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There hasn’t been too much info released on the new upcoming Star Wars game, entitled Star Wars: 1313. The official Star Wars: 1313 (located here) only contains a couple of videos and only a handful of screenshots.. but some great detective work by has revealed some new information that allows us to peek a little more into Star Wars: 1313. This information comes from some LucasArts employee LinkedIn Profiles that have been investigated by

Multiple profiles suggest development on Star Wars 1313 began in mid- to late 2009. The project seems to have ramped up in the past year.

The game is a collaboration of LucasArts, Lucasfilm Animation, Industrial Light & Magic, and Skywalker Sound, according to the announcement press release. A LucasArts lead engineer wrote on his LinkedIn page that ILM is providing “cutting edge [visual effects] tools, technology, and techniques … into real-time environments.” And an assistant technical director’s profile claims ILM is providing the game with facial motion capture technology.

So far, the released footage of the game use a third-person perspective, but a LucasArts system designer mentions a first-person view of some form in his LinkedIn profile. This could simply be a zoomed-in aiming mode like other third-person shooters use, or something else entirely. It’s unclear how it will be implemented into the game, if at all.

The game will include vehicles, but I couldn’t confirm whether or not they can be controlled by the player. The same employee mentions a “Star Wars social game/DLC tied into 1313.” His wording makes it difficult to tell if it’s a social game and DLC, or something that combines the two.

Interestingly, none of the employee LinkedIn profiles mention platforms, which leaves the rumor of a next-generation console release untouched.

Lastly, here is a list of things an associate gameplay engineer notes on his profile:

Implemented checkpoint system
Implemented “smart” holstering system
Implemented situational awareness state machine system
Implemented point of interest system

I’m unsure of their significance, but I thought I’d provide them anyway.

While poking around, I also unearthed a few tidbits about a unannounced game from LucasArts. A LucasArts systems designer listed his contributions to the project on his personal website. The game will run on an Unreal engine, include weapons, specifically firearms, and is being developed with “console controllers.”


I get a lot of mixed reviews from Star Wars fans when it comes to this game. About half are saying that it looks pretty good and the other half says it doesn’t. From my perspective, it looks pretty good and I am about 60% certain I will probably try when it is released and of course, that number will change whenever more information is released on the game.

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  1. I don’t really understand how a Star Wars video game could be rated M. The only time there’s any legitimate violence in the games or movies is when you cut up stormtroopers in TFU2 (which isn’t even gory at all), or when Anakin was burned alive in Revenge of the Sith, which wasn’t even that bad either. And we all know practically none of the SW video games have any strong language whatsoever. It’s a real shame for younger gamers who arent allowed anywhere near mature games. Of course, with Disney’s complete takeover of the Star Wars franchise, they’ll probably either mess it all up and make it completely kid friendly or narrow it down to a T rating, at the very least.

  2. BigCmoonwalker says:

    Did you all know Tuggie closed his account. 🙁 Tuggie if you happen to read this. Thanks. Once again.

  3. Redline says:

    Where is Battlefront 3?

  4. Dingus says:

    I’m imagining that the end tidbit is about First Assault seeming as that has been announced yet. Exciting stuff nonetheless.

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