Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront 3 Shoutout

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Happy New Year my fellow Battlefrontians! As you all know, there most certainly has not been much action on the Battlefront as of late. I am however working on a new skin (currently in development) and am planning on adding some new sections to the site that will hopefully bring more frequent content. I know a lot of you feel that the site has died off a bit and perhaps it has a bit, but I am telling you now that this site will never die, so along as there is any hope whatsoever of getting our damn well deserved Battlefront 3!

I received a message from the Facebook group “Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront 3”, mentioning that it is their one year anniversary of their Battlefront 3 campaign and that they are trying to reach between 20,000 – 25,000 likes!

Today, being my 31st birthday 🙂 I will ask my Battlefrontians, as a birthday gift to me, to drop by and give your support to the Who Else Wants Battlefront 3 campaign to help raise awareness for Battlefront 3!!

Click here to give your support!

Leave a comment with your name and you be automatically entered in our next random draw! (Which will be in the near future!)

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  1. Guy says:

    “Who Else Wants Battlefront 3 ?” is an unprofessional group in my opinion and is not the type of group I would want Disney to notice.

  2. Shake_Zhula says:

    I am an absolute diehard fan of battlefront and would love to see a new iteration for next gen systems.

  3. Jacen Solo says:

    GO BF3

  4. roska says:

    i want me some battlefront 3. damn disney if they are the cause of its delay. i want to play it on ps3 god i want to be able to fight against my friends online or army versus army

  5. Revan Shan says:

    I have a 6k channel on Youtube, and I’m always calling for BF3

  6. Tash says:


    I Wish there was a wish I could be granted to have this game bloody made
    and to a none rushed, high standard!!!

  7. OOM-9 says:

    A shoutout, huh? Alright then. How about a team cheer while we’re at it?

    Star Wars Battlefront III!

  8. O_o says:

    We need Battlefront 3!!!

  9. Volker says:

    I’ve been prowling on this site for quite a while now. Figured I could say “hi”. Never have given hope on a Battlefront III, even if I do recognize the obvious ignorance of current LucasArts administration. Hopefully (probably not), Disney may make better choices in their video game field that may bring about our long-awaited arrival of the next Battlefront. :/

  10. pintur says:

    looking forward to the new sections and skin

  11. Eric Nguyen says:

    Hey, I’m Eric Nguyen 😀

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