/Disney’s plan to release a second trilogy. All we have in return is speculation…

    Even if episode 7 turns out right, what happened to “business as usual” for lucas arts when Disney bought star wars? Dirty liars…

  44. Russell says:

    Someone should e-mail or call disney

  45. I say we protest everything Diney related until Battlefront 3 is: announced, released and is a great game.

  46. Chase says:

    First, Disney shuts down LucasArts and I am mad. BUT, then I read somewhere that Disney could sell the franchises and IP’s of the games, and I figured we’d be getting new Star Wars games left and right. Then I was happy.
    But now that I see that LucasArts had a VERY similar game to Battlefront in the works, PLUS FIRST ASSAULT, being cancelled, I am heartbroken. This looked pretty good, but buggy, but it was still early. Don’t really care, though. We had another chance at Battlefront, but no. It appears yet another version of it is canned.
    Now we wait for someone to pick up Battlefront again, and hope it comes through…

  47. Douglas Quiad says:

    Maybe one day…Hopefully they’ll wise up and give us what we want.

  48. Initially, I had a lot of faith in Disney to revive Star Wars. But now, after this little stunt they’ve pulled, I really don’t think they have any clue what they’re doing with the franchise. They’re killing it more than they are bringing it back. After almost 8 years, Battlefront 3 was finally on its way and those assholes just had to shut down Lucasarts altogether. If the new movies aren’t better than even the original trilogy, I am going to develop a permanant hatred of Disney. >:(

    • Lewis Goldberg says:

      It isn’t entirely Disney. Just some people in it. Develop a hatred of Disney Channel if you want.

      • This is true, but I am still not convinced that the idiots who made this decision are going to take good care of our beloved franchise. Personally, the only Disney movies that I truly fell in love with were Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Lion King, and Dinosaur. The others I’ve seen vary from alright to terrible. As I said before, these new Star Wars films had better be totally outstanding or I will be pissed.

        • seriously EA have named DICE as one of their developers for a new Star Wars game. What possible game do you think it could be?

          I’m not remotely interested in new movies – they will never live up to the original trilogy for me – but Battlefront 3 developed by the makers of Battlefield, the game Battlefront apes, could be a winner imo.

          • nemesis says:

            I just hope they will use the same game programmers otherwise the game will lose it’s thing

          • Ethan Morris says:

            I completely agree. If EA put DICE as one of their developers, it’s definitely gonna be Battlefront 3. If DICE puts in the Frostbite 2 engine that’s gonna be used in Battlefield 4, imagine the destruction that you could cause with a Y-Wing bomber or AT-AT.

        • hotrock says:

          Well that bad news because all those movies came from pixar.

    • Kal Skirata says:

      Does this mean no more Star Wars games? Not likely.

      Does this mean we will see the old franchises return? Not likely.

      SW: TIE Fighter
      SW: Rogue Squadron
      SW: KoTOR
      SW: Jedi Knight
      SW: TFU
      SW: 1313
      SW: Republic Commando
      SW: EAW

      You will be sorely missed.

      ▲ ▲

      • Zoeres says:

        Most of those titles were already dead. Star Wars 1313 didn’t seem to be more than a generic cover based shooter, anyhow.

        Battlefront III seems to still be on the table and EA was already the current developer of the KotOR series (yes, The Old Republic counts). I would love to see more of Rogue Squadron, but let’s be realistic, even if LucasArts still were the publisher, the games would most likely not be made by the same people after so much time passed by and the technology has changed enough to make the games entirely different anyhow, so it makes little difference if it’s based on a new SW title or if it picks up on an old one.

    • Griffin says:

      Star wars Battlefront 3 was in progress during may 2008 and was stopped because LucasFilms simply didn’t have the money to put into these games. That is the reason he sold the franchise to disney, it was because he didn’t have enough money to make the next trilogy. Disney doesn’t do much in the actual gaming industry. They publish the game but they dont make it or call the shots on whats going to be proceeded or not.

      • Implied says:

        “Walks into any bank in the World. Hi, my name is George Lucas. I want to discuss a loan for a new Star Wars Movie Trilogy.”
        “WHAT? HELL YES. Please, take a seat. How much? Just that? Please, take some more. TAKE MY WIFE TOO.”

        Seriously? Come on.

    • Keoni says:

      Star Wars battlefront 3 is still coming out and then best peolpe to make it have stepped up Dice the makers of the best multiplayer ever and game battlefield 3 and bioware makers of best camping ever mass effect. And then ea dont really care about them.

    • matt says:

      dude… bs
      we all know what u mean
      and yes where are plans for invasions of Disneyland worldwide and the desecration of Walt Disney’sgrave
      you don’t mean hatred you mean ” listen Disney – if you up then the movie fight club will happen for real
      but disney will be the target
      ethier way
      if they do a good job.. and if we burn it to the ground

  49. Alexander says:

    Its not battlefront without some key features, such as 3rd person I saw they did it for ships however. Also the clones vs droids, this looks like a battlefield type game but nonetheless I would still pay big for this and play it everyday.

  50. Tyler says:

    It looks cool, but it needs to have a 3rd person option. That’s kind of what makes it battlefront. I really doubt they wouldn’t have put that in though, unless they were very stupid. Still, somebody needs to make this game.

    • Cody says:

      The Whole game has completly different graphics than I and II, they could have kept it somewhat similar to the others games. Plus there isnt any third person! All I ever used was third person. I also hope that the veiw from vehicles is easier to see than in the video becuase I dont want half the screen blocked by details on a land speeder.

  51. Battlefront fans must be the most tortured set of fans this gen

    8 years(and counting) of Torture!!

  52. Roger says:

    If Disney is smart, they shall release the game. I just want Battlefront 3 now, or something close to it.

  53. jumpyhat3 says:

    I guess I’m the only one to comment(long pause)I guess this is the last comment on this page for a LONG time.STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3 shall always be in our hearts forever.R.I.P lucasarts,and most of all R.I.P….swbf3. The 7 years we have waited for SWBF3 have been wasted. I know I’m as heartbroken as everyone else is and nitro…..the only hope we have is the long dead video’s of this game. I want a run…I want to fight….I will never be the same without…!!!!!!!!!

  54. Superman says:

    Looks like a BF3 clone which is great because that game is kick

  55. Michael says:

    Please, please release this game

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