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Additional First Assault screenshots leaked!

Yesterday, sources released information that shed some light on the status of Star Wars: First Assaut. From the initial screenshots, First Assault itself looks like it is/was shaping up to be a very nice looking game. The screens look really good in my opinion, but I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting that it is just another “Call of Duty” ripoff. In all honesty, I enjoy Call of Duty. Throw some Star Wars into that mix and it would be pretty damn awesome.

Check out the new screenshots courtesy of




I also wanted to touch base on a new partnership between and Gloom Walkers! Gloom Walkers was initially run by our old partner in crime Tuggie. When Tuggie retired, Gloom Walkers was resurrected under new administration. We are happy to resume our partnership which will bring some fantastic video reviews! I will make another post later on this week to touch base more about our new partnership and post some videos!

In the meantime, check out their site at: Gloom Walkers

Thoughts and opinions welcomed as always!

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  1. I hope they come out with it for xbox 360 and ps3

  2. Looks over the ending to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and it’s two sequels, what has CoD done wrong? Besides, have they played Battlefront and First Assault first? First Assault and Battlefront will benefic from Cod in the first person mode, while they can take notes from the vehicles in Battlefield, and a team based coop of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer component. Those two Star Wars games have a small story wich only serve to introduce players to the many features of the Galactic Conquest modes and multiplayer part.

  3. -“Kotaku for making the great game like this one”

    -“I’ve always wondered why they never teamed up with Battlefront”

    Wow.. some people don’t get how the industry works.

  4. I hope the new First Assualt / Battlefront III is more like Battlefield 3 with vehicles and realism, also hoping for a first and third person veiw, and an option for in-helmet veiw.

  5. BF has always been based on… uh… BF. Anyway, I hope that FA is based on COD and BFIII on BF3. This way, both can be pleased.

  6. If it is/was going to be another infantry-only FPS then I probably wouldn’t be that interested- seems there are way too many of those. I’d at least hope for more than a generic shooter in a Star Wars reskin. But really it’s time for a proper Battlefront 3! :p

  7. It looks cool. But it does not look like Star Wars. 🙁

    • I see your point, but this is a different side to Star Wars we’ve never seen. Throw in next gen consoles and now its something no one has seen since Battlefront II

  8. I so want this game to come out! I’m hoping for two things:
    1. Third-person view
    2. A Wii U and/or PC release

  9. I also enjoy Call of Duty! I’ve always wondered why they never teamed up with Battlefront….
    I loved BF2 but my disc recently stopped working so I can no longer play and I’ve been pretty impressed with The Old Republic so I haven’t gotten another disc.

  10. Waited so long for SWBF3 that will take anything now. Not the biggest fan of COD but i assume they will at least try to make it slightly different. Anyway hurry up and release it already!

  11. yeah not too fussed its supposed to be a COD clone,i just want current gen star wars online gaming with all my old Battlefrontgang friends…breaks my heart that every year another of us drops off the radar

    • Ok ive been a star wars fan since i was 5 and i still never gave up i give respect to disney/LucasArt looking at our request for Star wars battlefront 3 and also Kotaku for making the great game like this one And The graphics looks Great Plz Release it and Plz all you Batttlefront Fans i know you play star wars the people who says they dont play star wars plz buy the game and try it out so that we can get a huge hit and start getting what we want Star wars battlefront 3

  12. /agree! Alot of people are placing COD hate on this game. IMO if you add COD control depth to StarWars, you get an amazing fps. Besides even if they take the COD DLC direction, we could be enjoying new Starwars maps for Battlefront 3 every few months. And with that, you can have my money!

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