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Star Wars: First Assault Leaked Footage

Well Battlefrontians, it looks like has come through for us again! Over the last few days they have reported that Star Wars: First Assault is “the troubled multiplayer shooter that could be LucasArts’s downloadable take on Battlefield and Call of Duty” and also the “predecessor” for Battlefront 3.

Today they have posted 2 video clips of game play footage from Star Wars: First Assault! It actually looks really, really good and I can now see why everyone has dubbed it a Call of Duty knock off.

“We’ve got two clips of First Assault, both cut from a trailer that was designed for internal use at LucasArts back in October/November. This is footage from an older version of the game, and may not be a perfect reflection of what First Assault looks like today, but given that LucasArts won’t talk about the game, this is all we’ve got.”

“The first clip is the pre-rendered intro to the trailer. It gives you a look through the eyes of a Stormtrooper putting on his helmet”

“The second clip contains gameplay footage from Star Wars: First Assault. In this clip, you can see stormtroopers and rebels battling across various Star Wars locales, like the desert planet Tatooine. It’s very reminiscent of multiplayer mode in a first-person shooter like Call of Duty or Battlefield or Lucas’s own Star Wars: Battlefront.”

Update from Kotaku:

“UPDATE: Following a takedown request sent from Lucasfilm’s legal department to our parent company, Gawker Media, we have removed both videos. Lucasfilm claims copyright on them and has also been pulling down versions of these clips that were ripped onto other sites on the Internet. We can assume that the next time you’ll see the game—if you see it again—will be when Lucasfilm wants you to.”

Star Wars: First Assault Leaked Gameplay by starwarsfirstassault
Let me know what you think! Love to hear some opinions on these!

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  1. My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different
    website and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to looking at your web page repeatedly.

  2. Honestly, there must be something we can do, right? We Must get a saying in this, we have the right to vote! I don’t think it’s fair that they would cancel an almost finished game without even asking the customers! What if the game would have been a succes? I know there are ALOT of star wars fans out there, and so should Disney! Something just dosn’t seem right, why cancel a game that would be a huge succes and VERY profitable? Instead they trash it like a half-eaten sandwich. Is there anyone who agrees that it’s weird that they did this? Or does anybody know why?

  3. People saying this looks like reach because of helmet thing … Frankly your an idiot who has never played republic commando second this looks great and would have been a cheap arcade game can’t wait to see if this gets a release hope it does

  4. If Disney do decide to go on with this game I can imagine it being delayed until at least 2015 when the first Star Wars film by them comes out.. AT LEAST. They will do this so that they can get increased sales from both the gaming industry and the film industry (synergy).

  5. Disney just killed Lucas arts. All projects have been ended

  6. Bad news, LucasArts is now defunct.

  7. News just in is that Disney has shut down LucasArts as a developer. That means 1313, First Assault and BFIII are all dead.

  8. (At Duncan) I totally agree with you,and personally,if they go for a COD feel,then people will just call it a call of dirty(sarcasm)clone….and I don’t want them to get blamed for.However, if lucasarts doesn’t wake up and realize that WE the fans want something different from all these rated M FPS’s. Nuff said.

  9. this video makes me sad. i thought the starwars:BF3 would be simular to how the last game was. if i wanted a halo/ cod game i would play them. lets try keeping it classy with something original.

  10. (in reply to pommy) I completely understand your sadness because if there is anything more depressing then taking down a video in which if you go to the 3rd article down and go to new comments you will see why I’m so mad at lucas arts once you read the whole thing! Then you are one sad destitute lucas arts and to show you how much I care I give every ones comment a thumbs up no matter the opinion;)…….because I care because WE care!!!

  11. Well in the beginning of the game play trailer a storm trooper vaulted over a barrier, So the game play will have difference from cod and halo. There was also a pretty cool skill that allowed the player to pull all the grenades to him and then shoot them back away from him. Thats pretty cool. I couldn’t see this as skill like they have in Halo because you style wont revolve around it, but something more of a utility found in COD. But they also have a hologram and a riot shield and i would assume invisibility just like all of their other games. So i would expect Custom classes with the diversity of skills from halo, as well has the diversity of weapons from COD all pulled together in a new gameplay style of Rainbow 6 mixed with COD.

  12. Hey guys, this is some awesome news and if anyone still wants a link to a clip of the footage.
    This one still works:

  13. This is adequate to hold my attention until BF3

  14. I’m excited again!

  15. Has anyone thought about posting an AMA request for the LucasArts/LucasFilm CEO or something like that on Reddit? I bet that would help get the message across pretty fast that not many people like the current Star Wars games. The Reddit community won’t hold back.

  16. Look at us, we waited so long for battlefront 3 that any crapy Star Wars game will make us happy. They should just give us battlefront 3, not some crapy Star Wars game.

  17. The helmet cutscene looks really similar to halo reach’s opening cinematic. The gameplay looks like a complete mess and buggy I hope that leaked stuff is old.

  18. dam the videos already been taken down D:

  19. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I used to play this. This is a BF2142 mod that is awesome but a pain to install.

  20. Could of looked worse,it does look at least decent,and again if their plan was to use this engine for SWBF3 and me buying it will help that happen,then i am all for it

    i am interested about the First Assault tweet that said official news coming soon..hopefully its good news

    • Wait, which tweet are you referring to?

      • Sadly, Disney put it on hold. Doubt it will ever see a release 🙁 I just wish we could fight back, i want good SW games again!

      • sorry for late reply

        no idea if its real or not,hopefully it is,it only just popped up yesterday

        • Don’t worry it’s cool, I found it right after I asked anyways.

          I don’t really know what to make of it. It would probably be best to assume its fake, but at the same time it’s worth keeping an eye on.

          We just need to figure out more ways to get people in the know of everything going on with Battlefront III and First Assault. Even though there’s a facebook campaign and a few Youtube pages dedicated to Battlefront, they still don’t have the massive following necessary to stand up to Disney and LucasArts.

  21. They seem to have got very, very far with this, if they have a teaser trailer ready. I hope to heaven they finish it.

  22. It reminds me more of republic commando more than COD or Battlefield.

  23. Looks alot like Halo 4. I’m not sure where the COD comparisons come in though. The hardlight shields, the HUD, everything looks like they took inspiration from the most recent Halo games. That could be a bad thing but if it FEELS like Star Wars and not just Halo with a Star Wars skin it could be amazing.

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