Battlefront 3 Complete Infographic Timeline

By Nitro On 3 Mar, 2013 At 07:43 PM | Categorized As Featured, Rumours | With 2 Comments

Hi Battlefrontians, last year I stared work on a complete Infographic timeline including all Star Wars: Battlefront 3 news, rumors and tidbits since 2006 and have finally got around to finishing it up. If I have forgotten anything or if anyone has anything else to add, just let me know.


Battlefront 3 Infographic

Battlefront 3 Infographic

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  1. koko says:

    sad wish it would come out

  2. I detect a pattern here. When ever a rumor says BF3 is being developed at (insert company name here) that company ether goes bankrupt or, if it was being developed there, they play along until it’s moved to another company, or, as with the case of Pandemic, they close the doors permanently. I think BF3 is being made but they (the head of LucasArts) don’t want us to know anything about it. Maybe Disney will listen to us then again maybe not.

  3. Thanks for putting all the info together! I tend to get it mixed up, so the timeline will really be helpful.
    I hope one day we can complete the timeline!

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