LucasArts is Finished

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After 31 years LucasArts has come to a close. Disney released official word earlier today that they would be shutting the game publishing segment down.

After evaluating our position in the games market, we’ve decided to shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games. As a result of this change, we’ve had layoffs across the organization. We are incredibly appreciative and proud of the talented teams who have been developing our new titles.”

It seems that as of now we can assume that all LucasArts projects are on hold, possibly indefinitely. Disney will likely retain all the assets but would have to license out the development job with no internal team to work on the projects. That likely means we won’t be seeing 1313, First Assault and of course, Battlefront 3, for quite some time.

Despite LucasArts disappearing and the oncoming drought of Star Wars video games we still have the new trilogy to look forward to. Disney will almost certainly release all new Star Wars media upon the trilogy’s debut in 2015. That means we have quite some time to wait before we see anything substantial in the video game side of Star Wars and hopefully it will be worth the wait.

For extended information on LucasArts shutting down check out the GameInformer article.

For a video┬ásynopsis and alternate analysis check out HelloGreedo’s video.

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  1. How dare they! they could of made BATTLEFRONT 3 Also if they look back maybe a Republic Commando 2!

    “Sigh” Another decade or so till we receive these games or even NEVER.

  2. Alex says:

    i hate the fact they even bought the entire star wars franchise why would they do that they are only going to ruin star wars even more than with the clone wars series

  3. Alex says:

    For those of you who this this is good battlefront 3 was being made right after battlefront2 but pandemic went under haunting production so lucasearts took it apron themselves to work with 3 different big name company’s to finish it they have been working on it for years Disney is only slowing down or canceling this process it is a BAD thing now who knows who is going to get to make Star Wars games could be a company with no respect for Star Wars and where will you be then I’ve alwase loved there games like republic commando and knights of the old republic of course the battlefronts so don’t think they where letting it die they where trying really hard to give it to you show some love and respect for Lucasarts side note there are patitions on Facebook to save Lucasarts if anyone cares enough about this great company

  4. Bulldog says:

    Whyyyy Disney why did you do this we have waited about 10 years and now you stop it wow just wow I’m sad disney there was a time when you made me and us the people happy now we the people are mad and sad but someone may buy starwars rights so they can make starwars battlefront 3 but we might not :[.

  5. Justin says:

    Kotaku just released an article and video about a game referred to as “Version Two” by the internal development team at LucasArts. Guess what game that was supposed to be…

  6. EpicEthan97 says:

    Just when possibilities were starting to come to light for SWBF3, the studio shuts down :'(
    I hope we at least get First Assault

  7. hHayabusa says:

    We’ve waited countless years to see a hard-hitting Star Wars computer game title. With LucasArts closed, the wait, as you say, will be even longer. Does this mean the hope of a Battlefront 3 is closer to its demise?

  8. Nathan says:

    I am actually hoping that 343 Get the licensing for Battlefront 3 , since after pandemic studios (the creators of Battlefront 1 + 2) closed, over a dozen of their employees got employed at 343.

  9. jumpyhat3 says:

    Wow did I see this coming,I don’t know how or why but I just did. I absolutely loved playing battlefront 1 and 2. Here’s the problem that we see with Lucas arts being kicked out,the problem is, is that when it comes to star wars games who would they turn to,to get SWBF3 out the door? If you don’t know who your turning it to…then your not probably gonna get what you wish for.I mean unless there smart about this,but that is my opinion.

  10. Superman says:

    I know this isn’t battlefront related, but there’s talk of a boba fett spinoff movie by going back and exploring his past, but I think it would be cool if boba used his specialized skills like the arm mounted flamethrower/rocket launcher, and his jet pack to kill the sarlacc and escape. I know its a long shot, but boba fetts a badass and it could really make a cool story that ties into the next trilogy.

  11. gustavo says:

    I think Treyarch or infinity ward should get the rights for first assault since it looks a lot like COD, in my opinion. I just hope battlefront 3 comes out…idc who make it honestly i just want it out around 2014 hopefully

    • Alex says:

      …….did you really just say that have you ever played republic commando it plays nothing like COD maybe a little like halo but not like cod

  12. This might work to our advantage. Disney could sell the rights for Battlefront to a game developer. Then we might get it!

  13. Egbert says:

    Hopefully someone will get the rights for First Assault. I was looking forward to it. Especially since it seemed like it was literally days away from being finished.

  14. DerekF says:

    LucasArts closing is sort of a double-edged sword. On one hand, this is probably gonna really hurt the TV/Movie aspect of Star Wars, with more shows and movies aiming at trying to get young viewers interested in Star Wars. But on the other hand, this is great news for future Star Wars video games. Liscensing out Star Wars games opens up so many possibilities for some really great games. It sucks to see so many people losing their jobs though.

    • VibroKnife says:

      Disney didnt let the gorey dark side of prince of persia keep them from making it as a pg-13. And really, star wars was not meant to be an r rated film or tv show. I hope its at least a pg-13 or tv-14. just i hope they leave the lore and the franchise alone and let lucasfilm do their duties.

  15. Tillman says:

    I agree with metallicorphan. When I first heard this news, I was more hopeful than distraught. From what we know, LucasArts didn’t have plans to revive Battlefront any time soon. With the termination of the IP owners, room is made for outside studios with a love for the BF series to try their hand at development. Hell, I’m making an indie game right now, and if I ever get big in the industry I’ll do whatever it takes to make the Battlefront 3 we’ve all been waiting for. If LucasArts was still around that never would’ve been possible…

    Have hope my brothers!

  16. William says:

    And I was actually looking forward to the 2 new games they were developing. Sad to see them go.

  17. Justin says:

    It’s sad that LucasArts came to a close. Though it honestly isn’t that surprising, LucasArts hasn’t done too well over the past couple years. I really figured that LucasArts could redeem themselves (to the eyes of the public) if 1313 and First Assault came out, but whats done is done. I’m sure Disney won’t have too much trouble licensing out Star Wars games to different developers, but the soonest we’ll probably hear anything about any future Star Wars games will probably be a couple years from now, if not more. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from waiting for Battlefront III; it’s how to be patient. So in 2015-2016 were going to be getting a lot of Star Wars content, whether it will be any good or not, is yet to be determined.

  18. I know you guys are all disappointed but apart from the nostalgia of great LA games,this could actually be the best news of 2013…instead of LucasArts doing nothing..and lets face it they were a mess!! and have been for quite a few years…now we can get outside Developers to make our games

    I mean LucasArts decision to go in-house a year or two ago was the dumbest decision ever,seen as though what they actually have done for this gen is pretty much nothing(Joint Devs on Force Unleashed 1 and 2)

    Star Wars Battlefront III was currently nowhere(apparently waiting on how First Assault did)…it may sound funny,but we may even get SWBF3 FASTER now!!

    Obviously this gen is lost now,next gen is where it will be at for Star Wars(and even Indiana Jones) games

    now they have changed to a licensing model…Christ,the amount of games that could happen now is outstanding KOTOR3,Republic Commando 2,X-Wing Tie Fighter,Jedi Knight..and hopefully a new stream of new IPs….the list could go on

    I just hope the 150 or so laid off can get a new job quickly…Gearbox and Ubisoft have already been advertising for new devs today

    • Tillman says:

      Well let’s hope it’s not Gearbox that they run to. My prediction is that studio going down the shitter soon. I mean think about it, Borderlands is their only moneymaker, and there’s only so many games you can make in a series before it gets stale and fan’s wallets move on. Then again, this could be my hatred of that company speaking considering I was gullible enough to shell out $60 for the pile of trash that was Aliens: CM

    • Nitro says:

      Mmmmm Knights of the Old Republic 3… *wipes drool*

  19. Dylan says:

    *sigh* I knew I fely a disturbance in the middle of play rehearsal.
    Thats when I found about this bull****. I can’t believe Disney is doing this to the star wars fans. First it was star wars the clone wars which was a reall good show and now they are shutting down lucasarts? Whats next? Disney is probably gonna turn this franchise into a childs toy. Soon we’ll be seeing instead of “Mickey Mouse club house” it’ll be “Darth Vaders Learning ship”. Like really I have lovdd this franchise ever since I was 4 years old. NOW DISNEY IS GONNA RUIN WHAT I HOLD DEAR.

  20. Nitro says:

    What are the chances they would push their current projects to a different developer?

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